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Friday, 23 September 2016


I've always admired the Vivienne Westwood 'Melissa' heels since I started reading 'Pearls +Poodles'' blog back in the day, we're talking 2010/11 here! Though, like most of the items of my designer lust list, affording them brand new is often not feasible... So I take to Ebay when I want to semi splurge on designer goods. 

With a trip to Chester races on the horizon, my statement heels just weren't working with what I wanted to wear. So, in a week whereby I received some sassy news at work, I decided to treat myself to a pair of the heels i'd been swooning over for years, though i'd kind of left it a little bit late with only 5 days to go before race day. 

I took to Ebay and discovered a pair of never been worn black Vivienne Westwood 'Melissa' slingback court shoes with only one person bidding on them. I immediately entered the bidding war and the Ebay Gods allowed me to snap them up for a super baragin-ous price in comparison to what they would have been brand new. I think maybe it helped the seller was a fellow West Yorkshire gal and was happy they were going to a home with Yorkshire roots...Obvs.

First things first, these beauties smell abso-lu-tely sassin' a perfumed, sweet rubbery scent that reminds me of being a kid and playing with Polly Pocket. They also look pretty sexy too, I went for the all black court with a black heart simply because they can be paired with everything and are a little more understated. That's not to say I don't have the iconic cream and red Melissa heels on my radar but you can't go wrong with all black erry'thaang. 

So is a rubber shoe with a midi heel comfortable? For me, sadly not! It's not so much the typical pressure pain you get from high heels as these beauties are really not that high and they're pretty darn easy to walk in. It's the painful nip of toe pinching as the point of these shoes is just so narrow causing blisters to appear on the sides of your toes. I kicked mine off after 3 hours or so stood up in them and that's with a thousand plasters holding my toes together. Unless I can break them in a little, sadly rubber doesn't have as much give as leather I will reserve them for dinner dates and occasions where I won't be stood up too long. I can't stop looking at them though, they are beautiful!

What do you think of the Vivienne Westwood Melissa Heels?

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016


I have always been drawn to new products, whenever I head into Superdrug (which is pretty often) I always find myself looking at the promotional stands to see what's new in beauty. Whilst on the hunt for a new shampoo and conditioner duo, I stumbled across the John Freida 'Sheer Blonde' - Highlight Activating Brightening shampoo and conditioner. The John Frieda range has had a little branding overhaul with the packaging looking a little more sleek and quality and there are a few new products popping up in the 'Sheer Blonde' range. To keep my blonde looking bright when I don't want a purple / silver tone I decided to give the brighteners a go.

Back in the day, sometime circa 2014 or 'when I was blonde the first time' I religiously used the 'Go Blonder' treatments which always worked well on my mid tone blonde hair. Both of these products work in a similar way and can be used on natural or bleached blonde hair and contain white tea and sunflower extract to clarify and clean up dull, lifeless blonde hair. They were around a fiver each although Superdrug had a 2 for £9 offer on at the time. Whilst I haven't noticed a huge, huge difference in the blonde tones in my hair since using this duo, I have noticed my hair is visibly softer and more nourished and they are perfect for restoring blonde back to a cleaner shade when i've used a stronger toner or semi permanent conditioning colour.

Have you ever tried any products from the 'Sheer Blonde' range?


Friday, 16 September 2016


Last week celebrated our annual office day out to Chester races and it made for the perfect excuse to dress up super pretty for the day (and night). 

Having attended The Grand National earlier this year and endured hours and hours of icy rain, the better forecasted weather for the late summer race day encouraged me to shake up my style a little and try something new.

I have been absolutely loving the Bardot, off the shoulder trend that has been super popular this season therefore I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my look. I opted for a bodysuit from Misguided that sat nicely off my shoulders and pulled me in, in all the right places. I teamed it with a tulle skirt from Zara and a skinny leopard print belt as an accent accessory. 

For me, the shoes were the showstoppers of my entire look and they certainly were one of those 'meant to be moments' having left finding some heels to the very last minute. I own only chunky, block heels that looked far too clunky for this more delicate and feminine outfit, therefore a new pair was needed (or so I tell myself). I'll be chatting more about my Vivienne Westwood 'Melissa' heels soon, so if you want to know how comfortable they are to wear and more on how I found them check back then for all the details.

My 'red lips,' statement clutch bag is Lulu Guinness inspired but was actually super cheap online, tacky some might say but teamed with an all black ensemble and my bleach blonde hair, I felt it worked despite been slandered all day for looking a little bit like lady parts.

Unusually for me I kept my make-up and jewellery super, super minimal opting for simple stud earrings and two diamond rings paired with a very subtle smokey eye and a bold red lip look.

Have you ever been to Chester races?

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