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Friday, 21 April 2017


A long time ago, we're talking 6 years or so, I wrote this blog post talking about washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner that contained Henna. And since then, that has been my only dabble with using Henna on my hair. Having made a more conscious effort to look after my hair this year and avoid harsh, chemical dyes, I turned to the natural folk at Lush and found their Henna bricks.

Featuring the finest Persian Henna, cocoa butter and essential oils each brick costs just over £10 for 325g and includes four shades (in order of darkest to reddest) Noir for inky black, Brun for chocolate tones, Marron for chestnut tones and Rouge for a fiery red. I opted for 'Caca Marron' which translates as 'Brown-red poo' HA, though since writing this post I have also dabbled with 'Caca Rouge' which is the only brick that contains no indigo to darken the pigment.

Caca Marron is described as...
"The henna hair dye that bathes you in an autumnal glow. Turn heads with deep auburn and rich chestnut tones. Glimmers of red bounce from tumbling tresses under the light helped along by a splash of lemon juice to lift out lighter shades. A dash of indigo herb and ground coffee deepen the colour."

How lovely ey? Red henna adds body and shine and fair trade, organic cocoa butter softens the hair, the natural dye coats each strand like a varnish to add an extra layer of protection, as well as a glossy coating and is safe for the hair allowing you to add henna as often as you'd like. The final outcome wholly depends on the colour of your hair, to begin with.

My faded colour before using Henna...

Using the Henna bricks is messy work, let me tell you! I began by breaking a few blocks off the bar and placed them (along with a little boiling water) into a heatproof glass bowl that was perched on a pan that was also filled with boiling water on the hob... Bain-Marie style! You melt the Henna bricks similar to how you melt chocolate, looking for a similar, thick but smooth consistency. Lush advise the hotter the Henna, the better which I must admit (Asperger's problems) took literally when applying the lava-like consistency to my scalp! DOH!

I then wore rubber gloves to apply the consistency to my hair and I felt like I should have been doing it outside amongst nature...the Henna dries quickly when applied to the hair and resembles dreadlocks, hair all matted together in a bizarre dry mud consistency! It's certainly not the sexiest nor the cleanest look let me tell you and I definitely recommend you using newspaper to pad the floor because this stuff looks like two monkeys have had a mud fight in the bathroom.

After applying, you must wrap your head in clingfilm, not only does this prevent even more mess, but it helps to keep the hair warm, which intensifies the redder tones. If you leave it unwrapped, your colour result is likely to be darker. I even blasted my cling-filmed head a few times with the hairdryer to keep the heat locked- in. Lush recommend leaving the dye on for 2 hours, but I did 4 and the colour continues to develop for up to 24 hours even after shampooing/ rinsing and 48 hours for the darker shades, Brun and Noir.

My hair colour after using Henna...

Autumnal shades? 100% achieved, I mean how gorgeous is that colour? My hair looks healthier, the colour richer and the tones are a gorgeous auburn shade and I couldn't be more pleased!

My only qualm with the organic Henna bricks is the way my hair is left super, super parched upon rinsing and requires a pretty heavy duty conditioner and masque to pat the moisture back in, This is something I really wasn't expecting with the added nourishing cocoa butter and coating properties that don't penetrate the hair's cortex in the way that artificial dyes do. But it hasn't deterred me, I can't wait to do it again and see what tones I can bring out next!

Interested in trying Henna to dye your hair?

I recommend reading this super handy, in-depth guide from LUSH

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017


It's taken me a good few years to start singing on the same hymn sheet as those who wax lyrical about blush. As someone who has a face filled with plenty of natural redness as it is, I couldn't see the need to add fuel to the fire. That was until I read Sali Hughes' Pretty Iconic, which I rave about all the time and is my go-to book for a little self-indulgent me-time. Sali talks about the iconic Bourjois 'Little Pot Blushes' which inspired me to go out and buy my own and start dabbling with blusher.

And when a friend came over to my flat to get ready before a Blossoms gig, she tipped out the contents of her make-up bag and out fell the much-loved 'Orgasm' blush by Nars. I loved the punch of pink combined with gold flecks and I loved the idea of 'just pinched cheeks' especially now that I have hung my hat up on fake-tan.

Having done a little Googling I came across a 'wear and compare' from Cosmopolitan magazine which pitched Orgasm against a much more budget option from Sleek. And with an £18 price difference, I was keen to see if the budget option was indeed a 'dupe' for Orgasm, which the tester confirmed it near enough as dammit, was. 

'Shimmer Rose Gold Blush' from Sleek is available at Superdrug for £4.99 where you can bag yourself 10g of product in sturdy packaging which is inclusive of a really good mirror. Having scoured a number of drugstores it appeared to me that finding this, is like locating gold dust, everywhere was continually sold out. Once I did actually track it down, there was only one left, which was crumbled.

I apply the blush with a seriously fluffy brush from Royal and Langnickel which is available at ASD and this stuff is super, super pigmented so a little really does go a hella long way! In fact on my first few applications, I went seriously overboard and did look a little Aunt Sally!

The formula of the Sleek blushes is a lovely, fine powder that provides a lush glow without looking chalky. The lasting power is alright too, especially if you have set your base first with a pressed powder.

Have you ever tried 'Shimmer Rose Gold Blush?'

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Friday, 14 April 2017


Outfits i've been wearing recently....

Outfit 1: I think here I was channeling my inner Parisian, or perhaps my inner Virgin Atlantic flight attendant - you decide! Anyhow, I was feeling like red was the dominant shade I wanted to wear to a client meeting / going round for tea at Adam's parents' house. My striped tee is from Primark and I love the cut out detailing on the chest. I often wear it tucked into a denim skirt, this one is also from Primark and was a steal at £5! It features a zip front, which I love because it zips away a multitude of sins. My super bold blazer is from H+M maybe like, 5 years ago??!! It has definitely featured on this very blog back in the early days. Onto accessorise, belt TK Maxx which has a sort of western feel about it, and my polka-dot neck scarf is from Zara.

Outfit 2: Of course, no outfit round-up of mine could be without an ode to something leopardy. I dig this collared leopard print shift dress out every now and again, especially when i'm feeling a-ok about having some prominent bottom half curves. This dress is from F+F at Tesco, I think! It was a hand-me-down from a friend and I bloody love it...Total throw-on-and-go! My orange, flower necklace is from The Happiness Boutique which I blogged about here and my scarf is from Zara. I'm rarely without this scarf, it just works.

Outfit 3: I love this outfit, it makes me feel full of sunshine and is one of my favourites. My dress is from Zara and I love the warm orange shade, especially perfect for Autumn. I am wearing it with a headband from Anthropogie which I also love the colour of, and my fluffy shrug also Anthro - definitely the day for it! My beads were from a charity shop and I like the way the olive green contrasts with the brighter sunny shades.

Outfit 4: And in stark contrast, cool tones were sported on this particular day! I have been very much inclined to wear blue and green hues lately and this crazy bat-sleeve shirt is from Primark, a steal at a fiver in the sale! I tucked it into my trusty denim mini and again, rocked the headband. My beads are also from the same charity shop as the ones above.

What have you been wearing recently?

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