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Friday, 30 September 2016


Beauty products i've been loving in the month of September...

Hair: I've been meddling with my hair this month (nothing particularly new there then) however, September has seen me playing with pastels, lilac hair to be precise and i've loved it! Like most things that look fashionable it was a nightmare to keep on top but to achieve it I used the Bleach London 'Violet Skies' conditioning colour. I have been adding blob of the formula into my regular conditioner from the John Frieda 'Sheer Blonde' range to keep a lilac-y tone running through my hair. Another stand out product that I have been using this month is the Redken 'Color Extend' Total Recharge spray to help restore condition and shine in over processed hair. I spritz the formula through damp hair before blow drying to help prevent any unnecessary breakage when my hair is wet.

Scent: You know those days when you just want to smell sexy? Well, obviously that's everyday but on some occasions you want an extra lift. I have been spritzing the Michael Kors '24 Carat Brilliant Gold' perfume everyday this month and i'm always so infatuated by the mandarin and floral base. It's a perfect fragrance to take you from the office to cocktails with a divine scent.

Nails: Spray on nail polish I hear you say? What is this sorcery? As you know Nails Inc are my favourite brand of nail polish, their products make up 95% of my collection and whilst I have stubby, horrible nails I like to invest in pretty colours regardless. I've been dabbling with their new paint can thaang this month, particularly the shade 'Good as gold' which is part of the Lottie Tomlinson range (I think she's the sister of that 1D dude?) I love the idea, the paint cans cover well and the colour is gorgeous though I don't think it's all that practical as you have to apply a base-coat and wait for that to dry but I reckon for those days you just want something on your nails (maybe at a festival) it's a great idea to spray and go. 

Eyes: When it comes to mascara, in my opinion budget wins out every time and the Collection 'Lengthening Mascara' is one I come back to time, and time again, the wand is one of those satisfying rubber bristled numbers that digs deep into the lash whilst remaining un-clumpy and doing all the right things. It's also only around £4 so that's pretty alright too.

Lifestyle: I'm around 5 months too late but I am so head over heels for the 'Mr Burberry'  campaign /'mini feature film' it's just so darn sexy and who wouldn't want that? I've also been loving Illustrated Ella + Alice Catherine's blog photography and content this month. Both girls are proof to be cool AF you don't need to try hard. I saw Bridget Jones' Baby with my galpal Hannah and I loved it, it's the ending to the story we all wanted to see and if Jonesy can have a baby and get married at 45 there's hope for us all yet. 

Playlist for September on Spotify: It's another hefty one! I think there's around 5 hours worth of sweet, sweet music in there. My September playlist contains some of my favourite songs from the month: 'Mirror Man' from Ella Henderson,  'Blow Ya Mind' from Dua Lipa and of course my favourite song this month 'When we were young' by the legend Adele.

What have you been loving this month?


Tuesday, 27 September 2016


It's no secret that dabbling with my hair is a common pas-time of mine. If I fancy a change, i'll change it there and then, whether that's cut or colour. I am currently sporting grey hair with a lilac tinge and I absolutely love it. What inspired me to do it? Well I of course got fed up of being blonde, will I keep it? Probably not i'm already thinking a mermaid-esc turquoise shade is next on my agenda.  
I have been super impressed with everything i've tried from the Bleach London range of haircare and colours. I bought the 'Violet Skies' semi-permanent conditioning colour for £5 at Boots. Before I applied the colour, my hair was a pretty clean blonde with a few tinges of warmth around the nape of my neck but overall I was pretty bleach blonde. 

I firstly made sure that my hair was as cool toned I could get it by washing it with the infamous Lee Stafford 'Bleach Blondes' violet shampoo before leaving on a lilac pastel toner from 'Colour On' for around 30 mins, which was again only a few quid from Superdrug. 

My hair was then a pretty cool tone all over with a lot of lilac in it. I then applied 'Violet Skies' to damp hair and left it on for an hour. I immediately saw that the colour began to take to my hair. I wanted the colour to make an impact so once I rinsed off the treatment and dried my hair, I applied another dose of the colour to dry hair and left it for 30 minutes. With no ammonia or peroxide, you don't have to worry if your blonde hair is (like mine) a little delicate this is a conditioning, toning colour. 

You can see the final result above and i'm pretty happy with the colour pay off, of course where my hair wasn't bright, light blonde the colour hasn't taken quite so boldly but I kind of like the grungy, 90s washed up vibe I have achieved. As I wash my hair the lilac fades more and more, though I dare say it might have stained a little bit and the only way to completely eradicate the colour will be to re bleach it. 

I love how much fun you can have with your hair all thanks to the cool colours from the Bleach London range, if you have blonde hair and want a change? I highly recommend!

Have you ever tried hair care from Bleach London?


Friday, 23 September 2016


I've always admired the Vivienne Westwood 'Melissa' heels since I started reading 'Pearls +Poodles'' blog back in the day, we're talking 2010/11 here! Though, like most of the items of my designer lust list, affording them brand new is often not feasible... So I take to Ebay when I want to semi splurge on designer goods. 

With a trip to Chester races on the horizon, my statement heels just weren't working with what I wanted to wear. So, in a week whereby I received some sassy news at work, I decided to treat myself to a pair of the heels i'd been swooning over for years, though i'd kind of left it a little bit late with only 5 days to go before race day. 

I took to Ebay and discovered a pair of never been worn black Vivienne Westwood 'Melissa' slingback court shoes with only one person bidding on them. I immediately entered the bidding war and the Ebay Gods allowed me to snap them up for a super baragin-ous price in comparison to what they would have been brand new. I think maybe it helped the seller was a fellow West Yorkshire gal and was happy they were going to a home with Yorkshire roots...Obvs.

First things first, these beauties smell abso-lu-tely sassin' a perfumed, sweet rubbery scent that reminds me of being a kid and playing with Polly Pocket. They also look pretty sexy too, I went for the all black court with a black heart simply because they can be paired with everything and are a little more understated. That's not to say I don't have the iconic cream and red Melissa heels on my radar but you can't go wrong with all black erry'thaang. 

So is a rubber shoe with a midi heel comfortable? For me, sadly not! It's not so much the typical pressure pain you get from high heels as these beauties are really not that high and they're pretty darn easy to walk in. It's the painful nip of toe pinching as the point of these shoes is just so narrow causing blisters to appear on the sides of your toes. I kicked mine off after 3 hours or so stood up in them and that's with a thousand plasters holding my toes together. Unless I can break them in a little, sadly rubber doesn't have as much give as leather I will reserve them for dinner dates and occasions where I won't be stood up too long. I can't stop looking at them though, they are beautiful!

What do you think of the Vivienne Westwood Melissa Heels?

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