Tuesday, 17 October 2017


When it comes to my hair and the products I use, I'm really fickle. My high-end splurge of choice is the iconic Aveda Shampure but for more regular washing, I shop at Superdrug - scouting whatever is on offer. I will try whatever and I'm always looking for something that revolutionises the condition of my hair, beats frizz or helps prolong the time between washes.

My hairbrush of choice is a bristle brush as it tends to be the most gentle on my hair, this one is from Denman. I'd love a Mason Pearson, but for now, it's just that little bit too treaty. The bristles don't drag my tresses, they simply glide through whilst adding a little shine.

I am currently coveting a few new products that are working a treat for my hair. Think manageable, frizz free hair that's soft and shiny without feeling weighed down or heavy. The first is a product I've mentioned before in this post coveting summer hair care. It's the iconic Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer in the 'Coconut Breeze' variant. I use the pre-shampoo once a week to deep condition my hair and help prevent further damage via snapping. 

For shampoo, I am using the OGX 'Kuku Oil' variant and take my word for it, it smells ah-mazing. It's on the pricier end of the scale for £6 but it makes for one of the nicest hair washing experiences ever. The scent of it is like holiday's, coconutty and sweet. Created to help resist humidity and defrizz, I haven't noticed any particularly groundbreaking results on that front, but it is softer, stays less greasy for longer and leaves my hair smelling gorgeous.

My conditioner of choice is the 'Brilliant Brunette' - Visibility Deeper conditioner from John Freida. I love the Brilliant Brunette range as again, it smells gorgeous and leaves my hair feeling super soft. In terms of the deeper notes, my hair does look richer - but could that be because it's been washed? The packaging states that 'for deeper tones use the accompanying masque so I'm not sure if this does actually work but it does feel lush.

What are your favourite hair care products?

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Friday, 13 October 2017


Ah eyebrows! It's only in recent times that I am able to say that I am fully cool with mine. From a horrendous waxing job in America nearly 10 years ago, I've been trying to grow them back ever since. There's a few pics of how simply awful they were in this post - and if you want to see how I care for my brows now, check out the post featuring my LVL lash experience.

Now that I have some started to maintain some shape and definition to my eyebrows, their grooming and upkeep takes barely anytime at all - even less so thanks to a new product i've been using from Makeup Revolution.

'Brow Revolution' in Dark Brunette...

The long lasting fibre gel retails at £6 and is available in 5 shades ranging from light, to super dark. The budge proof, waterproof and transfer proof formula achieves brow perfection in just a few seconds. I must admit, the application takes a little practise, but once you master it - your brows never looked so good!

Here are mine. Ignore the fact that I am growing them out therefore there are a few stray hairs hanging around, but do take into consideration how natural and full they look. The gel formula is applied using a super thin, pointed applicator and you gently apply soft strokes across your brow to fill in any gaps before brushing through with the spooly supplied. 

The gel formula is quite wet in consistency and can make-up your brows look a little 'felt tip-esque' if you don't work with it quickly and lightly. It takes a little practice but once you master it, you can achieve any look you desire.

What do you use on your eyebrows?


Tuesday, 10 October 2017


If there's one area of make-up that is an easy sell for me, it's eyeshadow palettes. My local Superdrug had a little revamp and have now included more brand focused 'islands' around the store. One that particularly attracted my attention was the 'Tam Beauty' stand that was filled with Makeup Revolution / I Heart Makeup products. I must say, naughty dupey behaviour aside, the packaging and branding for the Tam products is seriously on point. 

Intrigued by the I Heart Makeup 'chocolate bar' palettes I began a fully committed swatch session in the middle of the store. I believe that there are 11 palettes in the range and each of them retail at £9 for 16 shadows (14 small size pans and two double size pans.) The Tam beauty site also states that these palettes are certified vegan, cruelty free and gluten free.I love the packaging for the palettes, very sturdy and interesting to look at - the large, clear mirror inside them is pretty awesome too. 

Immediately, I was drawn to the warm shimmery tones of the 'Golden bar' palette...

The palettes have a seriously chocolatey scent and what I like about 'The Golden Bar' variant is the amount of wearable colours included in the selection. My second favourite palette was the 'chocolate palette' however it contained a frosty pink shade which I knew immediately would be wasted on me.  

My favourite shades from the 'Golden Bar' palette are 'Cocoa', 'Tablet' and 'Golden' - all very wearable colours that can be subtly applied in a light wash for daytime, or amped up with more vigour for night.

The shadows are super creamy, easily blend-able with minimal fallout and hyper pigmented. Yes, they may be shimmery but I can assure you that you won't be looking like a disco ball. The shimmer is well balanced, not too in your face and quite beautiful. Each row of the palette contains a family of shades that compliment each other well - I love the bottom row which is filled with red toned shades, perfect for Autumn.

Perfect for achieving a bold, subtle or sexy eye makeup look, the formula of these shadows is divine - well worth the £9 price tag and for me, the 'Golden bar' palette contains no fail shades. All warm, completely wearable and easy to work with.

Have you tried anything from I Heart Makeup?

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