Thursday, 24 March 2011

A huge hello from me!

Full Steam

Hello Everyone! And a big hello to my new followers! Thankyou so much for giving my blog a chance. After being recommended by Sara, I am extremely grateful that she did that for me and i'm sooo grateful to you all following my blog!

I shall be posting regular on here as before :-) With reviews, hauls, daily moans, and sometimes posting videos from my Youtube channel on here also.
If you'd like to see me on Youtube too, then the link is here: Or just search 'goodgollymisshollie' in the search bar!

As I'm sure you are aware i've just started out on Youtube and it's a nightmare having to use my colleges facilities to upload and edit the videos! I really need my own video camera and my own editing software! The amount of times i've been told off in my lessons for editing a video is crazy!
But it's a fun journey that i've embarked on. I've wanted to do this for soooo long but never had the guts to properly put myself out there!
But again, thankyou for following me, subscribing to me, and having faith in me! It means the world!
It's all go now, as I continue on my bloggy/vloggy/tweety quest! :-)
You can also follow me on twitter which is @GollyMsHollie
Hollie. x


  1. hi Hollie, i'm a new follower! good luck with the youtube videos :)

  2. Thankyou :) I think i'll need it haha x


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