Saturday, 30 April 2011

23rd of April - 30th April 2011!


Hi Everyone. :)
....I have been feeling a little blog muddled at present. I have been a little unsure as to what exactly I was doing with my blog since I started my YouTube channel. It's quite silly really because my blog was my first born. [Sorry Blog :(] Thereby I have set a clear focus on what I want my YouTube channel to be about and what I want my blog to be about!


Sooo here is a new weekly feature to my blog!
"Hollies Weekly Favorites!"

Each week I am going to choose some things whether they be beauty products, clothes & shoes, hair products, books or songs etc etc that I love and have been using over the previous week.
(The same as monthly favorites of course, but my monthly favorites are going to be featured on my YouTube channel only and my weekly faves on here) Yay! :-)

So without further ado here is my little selection this week! :-)

1. Rounded brown over the shoulder satchel ..
As it was the first of two Bank Holidays I was obviously off college and had my Monday free to myself. Although I should have been revising hard for my May/June exams (eek!) my Grandparents wanted to take me out somewhere to spend some time with me. We ended up in a little town called 'Otley' in Leeds. The sunshine was out and we had a lovely time having coffee and toasties in the market square and wandering through the park. There are a few shops there that were open and I popped into one called "The Factory Store" which sold sooo much stuff SO CHEAP! I had been in need of another little bag to use daily when my Marc B needed a rest haha! And I found this cute little brown one in there for £12.00. So I bought it. :-) It sits nicely over my shoulder and I like the gold hardware. The zip is ridiculously tiny though so I couldn't use it for college as it hardly fits anything in! But as a day time shopper it's perfect. I haven't stopped using it this week. :-)

2. Ciate Paint Pots - Nail Varnish - Colour: Mistress 039
Last weekend, I was scratting through my nail polish collection desperately trying to find one that would take my fancy. I was struggling as a I waded through the pinks and purples. I wanted a red! a REAL red. Low and behold out of the four reds I have this one leapt our of the box and onto my nails! I couldn't tell you how much it was as I got it free in Marie Claire some time ago however I had never used it before I loved the Raw tomato red colour. Although I don't love the fact it barley covers and takes about 8937834 layers to get a block coverage on my nails I have loved wearing it. I applied to my toes too and looks lovely aside my black gladiator sandels.

Whilst I was out and about I 'remembered' that I hadn't read a book since my holiday last summer in Zakynthos where I read five books in fourteen days! I absolutely love reading but haven't found much time to finish another book lately. So I called into a local charity shop to scout their book stash. And low and behold I departed five books heavier. :-) I have started them all and i'm currently loving them all!
I picked up:
Lindsey Kelk: I heart Hollywood. I heart New York. I heart Paris.
Chrissie Manby: Getting over Mr Right.
Olivia Goldsmith: Uptown girl.
As I have harped on about millions of times I love romantic, sassy, glamourous novels so these were perfect for me! I am loving getting back into reading again and setting time aside to read. I shall let you know what I think of them all when I've finished. Perhaps I could do a little book review :-)

4. Gold chain & Elephant necklace.
I popped into Primark to have a peek at their new spring jewelry collections, and although most of it are last years repeats. I found two pieces I especially liked. Firstly, the long gold chain was £3.50 and sits just above my tummy button I wanted a sturdy long chain after seeing one around Anne Hathaways neck in my favourite film 'The Devil Wears Prada' can see it here in this picture.
Although mine clearly isn't Chanel haha! And then if you have watched my YouTube Channel you will have had a giggle at my elephant pendant necklace story in this video:
whereby i thought it was a snake hahaha! But this too is a long necklace on a gold chain covered in gems it's gorgeous!

5.Bodycare lipsticks - Mango Mood & Hot Pink
I know I talked about 'Hot Pink' in my previous post but I absolutely adore both these colours and have been avidly switching between the two this week. I know they are quite daring and not to everybody's taste but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them because they are bright, fun and spring like! I've had so many complements when i've been wearing them! They make me feel sooo bold and summery! And for 99p, okay they may not last all day but for that price you can't complain. :-)

6. Gold ornate frame and figure jewelry holder
A bit of a strange choice to add to my 'weekly favourites' but regardless I absolutely love my little window display now. This frame was £5.00 in the Paperchase sale. I think it's so cute and shabby chic. The jewelry holder I got from a garden centre because it matched the colour of my room and by eck it's full now! It keeps falling over and my necklaces are sprawled absolutely everywhere. I like them paired together I think it makes my window look more 'homey' haha!

And that's it for this week! I hope you have enjoyed this little feature that I shall be updating weekly from now on! I hope you are all well and i'll be back soon! Don't forget to follow my Twitter to find out when I will next be posting!

Lots of Love
Hollie xxxx

Sunday, 24 April 2011

I got to thinking....

that's just fabulous



If you know me you'll know that I am Sex & The City OBSESSED, I religiously watch every episode time and time again. I LOVE it. The protagonist 'Carrie Bradshaw' is my fictional hero. She has my dream job, my dream lifestyle, my dream shoe closet and my dream man.


I'm that obsessed with her (Carrie Bradshaw that is, NOT Sarah Jessica Parker) that I have invested in my very own 'Carrie' necklace. It is currently on order and should be with me in two weeks! Eeek excitement!!! Obviously mine says 'Hollie' but I figured that it might bring me some luck in my quest into writing and blogging etc etc. Some may call me unoriginal but whatever.

My favourite epeisode of Sex & The City is "An American Girl In Paris (Part Deux) where Carrie finds her necklace in the lining of her Dior bag. I have watched this episode soooo many times. Perhaps because I love the song 'La Belle Et Le Bad Boy' that features in this episode. I always find I'm crying like a bambino at this scene! It really hits a nerve with me and reflects on finding yourself and knowing yourself to know what you want! Here is a snippet of that scene. Enjoy!

getting over mister


FINALLY After six months I finished my Sex And The City box set! It has been my one and only companion through this time period. I watched it through really really happy times and also all the upsetting times when the relationship I was in ended and it reminds me of all the memories inbetween. Sex And The City taught me so much about the male species! However, there is one scene in particular that I watched recently that really hit me. And made me realise how much I have changed since my break up. I watched it and realised I no longer felt sad about it all like I had been doing previously, I felt ready to start dating again and enjoying myself! I felt refreshed! I started watching the box set when we first got together and finished at a point where I feel completley OVER HIM! I'm excited for my next relationship endevour! And it feels good. Here is that very scene that changed everything for me. It put things into perspective for me.

learning to love

I decided that I would have a pamper day whilst I had all of my new found sassyness. I had a gorgeous bubblebath with Avons 'Candyfloss' bath lotion whilst listening to abit of JLo with my lavender candles burning away


I painted my nails using this little pot of hot pink nail varnish from Red Herring, it's a confident and sexy colour. Very fitting for how I am feeling!

You can count on your

It was then that my very own Stanford Blatch (Carrie Bradshaws best friend) took me out to a wonderful place in Leeds called 'Red Hot World Buffet'.

If you live in Leeds or anywhere near
I suggest you check out this AMAZING place! I was sooo full and the ice cream selection is amazing. Ben and I were sooo naughty with the amount of food we ate! We ate so much we could hardly move eek!

I wore a cute girly sundress from Karen Millen teamed with my leopard print clutch.... ignore the trouty pouty hehe!


.....and decided to wear some shocking pink lips using this lipstick from Technic. MEIOWW! :)


Then Ben bought me a fabulous cocktail...a Cosmopolitan obviously ;) and we had a gorgeous night out! I felt soooo happy. The happiest I have felt in a long time!

It was just so refreshing to be out with my Stanford hehe! My new mindset is amazing.
I hope you are well everyone!
And I hope you stay with me through my next 'dating diaries' I'm sure they'll have some comedy when it comes to dating and me!

Hollie xxxxx


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

And all the 'writingy bits'

A Wordy

Hello Everyone! I'm so happy that I have now broken up from college for the Easter holidays, I have a whole fortnight to myself! Larrrvleeey!
I decided that i'd write you a bit of a mismatch post today, sprinkled with a bit of everything! As my blog is all about fashion and beauty I decided to a trio of my favourite clothing items and my favorite beauty products this week. I've split it up into mini sections so just scroll to whatever takes your fancy. :)

3 Clothing items that I am loving right now!

1) Primark 'burnt orange', floaty, summery blouse!
As you can see I am wearing it as a 'nighttime look' here for it looks just as amazing in the day time for a summery look. I absolutely adore this and it was a steal at £10. It comes in a sheer cream colour too. I was inspired to buy this shade though through seeing 'thepersianbabe' on YouTube wearing it with leggings, as it's longer at the back than at the front! I then saw the one and only gorgeous Sara wearing it when we were on a night out and she wore it similar with a high wasted skirt and it looked stunning on her. It's very sheer but I always feel really sexy and glamourous wearing a floaty top. I love the long sleeves too.

2) Wearing a 'beach kaftan' as a top!
Okay, so I know I seem to have a little bit of love of orange right now! But how cool does this floaty Kaftan look tied up and customised as a summery top teamed with high waisted shorts! I know that you'd have to be abit daring to want to pull this off but honestly whether they are tied up or not, I LOVE wearing beach kaftans as tops and dresses. This one was from Primark and you can pick up some new season floaty kaftans from Primark and Matalan sooo cheaply.

3) LOTS of animal print mismatched together!
If you know me you'll already know how much I adore leopard print and here I am sporting a little "rah rah" frilled dress covered in it. Paired with my little gold waistcoat I love this nighttime look. The dress is from "Internationale" and it was priced at £12 pounds. For abit of meioww don't be afaid to wear the animal!

3 beauty products that I am loving right now!

1) Revlon nail polish in the colour '760 Cherry Crush'
I was on the hunt for a deep ruby red nail varnish as all my other red shades in my collection seem to be insanely bright or support a pinky tinge. I just wanted a deep passion red. I know that it's not classically a spring shade but it's soo beautiful and dries ever so quickly. I've been sporting this all weekend and I reckon it could make next weeks shade too!

2) Boots 17 high gloss nailpolish in "Miami"

I know it's abit sneaky of me to include two nail varnishes in this collection of three but Woweee, on toes and fingernails for a glam night out I absolutely adore this colour at the moment I never take it off! And i've had so many complements when i've worn it. It's such a shocking pink that's both girly and dramatic. This is definitely a Spring bright!

3) MaxFactor silk gloss in 'Lavender'
Never thinking I was one for purple lipgloss! This was a pure impulse purchase for me, well as you know I love purple I figured that i'd give purple lips a try. Not only do I love the feel of this gloss on my lips the colour is divine too! It's the perfect complement to my red locks and gives my outfit day or night a dramatic edge!

I hope you enjoyed this cheeky little post :) I really wanted to write one as it had been sooo long :)
Love you all
Holl, xx


Friday, 8 April 2011

Dramatic Spring Peacock Look!

show me your

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all well! If your in the UK how fabulous has the weather been of late for April?! It's been sooo gorgeous! I hope you've been enjoying the sunshine as much as I have!

- It was requested by a subscriber of my YouTube channel that I filmed a makeup tutorial video to show step by step how to create the look I wore on my eyes in my 'Tanning Routine' video. I received some lovely comments from people on how nice they thought my eyes looked in that video, so I decided to film for you instruction of how I achieved it. :)
Here are a few pictures of the look.



I called it a 'Dramatic Spring Peacock' look, inspired by the turquoises, greens, yellows, and purples found in a gorgeous Peacock tail feather! I actually wore this look the college and my friends all complemented me on it.


Although it looks beautiful on any eye colour, in particular on blue, grey and green eyes it really brings them alive!



I will include the video below incase you didn't get to see it on YouTube. :)

Holl x

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