Sunday, 29 May 2011

Nails Of The Day


Hi Everyone. I Hope that you are all well.

There was a girl in my English language class that always wore a strange, yet extremely flattering nail colour, it looked especially sophisticated with her tan (fake of course but nevertheless she wasn't milk white), turns out it was Barry M - Mushroom.
I have been eyeing up Barry M's 'Mushroom' for a long time now and although far from a summery colour to paint my nails this whole 'griege' or as my friend Amy calls it 'Greyish-Brownish' has rapidly become one of my favourite colours not only in nail polish but in other things also such as cardigans and bedroom accessories, which is strange as it has to be the most boring sludge colour ever.

I never bought Mushroom amidst repeated applications of Revlon's 'Minted'. However, I was delighted to see 'InSyle' magazine had a Nails Inc. freebie and one of the three choices was indeed a greige colour called 'Fashion Fawn'


Just the right amount of grey. Just the right amount of brown. PERFECTIO!

If i'd have known tracking it down would have been so difficult i'd have given it up as a bad job. I trailed round my entire village which hosts two Co-Ops, a Spar AND a Tesco Express but NONE held my beloved greige! I came home with blisters violently bleeding from my UGGs, wet through from the rain pouring torrentially. Balls to it. I spent my £3.70 on a cookie and a Frijj instead.


Bless her, she found it for me in the local WH Smiths and brought it to me at work.
I was the cat that got the cream.
I do find it quite interesting though that whenever Nails Inc. do a freebie polish they always seems to choose this colour, just add some more grey or some brown and give it a different name. I think i've seen my mum with 'Jermyn St' and 'London' which are both extremely similar colours.

All being well my friend and I are having a night out tomorrow and I am planning on wearing this outfit.


I reckon this little beauty will look sweet as a nut with the browns, creams and gold tones on my dress.

The polish applies beautifully.


It literally only needed two coats and it applies so smoothly. I love the way it makes my nails (which lets be fair are a little nibbled) look lovely and long and most importantly HEALTHY!

Love Holl. x

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Chronicle

Thoughts. Wishes.


Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well today regardless of this unpredictable weather. I was subjected to a torrential downpour earlier so I took refuge in Costa for an hour or two with my friend Amy. A few hours later the sun was out to play again but typically as I was about to get off the bus to walk home. It rained. Heavy. And my Primarni umbrella couldn't cope. *sob* :(

'The Chronicle' is now a frequent feature of 'goodgollymisshollie'. It is more of a personal post surrounding things that I am thinking about, things that I have done and things that I hope for. I figured it would be a nice way to deter from the beauty and fashion side of things on this blog and a chance for you to get to know me a little better.

♥ Off The Radar.
I have no idea what has happened of late but I always seem to be 'catching up' with my nearest and dearest friends instead of always in the immediate know of what's happening in their lives. Last week this came to a head when I was feeling really down in the dumps with myself and I decided to text them all telling them how much I missed them. In result of this they all had been feeling the same way! So my friend Ben (my Stanford Blatch) and I had a movie night complete with chocolate fondu and marshmallows YUM! Rani and I had a girlie afternoon doing our nails and drinking tea that was until I put two spoons full of salt in my cup instead of sugar. OOPS. Charlotte called me and we had a really nice chat on the phone, I hopefully will be seeing her next week. And my best friend Amy (in the picture above) and I went all out shopping. It was a such a funny day I really enjoyed seeing her we always have such a giggle together we're like two peas in a pod!

♥ Mr Motivator
Although I am amidst chronic exam season I only have one exam remaining. Psychology. and I have been the least bit motivated. I don't know what's wrong with me. I am not naturally academic and I have to work my socks off to attain the grades I get. In January I was all for it and that was way back when I actually had a life! Now, I pretty much have nothing to do during my study leave period and I just don't seem to be able to knuckle down and get some revision done. The truth is I don't actually know how to revise? I re write my notes and condense them but it's not always the best way. I'm really struggling of late to kick my bum into gear to revise and with one week remaining till the exam, things are not looking so great!

♥ That's Money Honey
My purse must be collecting mothballs it has been that long since any money I earn has been put in there to be saved. I seriously am beginning to believe I have problem being an impulse spender. I get paid weekly, cash in hand. BEAUTIFUL. I finish work at 5 o'clock and what do I do, head straight into the shopping centre round the corner and spend it ALL. I don't have any money for the week ahead then! It's ridiculous. I think I need to set a goal and to save save save till I reach it. I might customise an old shoebox or something with images of products and clothes on my 'wish list' so i'm more inclined to save!

Holl, x

[All images except the picture of myself and Amy are located from 'we heart it' :) ]

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

18th May - 25th May


Hi everybody! I hope that you are having a good week so far!
It's that time again for my 'weekly favorites'. Although I haven't got a large selection today I have definitely been feeling all these products this week. And just for fun I have chosen to throw in my favorite song of the week too. :)

Onto the favorites.....


Hoooray!!! I have been thinking for ages, years even that Superdrug should bring out their own version of the Boots 'advantage card'. And at LAST they have. I always use Superdrug to buy my beauty goodies so this points scheme will really benefit me. - Just don't forget to register your card like I did and ended up not being able to put my first batch of points on! :( This will be sooo helpful for us beauty buffs in being able to splurge on extra goodies. "Charge it to the card" ;).

Accessorize nail varnishes in 'Illusion molten copper' & 'Khaki Folly'

Now, I know these nails are a little autumnal but I just love them together! The sage green colour looks beautiful on it's own, a really soft pastel colour but I decided to glam it up abit with bronze sparkles and it looks just as beautiful! I love painting glitter over base, block colours! I'm wearing this now and it hasn't yet chipped in three days!


As you are most likely to already know if you have seen my YouTube channel I have red hair and have been desperately trying for ages to brighten it up to a deep, red wine red. I feel that finally after almost a year i'm there! However, red fades horribly and I keep having to re dye it every 4 weeks instead of the 6 i'd prefer to leave it. Although, my slightly disgusting method of leaving my hair the longest time possible without fully shampoo washing it. (OF COURSE I have been Batisting it ;) ) has proved to keep my colour longer, I decided that when I finally do wash it I want to wash it with colour seal products. I shampoo it with John Freidas 'radiant red' shampoo and then deep condition with this, which was 98p from Boots. :-) My colour is as vibrant as ever and it smells of yummy coconuts! :)


I have been loving using these tanning products this week! I will attach the video from my YouTube channel so you can watch my 'product rave' The moisturizer was 99p and the Sunkissed Sunlight Bronzer £4.99 in Bodycare.

Favourite song of the week:

I absolutely adore this on a night out!!!! x
So there was my weekly favourite things this week. :)

Love, Hollie xxx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Nails Of The Day.


Hi Everyone. I'm back again, procrastinating. I really MUST knuckle down and revise! Instead i've spent most of the day distracting myself watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. OUCH! That isn't going to get me a half decent grade in psychology!

Anyway, start as I mean to go on....onto the fun stuff!

I always like to cheer myself up by painting my nails, I find it really therapeutic and relaxing.
So, after searching for the perfect polish digging around in my beauty box (which is in dire need of organisation) I couldn't find my all time favourite.

If anybody were to ask me what my favorite color was yet alone my favorite nail varnish I would always answer RASPBERRY!... I mean c'mon have you seen my blog?

Thereby naturally, my favourite nail varnish is Barry M - Raspberry which you can see below *Hello favourite!*

*Barry M - Raspberry*


So I had to find a similar alternative as I was dead set on raspberry nails!!!!
After around five minutes more worth of scratting in the box I found an extremely suitable

Nails Inc. In 'Hampsted Heath'.

I'm pretty sure this is the best dupe I had for 'Raspberry' although this has more brown undertones to it but pretty good huh! So on it went. And i'm very pleased. :) Sorry about the shaky paintjob, pre clean up hehe!


- As you can see my nails are looking in pretty gammy condition of late. I always bite them when stressed out and then I get more annoyed that i've bit them and do it even more! YUCK! NIGHTMARE! So i'm now on a mission to grow, strong healthy and most importantly long nails! I've bought various cuticle oils, nail strengtheners etc so hopefully they'll set me in the right direction! Please let me know if you know of any that you recommend.

Love, Hollie x


Sunday, 8 May 2011

1st May - 8th May


Hey Everybody! Hope you are all well! It's that time again for weekly favorites!!!
I have been trying various new products this week after a little makeup splurge in Leeds and these are my favourites!


Cliniques Dramatically Different moisturising lotion. After having some issues with my Panoxyl gel seriously drying my skin out and making it really itchy :( I decided that i'd had enough of being 'flaky face' and needed to seriously pump some moisture back into my face! All hail Clinique! I love this moisturiser! Obviously it doesn't appear yellow on your face and it soaks in SO QUICKLY! I got this little one free with Glamour magazine and it's so handy to pop into your makeup or travel bags when your on the go. It has been a God send for me recently!


Onto concealer now, again by Clinique this is the airbrush concealer and illuminator. My mum gave me this as she wanted to Touche Cla instead to try. At first I thought it would be a little bit too orange for me but after applying it under my eyes to illuminate the blue tones I have I immediately loved it. It's a brush applicator and applies like velvet to the skin. The peach tone is perfect for the summer too.

MaxFactor 'face infinity compact powder foundation' A strange purchase for me as I really don't like the concept of a powder foundation but for re touching my studio fix fluid after a long day at college and for contouring I think it's bladdy lovely! It's a warm tone which again is perfect for the summer.


THREE NAIL VARNISHES! I hear you say! I was at my friends house and she has such a vast collection of Barry M nail varnishes and I couldn't for the life of me choose two (one for fingernails and one for toenails) yet alone one! So I picked three and alternated each nail with each colour. Luckily they are all from same taupe/purpley family so they all sat nicely alongside one another. I own various nail varnishes from both Revlon and Barry M and (with a clear topcoat of course) last absolutley ageeeeees! I have worn these literally all week since I scrubbed off my 'snot green' ;). I never thought wearing three colours would look so quirky!


MAC's gel eyeliner in 'Blitz & Glitz'. I have had this product sat in my makeup collection for some time now and up until recently has never been opened! I guess it was because I had no idea how to apply a gel eyeliner! After watching a few YouTubers demonstrating I decided to be brave and give it a whirl and I no longer rely on my L'Oreal liquid liner INFACT I have been fully converted! I'm no longer a liquid liner girl GEL ALL THE WAY!!!


Avon 'Supershock eyeliner'. A lady I work with always bring the Avon catalogue in for us all and although I have never purchased anything from it before I was flicking through it one day on my dinner break and saw that the supershock eyeliner was on sale from £6.00 to £3.00! After watching countless gurus rave about it I thought for the price it was well worth a shot! Some girls had described it as making your eyes literally "pop out" and "the blackest of black" and this eyeliner did not disappoint, I have been wearing it everyday and I absolutley love it in comparason to my old favourite Urban decay 24-7 liner in Zero!

Sooo that is my weekly favourites for this week! I hope you enjoyed them! I love finding new products that I love and most of these will be making a permanent appearance in my daily makeup bag!

Love Holl xx

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Nails Of The Day! 4th May 2011


Hello Everyone! ... I have been getting into the routine of swapping and changing my nail colour every other day. (Yes, I genuinely have NOTHING better to do with my time that should be spent revising)

Today's pick was one I picked up a few weeks ago and it is featured in my 'Haul video' from when I went to Leeds. It is Collection 2000 'hot looks' in the colour 'mint mojo'. It is VERY similar to Essie's 'Sweet Candy Apple' which is a favorite of top beauty guru 'Tanya Burr' or 'Pixie2woo'.


I alsosaw Barbara (thepersianbabe) wearing a very similar colour in one of her youtube videos and I thought it looked really pretty, thereby after toying with the idea of purchasing a 'snot green' nail varnish I bought it and for £3 something, it couldn't possible be a regretful buy!


My mum says it looks kind of gangrenous on my feet but hey, I love it! It's perfect for spring and a lovely pastel shade. I always tend to stick in the same families of colours when it comes to nail varnish so I thought i'd branch out and try something different.

Never one for being immediately satisfied I then decided i'd funk it up a little by adding some silver glittery sparkles using my cheapy L&N polish and I luuurve it!


I think it looks kind of groovy don't you agree? I did the same thing to my toes but I won't torture you with tutsie pics!


This was pre clean up :) Excuse the messyness! I don't like sloppy pictures, but I was in abit of a rush eek! I'm so glad i've tried something a bit different with my nail colour choices with a touch of glam sparkle too! :-)


Yay, hope you are all well and thankyou again for your support with my blog and my youtube and everything :) I apreciate it SOOOO much.
Love, Holl xxx

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