Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Ramble.

I am the queen
of starting over

Hi girlies (And guys, namely you Ben!) :)


- So this week everything ala Bradbury household resumed, my aunt has returned back to the states and I am back at college full time again after FIVE WEEKS off for study leave *sob*.
It was so lovely having my aunt stay with us though. We are quite close, her and I so it was really good to see her in person again. Hopefully next year she will visit again and bring my cousins with her! A big hi to the boobs 1 & 2! (if you're reading this)

Anyway, I was feeling a little down this week and over thinking things AS USUAL!
I had a bad experience driving and it really shook my confidence on the road. Then I just felt generally pap all week with one thing after another.

Whilst feeling pants, I left a moany tweet on my twitter (typical girl) and it was really lovely to read two lovely replies from Hayley my twitter friend :) follow her blog at and @itbeleah. Thankyou girls I appreciated it.

- So I have compiled a little list of things I like to do to make myself feel brighter when I am in a bad mood or worrying about something. Lately, I feel like I have been a total stress head and bloody emotional too! You only have to poke me in the side and I start crying! *cry baby!*

Ooh! One more thing, if anybody is wondering where my 'Weekly Favourites' post was this week, I decided not to do one as I will be filming a 'June Favourites' video for my YouTube channel tomorrow instead and that should be on my channel by the end of the week. It will be my first 'favourites' video so i'm quite excited hehe!

Hot, 'Lush' bubble bath, candles inc.


- This never fails to cheer me up! I love just running a hot bath, dropping a Lush 'Sex Bomb' into the water, lighting a lovely candle in my little lantern, switching the lights and reeeelaxing!


Sometimes I like to read a book. I am currently reading 'The Life and Legend - Coco Chanel' by Justine Picardie and i'm really enjoying it.

Take a flight to St. Moriz


- I know this sounds really sad, but I instantly feel better after I have put some fake tan on. Okay that sounds EXTREMELY sad I know but as a natural paler than pale girl I always feel really ghostly, ill and washed out when I don't have some colour to my skin, orange or not orange. I feel happier with an olivey glow that I get from the St. Moriz.

Colour me wonderful.


- I always feel mega gammy when I have chipped, scabby or unpainted nails, again very sad haha but I LOVE painting my nails and switching my nail colour up every other day. Here are a few of my favourite polishes that never cease to cheer me up when they're looking all pretty on my nails. I just instantly feel fresher and more groomed with lovely nails.
We have:
OPI - MY private Jet (my all time fave)
Revlon - Cherry Crush
No.7 - (the name has rubbed off eek)
L&B - Peacock
Accessorize - Purple Passion
Tecnic - Jet Black
Barry M - Coral

Buy a bag and get over it


- Whenever I feel rubbish I head straight to TK Maxx and I buy a handbag. For some girls it's all about the shoes but for me it's the handbags!
Here is my 'fake and trashy' Viv Westwood, I bought it last week after I left college in a foul mood, I headed straight to the town market and found a 'fake and trashy' stall. Leopard print can never do no wrong so I bought it.

It fits all my tattle in it and I actually love it! It was quite funny actually, that night my friend Kayya and I and her mum went to the opening of a new Tailor in the Victoria Quater Leeds,


It was a champagne, grand piano and canapes affair, all the guys were suited and booted and I walked in with my 'fake and trashy' haha! I felt riiiidiculous!

Feeling blue? Have a brew.


- How possibly could tea not make this list! After-all as the tea queen a nice cup of Yorkshire tea could set the world straight for me in one sip. Awwh I love tea *sado!*

Redeocrating, revamping, redoing.


- I always like to change things when things get rough. Whether it be my hair colour, my bedroom or my blog I like to move along with the change that has come upon me. I like tidying when i'm mad, it takes my mind off things so I move furniture, try a new hair do or redecorate goodgollymisshollie. :)

Dear blogger...


-Blogging! I think of my blog as my diary, as it is a personal blog written by me with my thoughts on whatever I like, not some product endorsed affair I like to write about things close to me. I used to have a diary but now I spill everything onto here. I always feel a good blogging lets me get hardcore with the keyboard and vent everything out.

very important if you ask me...


...A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! LOVE those shoes!

I hope you are all well and have had a guurd week so far
What do you get up to when your feeling crap?
Love, Holl x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Nails Of The Day

"It's OPI, We'll take my
Private Jet"


- OPI 'My Private Jet'


I first came across this little beauty when I downloaded the OPI app for my ipod touch. :)
It's so cool finding new nail varnish colours and the OPI names for the various colours are so cute!
I was flicking through the collections, looking at all the beautiful shades and the ticker landed on 'My Private Jet' and it was literally, love at first sight. I knew I just HAD to order this polish! I love dark nail polish shades I think they look gorgeous with a tan and with the added sparkles this just was a winner all round.


I was relaxing one evening, cup of tea in hand, watching "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" (you ladies know how much I LOVE Kim Kardashian") and Kim actually asked for 'My Private Jet' in a nail salon on the show. Therefore 'My Private Jet' soon became a need for me!

Move aside Barry M 'Raspberry' I have a new lover!

Just my luck as usual, I couldn't track it down anywhere! :(
But as you will already know if you follow me on twitter (@gollymshollie) my aunt is here visiting from America.
I knew if anybody could find me it, she could! So I asked her if she would bring me some over with her.
Unfortunately, it had sold out in the salons near her aswell!


However, the nice lady at her local salon was going to the wholesalers and managed to find some for my aunt to bring back to England with her. She arrived on Sunday and it's really great spending time with her as I don't get chance to see her often.
When she handed me the little glass bottle I was sooo excited!

Heres what it looks like on my nails.


Although it looks bronzey in the bottle, it actually applies as a mottled gunmetal grey. Beaaaaaaaaautiful!
It reminds me of a night sky!


It's just my perfect colour, I know it's not a very summery shade but it looks fab with a tan fake or real and looks so cute on my toes with my black gladiator sandals.
A definite 'glam rock' look!

I hope you are all well and a HUGE hello to my new blog followers!
I am back to college now but I will be blogging just as regularly. Thank you so much for your continued support

Love, Hollie


Friday, 17 June 2011

'Aussie' Haircare Rave.

Rapunzel! Rapunzel!
Let down your dry, crispy, dead hair!

Hi Everyone!

Sooooo, As you all know if you have read my previous 'weekly favourites' post you will know that I dyed my hair earlier this week.

I naughtily *slap on the hand* haven't had my hair cut in months and months and after dying over the coarse ends time and time again with such a strong pigmented colour such as red it has had disastrous effects on my not so luscious locks!

Although I ALWAYS use a heat protectant (to make me feel less guilty) I do use a fair amount of heat on my hair whether it be straighteners, the conical wand, a curling iron or simply just the hairdryer, and as it hasn't been cut for an age, it is so so SO unhealthy.
I ran my fingers through my hair earlier and I wanted to cry it was SO dry and the ends just crispy and well, yack. As I am trying to grow my hair long and beautiful I realise I need to change my ways and FAST. I dread the day I sit down in the salon and my stylist Jess tells me it all needs to be chopped in order for it to be healthy and strong again.

So, in order to start salvaging my locks I needed to start revitalising it's overall condition immediately. My mum has honey blonde hair and uses all kinds of products to prevent her hair from becoming so dry and coarse after using bleaches to lighten it. Her favourite is this one from the Redken 'Extreme' range.


I religiously use the Redken 'Colour extend' shampoo and conditioner and have done for years, for highly pigmented hair like mine I feel it really prevents the colour fade and keeps it soft and shiny. However after giving my hair a bashing I resorted to using my mums Redken extreme products. After a a few days I began to notice the condition of my hair improving. But I felt a good deep condition was what was needed in order to bring it back around some more.

As you can see on this picture below (the quality doesn't do the horrific damage justice), but you can get the jist that my hair was a little wild, out of control and frizzy!



- Aussie '3 minute miracle reconstructor'
"A deep conditioner for damaged hair with Australian balm mint, our unique formula smoothens rough cuticles and helps restore manageability and adds shine"


Perfect! I slopped one whole bottle onto my hair and left it on for 30 minutes for a deep condition.


Immediately I felt my scalp zinging as Aussie was performing a little miracle, packing the nutrients back into my lifeless barnet. Not to mention the heavenly smell of the product.

Before letting my hair dry naturally (NO HEAT!) I decided that Aussie could work one last miracle on me by using

-Aussie 'Duel personality smooth and shine milk'
Our styling formula with Australian jasmine extract will help you de kink your hair, fight flyaways and crank up the shine"


I ran some of the once again gorgeous smelling cream through my hair and simply left it to dry. Although I ran the risk of a lovely lions mane I just couldn't put my hair through the heat it was literally screaming out at me to stop *okay just a little dramatic haha*.

After a serious stint in 'hair-rehab' my hair came out feeling extra soft, less brittle and my ends were much smoother. REEEESULTTT! All thanks to these two babies!


Although I am laying off the heat for a while AND the colourants I can live with throwing it up into a messy bun! HOPEFULLY after a good cut..... eventually my locks will be back on track!
Here is a posey picture to show the final result after my hair had dried naturally.
- It actually wasn't as hideous as I first thought.


What products would you guys recommend for me to use to try and salvage my hair? ALL suggestions taken on board!

Lots of love. Holl. x


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Weekly Favourites

Glitter all over the room.
Pink flamingos in the pool.

Hi Everybody! Yet another week has flown by me. It really feels like I haven't been to college in years! 4 weeks to be precise but still.... It'll feel strange going back on Monday to start A2. Really not feeling the 9-4 slog, nevermind all the travelling. Yuck!


Whilst scrolling down my blog all I could see were 'Weekly Favourites' titles! I thought blummin' eck people are going to think that's all I ever do! So in an attempt to try and make things look a little more interesting I have decided to title these posts with a line from my 'weekly favourite' song. I'm sure you can already guess this weeks top player. ;)

-Schwarzkopf Live 'Salon Style'


So, as you all know I absolutely LOVE colouring my hair red. Dark red, bright red, plummy red, orange red blah blah I really enjoy sporting red hair. I like how it complements my blue/green/grey eyes and warms my face tan or no tan.
Although I have had my hair every colour under the sun in the past I always resort back to a deep cherry red. I use any red hair dye from cheap ones at Home Bargains to expensive colourings at the salon. Usually I do it myself though as it's cheap, super quick and looks just as good afterwards.


However, I have always wondered why the salons don't actually sell the salon colour mixes so that you can use the professional quality at home?
After stumbling around Superdrug looking for another box of colourant earlier this week I saw that this new one from Schwarzkopf was on offer and came loaded with Superdrug points! *yay!* It claims to be developed by professional colourists and hairdressers providing a salon quality colour. Sounds promising...
The colour I chose is called 'intense red' and it is very similar to another Live XXL colour 'cool scarlet' I wanted to see if this 'professional' quality dye worked any differently to the Live XXl.

The Verdict.
Apart from a fancier box it didn't look any different than if I had plonked XXl on my barnet. Though realistically, I wasn't expecting it to at all. It still refreshed my faded red (I am going to try and religiously colour my hair every 4 weeks to prevent a fade to that mingey orangey pinky red.) and provided me with a brilliant red shade. So I can't complain. :) I posted a picture on my twitter showing how crazy red my hair is now I don't know if you saw that.

-Babyliss 'Glamour Waves'


Although I had heard great reviews about this tool through girls on YouTube such as 'Fleurdeforce' and 'Gemsmaquillage' I never set out to ever actually buy it. Regardless of the fact I needed a curling tong (big waves and curls seem to be the hair right now don't they?) I just figured the barrel was too large and well meh. I could let this 'must have' pass.
My aunt is flying in next week from America and she asked my Grandma to pick her up a curling tong as the plugs are different here than in America so she couldn't bring her own. My Grandma got a little confused with the measurements and ended up purchasing the 'Glamour Waves' tong. Now, my aunt has a short, crop hairstyle so this was in no way to right tool for her to use. However, my Grandma had already opened the polethene bag it was held in, which meant she couldn't refund her money as this bag (although it was never used) is classed as the hygiene seal. I think it's really lame as the intense heat would kill any bacteria anyway. So my Grandma was stuck with this wrong tong and had to buy the smaller one that Babyliss make.
I figured that to make life easier for everybody I would just buy the tong off my Grandma because she's a pensioner (awwh) and I didn't want her to lose out. So now it is mine. And I have been using it this week and loved how voluminous and wavy it has made my hair, I felt very glamourous with bouncing waves and great volume and movement in my hair.
Jobs a good 'en.

- L&B nail polish in 'French Pink'

After seeing K-Mid sporting a pale pink nail on her wedding day (I do believe she wore a mixture of Essie's 'Allure' and Bourjois' 'Rose Lounge') I wanted to catch on to 'sophisticated' nails.
My all time favourite pale pink varnish is Barry M 'Peach Melba'

(Image taken from Google)

Yet once again when it came to rooting through my nail varnish collection it was being shy and I couldn't for the life of me find it! *MAJOR GRR*

So I scouted a cheapy L&B polish that was similar-ish and wapped that on instead. It did the job and I am now enjoying nails fit for a princess.


-Glamour magazine and their July issue Benefit giveway


Woo! I am SO pleased. My favourite magazine is, was and always will be Glamour. My dream job is to knock Jo Elvin off her editors desk and plonk my size 12 ass on her seat of power. So as you can imagine I was over joyed to see the benefit giveway. I was scratting around in WH Smiths looking for 'High beam' as I don't have a cream highlight and have always wanted to try it. As usual they didn't have the issue with 'High beam' inside so I trawled around the shops trying to locate it (does this remind anyone of my 'Instyle & Nails Inc' trauma a few weeks ago?) Eventually, I found it and I have been wearing the 'High beam' all week and loving the highlight it gives to my brow arch and cheeks. I usually collect all the products that are being given away but I'm just not too bothered about the rougey and ruddy 'Benetint' and 'PosieTint'.

I loved the Adele feature aswell, I associate Adele with breaking up with my ex boyfriend because the night we finished it was the Brit awards where Adele sang 'Someone Like You' and I remember thinking, bloody hell this is all I need! I think she's inspirational though and comes across really down to earth and merely an extremely talented musician who hasn't lost herself through celebrity fame and fortune! You go Adele!

If you follow me on Twitter (@gollymshollie) you will know that I have been into college this week with the crew of our magazine 'Working Title' . We have been working on the September issue and I thought i'd give you a sneaky peek of my page which is, you guessed it is a complete beauty junkies haven.


I worked really hard on designing all the layout myself using InDesign (such a bugger to get my head around) but I'm really proud of myself for creating this as the finished outcome! What do you guys think?

- My favourite song this week has been Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night' (T.G.I.F) I have literally had it n repeat on my IPod everyday this week. It reminds me of last Friday night for me personally.
This is me and my friend Kayya last Friday night.


We went to an' end of A levels' party with Kayya (we weren't actually even invited!) We rocked up and although I was a little worse for wear it was a good night and great just having a good old boogie!

The video to this song is groovy! I laughed so much watching it. It's actually really inspired me to maybe film a makeup look inspired by this video! Take a peek and enjoy!


And that is everything for this weeks favourites. I hope you enjoyed it and are all doing and feeling well. And I will be back again with another post soon!
Love to all, Hollieeee x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Chronicle

Thoughts. Wishes.

Hi Everyone. I hope that you are all well. I have just come home from work, the weather is sooo miserable today the rain is pouring down but I always like to feel all cosy inside at home.


I'm back with another 'Chronicle' post. For those of you who haven't seen this kind of post before, it is basically a reoccurring feature of my blog that isn't beauty or fashion related whereby you can get to know me a little better through things I'm thinking about, wishing for and such. Sometimes it includes pictures of my week and pictures that inspire me.

1. It's a rich mans world.
- So, I have come to the conclusion FINALLY that I am an impulse buyer. I don't know what comes over me but every time my boss hands me my little brown envelope with my wage inside I hop straight down to Bodycare or Primarni and spend it all within five minutes of having it in my hand. I'm starting to get freaked out by the amount of money I have blown this way. So, I have decided to save. save. save. I have a few things that need buying / paying for so I need to refrain from throwing away my hard earned money on clothes I don't need and nail varnishes in almost identical shades to the million I already have. I must have over fifteen shades of 'magenta purple' BONKERS. So starting from my next wage on Saturday I pledge to save a fiver a week. It sounds like nothing but at least it's five pounds for a rainy day. (like today haha) It kind of defeats the object as i'll probably end up buying nail varnishes in magenta purple with the money i've saved but hey, it's a start.
I must save five pounds a week.
I must save five pounds a week.
I must save five pounds a week.
I must save five pounds a week.
I must save five pounds a week.

2. Miss Motivator.
-This week I caught up with my friend Amy for a chat, a blueberry muffin and of course a mug of tea. After we had spoken it struck me how lazy and horribly unmotivated I am. As you probably already know I will be starting my UCAS application when I go back to college in September. In one week whilst I sat on Facebook, moaned about my psychology exam and ate my entire body weight in chocolate Amy had already been to seven university open days, booked another two , she had passed her driving test, had a weeks work experience with a barrister (she wants to go into law) and found herself a new fella. Errrrr........
I was in awe. Thinking back to what I had done that week I felt embarrassed. It really was a kick in the bum to start planning my future and to start nd book my ideas up to make MY future happen. I then decided to set a few goals to reach, nothing ridiculous just goals that will start and ground my future. I already know I want to go to university to study journalism. I already know that I want to pass my driving test first time in two weeks (*scared*) and I know that both of these are really attainable providing I put the work in! Time to get motivated!

Love, Holl x


Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Hi Everyone!


I am SO relived that my AS exams are over! I had the last one this afternoon, it was psychology and it was horrid. But i'll worry about that later! It's such a satisfying feeling knowing that I can FINALLY throw my masses of psyc books away and enjoy my summer without the doom of an exam looming! WooHoo.

Anyway, After being missing from my blog for a week or so *sad face* I am back with a 'Weekly Favourites' post.
As before just a selection of products I have been enjoying over the past week. Although this week it isn't entirely beauty products related.

Sooo onto the faves......

1. MAC prep & prime 'skin base visage'


For a hardcore, sweaty night clubbing it's essential that I at least TRY and stop my make-up from sweating off and smudging all down my face. Under the heat of the lights and the heat of the club as everyones gets their groove on to 'party rock anthem' (that's a firm favorite player in my favourite club in Wakefield' it's pretty obvious that my make up wouldn't stand a chance. HOWEVER, my mum had been using this primer for a while and recommended that I tried it before laying my night time make up over the top. And I have to say it really worked. I didn't arrive home at five in the morning with my make up obsolete! It's a lovely product to put onto your skin it has small sparkles in the white cream and feels so velvety on my face.

2. Gold, bronze, pewter & black jet 'antique' style jewelry


This week I have been really enjoying wearing black jet, bronze, gold and pewter coloured bracelets, chains and rings. As I have been using my fake tan AND parking myself out in the warm sunshine we had, I have loved the complements these black and gold accessories has given to my olivey skin tone. I have been really enjoying all of these pieces this week to add glam to any outfit no matter how basic. I know that people have been experimenting this trend for ages but I love stacking rings on my fingers I think they look really groovy.

Gold coin bracelet - £6.99 Topshop
Double linked chain - £3.99 Primark
Pewter 'jesus' bracelet - £2.99 Moo
Black stone ring, Black & gold ring £2 - Primark
Black and dimante ring - Taken from the top of a 'Vera Wang Rock Princess' bottle
'Love' ring - (as part of a set of 3) £5 Accessorize
Bronze Links of London charm bracelet £5 - Found in a boutique closing down in Wakefield
Owl ring - £1 Internationale sale

3. MAC 130 'stippling' brush


I picked this up a few weeks ago but have only really started to use it! I'm a little peeved the '130' is slowly rubbing off! I'll have to apply some clear nail varnish over it to try and keep it a little longer. Now, most people use this as a cream blusher applicator as blends a cream blush in beautifully. However, I have been using this for foundation, particularly my water based foundations and specifically 'Boujois 'Healthy Mix' . It gives a gorgeous air brushed affect. I also have the MAC 187 for liquid foundation, however I like the petite roundness of the '130' instead of the length of the bristles in the 187 I fine the 130 gets around all my features nicer. A big thumbs up!

4. MaxFactor 'nailfinity' nail varnish


From L-R 'Red Passion' 'Percolated Pink' & 'Pinkandesence'

How gorgeous and summery are these colours? They are the first MaxFactor nail varnishes I have bought and although they are pretty standard colours that you could dupe from any drug store brand I LOVE the way they dry so quickly and apply thickly, needing only 2 coats if that! I have been wearing 'Red Passion' a beautiful true red on my toes and I currently have 'Percolated Pink' on my finger nails.

5. I Love Coconut & Cream Body Cream - Superdrug


If there is one scent that sends me into 'summer buzzing' mode. It's coconut. It smells absolutley beautiful and I always feel really fresh and sexy wearing a coconut scent. I found this body cream in Superdrug and although very similar to the Bodyshop body butters it is a fraction of the price for just as much product! And since I have found a fake tan that also smells of yummy coconut (the sunlight sunkissed bronzer reviewed on my YouTube channel) I am doubly coconutted up!

6. MaxFactor Curve Effect lipgloss in 'Vibrant'


To correspond with my summery feel I found this gorgeous coral shade lipgloss. I love the curved wand it allows the gloss to slick onto your lips and your pouty in under three seconds! It is not only a really juicy shade but a juicy product leaving my lips glossy and kissable! It tastes of watermelon and peach too! Yummy!

7. Vivienne Westwood Orb Earrings.


Now, here are two beautiful stud earrings that I treated myself to earlier this month after saving my wages up for a good while. I am sure you've seen them before but the dimante orbs are just so sparkly and cute! I always tend to wear dangly earrings but these make me feel so sophisticated. I always used to associate them with a certain type of person at college. You know, the 'Aqua couture' 'vest loving' 'pirate boot' crowd. But I cast those pre-justices aside and bought them.

And there we have it! Sorry for the mammoth post! :-)
As always I have to include my cheeky 'song i'm loving right now' and this week I can't get enough of:

Wynter Gordon feat. Pitbull - Dirty talk

Love, Hollie x
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