Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Hi Everyone!


I am SO relived that my AS exams are over! I had the last one this afternoon, it was psychology and it was horrid. But i'll worry about that later! It's such a satisfying feeling knowing that I can FINALLY throw my masses of psyc books away and enjoy my summer without the doom of an exam looming! WooHoo.

Anyway, After being missing from my blog for a week or so *sad face* I am back with a 'Weekly Favourites' post.
As before just a selection of products I have been enjoying over the past week. Although this week it isn't entirely beauty products related.

Sooo onto the faves......

1. MAC prep & prime 'skin base visage'


For a hardcore, sweaty night clubbing it's essential that I at least TRY and stop my make-up from sweating off and smudging all down my face. Under the heat of the lights and the heat of the club as everyones gets their groove on to 'party rock anthem' (that's a firm favorite player in my favourite club in Wakefield' it's pretty obvious that my make up wouldn't stand a chance. HOWEVER, my mum had been using this primer for a while and recommended that I tried it before laying my night time make up over the top. And I have to say it really worked. I didn't arrive home at five in the morning with my make up obsolete! It's a lovely product to put onto your skin it has small sparkles in the white cream and feels so velvety on my face.

2. Gold, bronze, pewter & black jet 'antique' style jewelry


This week I have been really enjoying wearing black jet, bronze, gold and pewter coloured bracelets, chains and rings. As I have been using my fake tan AND parking myself out in the warm sunshine we had, I have loved the complements these black and gold accessories has given to my olivey skin tone. I have been really enjoying all of these pieces this week to add glam to any outfit no matter how basic. I know that people have been experimenting this trend for ages but I love stacking rings on my fingers I think they look really groovy.

Gold coin bracelet - £6.99 Topshop
Double linked chain - £3.99 Primark
Pewter 'jesus' bracelet - £2.99 Moo
Black stone ring, Black & gold ring £2 - Primark
Black and dimante ring - Taken from the top of a 'Vera Wang Rock Princess' bottle
'Love' ring - (as part of a set of 3) £5 Accessorize
Bronze Links of London charm bracelet £5 - Found in a boutique closing down in Wakefield
Owl ring - £1 Internationale sale

3. MAC 130 'stippling' brush


I picked this up a few weeks ago but have only really started to use it! I'm a little peeved the '130' is slowly rubbing off! I'll have to apply some clear nail varnish over it to try and keep it a little longer. Now, most people use this as a cream blusher applicator as blends a cream blush in beautifully. However, I have been using this for foundation, particularly my water based foundations and specifically 'Boujois 'Healthy Mix' . It gives a gorgeous air brushed affect. I also have the MAC 187 for liquid foundation, however I like the petite roundness of the '130' instead of the length of the bristles in the 187 I fine the 130 gets around all my features nicer. A big thumbs up!

4. MaxFactor 'nailfinity' nail varnish


From L-R 'Red Passion' 'Percolated Pink' & 'Pinkandesence'

How gorgeous and summery are these colours? They are the first MaxFactor nail varnishes I have bought and although they are pretty standard colours that you could dupe from any drug store brand I LOVE the way they dry so quickly and apply thickly, needing only 2 coats if that! I have been wearing 'Red Passion' a beautiful true red on my toes and I currently have 'Percolated Pink' on my finger nails.

5. I Love Coconut & Cream Body Cream - Superdrug


If there is one scent that sends me into 'summer buzzing' mode. It's coconut. It smells absolutley beautiful and I always feel really fresh and sexy wearing a coconut scent. I found this body cream in Superdrug and although very similar to the Bodyshop body butters it is a fraction of the price for just as much product! And since I have found a fake tan that also smells of yummy coconut (the sunlight sunkissed bronzer reviewed on my YouTube channel) I am doubly coconutted up!

6. MaxFactor Curve Effect lipgloss in 'Vibrant'


To correspond with my summery feel I found this gorgeous coral shade lipgloss. I love the curved wand it allows the gloss to slick onto your lips and your pouty in under three seconds! It is not only a really juicy shade but a juicy product leaving my lips glossy and kissable! It tastes of watermelon and peach too! Yummy!

7. Vivienne Westwood Orb Earrings.


Now, here are two beautiful stud earrings that I treated myself to earlier this month after saving my wages up for a good while. I am sure you've seen them before but the dimante orbs are just so sparkly and cute! I always tend to wear dangly earrings but these make me feel so sophisticated. I always used to associate them with a certain type of person at college. You know, the 'Aqua couture' 'vest loving' 'pirate boot' crowd. But I cast those pre-justices aside and bought them.

And there we have it! Sorry for the mammoth post! :-)
As always I have to include my cheeky 'song i'm loving right now' and this week I can't get enough of:

Wynter Gordon feat. Pitbull - Dirty talk

Love, Hollie x


  1. hehee i love this song! ;) check out my blog please hollie <3

  2. Congrats with finishing your exams, I remember why my A Level exam was over I binned the fattest.textbook.ever. Goodbye Milgram and your carrot and stick!!


  3. Love your shoes in the first photo, where are they from? x

  4. they are from garage shoes :) x


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