Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Ramble.

I am the queen
of starting over

Hi girlies (And guys, namely you Ben!) :)


- So this week everything ala Bradbury household resumed, my aunt has returned back to the states and I am back at college full time again after FIVE WEEKS off for study leave *sob*.
It was so lovely having my aunt stay with us though. We are quite close, her and I so it was really good to see her in person again. Hopefully next year she will visit again and bring my cousins with her! A big hi to the boobs 1 & 2! (if you're reading this)

Anyway, I was feeling a little down this week and over thinking things AS USUAL!
I had a bad experience driving and it really shook my confidence on the road. Then I just felt generally pap all week with one thing after another.

Whilst feeling pants, I left a moany tweet on my twitter (typical girl) and it was really lovely to read two lovely replies from Hayley my twitter friend :) follow her blog at and @itbeleah. Thankyou girls I appreciated it.

- So I have compiled a little list of things I like to do to make myself feel brighter when I am in a bad mood or worrying about something. Lately, I feel like I have been a total stress head and bloody emotional too! You only have to poke me in the side and I start crying! *cry baby!*

Ooh! One more thing, if anybody is wondering where my 'Weekly Favourites' post was this week, I decided not to do one as I will be filming a 'June Favourites' video for my YouTube channel tomorrow instead and that should be on my channel by the end of the week. It will be my first 'favourites' video so i'm quite excited hehe!

Hot, 'Lush' bubble bath, candles inc.


- This never fails to cheer me up! I love just running a hot bath, dropping a Lush 'Sex Bomb' into the water, lighting a lovely candle in my little lantern, switching the lights and reeeelaxing!


Sometimes I like to read a book. I am currently reading 'The Life and Legend - Coco Chanel' by Justine Picardie and i'm really enjoying it.

Take a flight to St. Moriz


- I know this sounds really sad, but I instantly feel better after I have put some fake tan on. Okay that sounds EXTREMELY sad I know but as a natural paler than pale girl I always feel really ghostly, ill and washed out when I don't have some colour to my skin, orange or not orange. I feel happier with an olivey glow that I get from the St. Moriz.

Colour me wonderful.


- I always feel mega gammy when I have chipped, scabby or unpainted nails, again very sad haha but I LOVE painting my nails and switching my nail colour up every other day. Here are a few of my favourite polishes that never cease to cheer me up when they're looking all pretty on my nails. I just instantly feel fresher and more groomed with lovely nails.
We have:
OPI - MY private Jet (my all time fave)
Revlon - Cherry Crush
No.7 - (the name has rubbed off eek)
L&B - Peacock
Accessorize - Purple Passion
Tecnic - Jet Black
Barry M - Coral

Buy a bag and get over it


- Whenever I feel rubbish I head straight to TK Maxx and I buy a handbag. For some girls it's all about the shoes but for me it's the handbags!
Here is my 'fake and trashy' Viv Westwood, I bought it last week after I left college in a foul mood, I headed straight to the town market and found a 'fake and trashy' stall. Leopard print can never do no wrong so I bought it.

It fits all my tattle in it and I actually love it! It was quite funny actually, that night my friend Kayya and I and her mum went to the opening of a new Tailor in the Victoria Quater Leeds,


It was a champagne, grand piano and canapes affair, all the guys were suited and booted and I walked in with my 'fake and trashy' haha! I felt riiiidiculous!

Feeling blue? Have a brew.


- How possibly could tea not make this list! After-all as the tea queen a nice cup of Yorkshire tea could set the world straight for me in one sip. Awwh I love tea *sado!*

Redeocrating, revamping, redoing.


- I always like to change things when things get rough. Whether it be my hair colour, my bedroom or my blog I like to move along with the change that has come upon me. I like tidying when i'm mad, it takes my mind off things so I move furniture, try a new hair do or redecorate goodgollymisshollie. :)

Dear blogger...


-Blogging! I think of my blog as my diary, as it is a personal blog written by me with my thoughts on whatever I like, not some product endorsed affair I like to write about things close to me. I used to have a diary but now I spill everything onto here. I always feel a good blogging lets me get hardcore with the keyboard and vent everything out.

very important if you ask me...


...A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! LOVE those shoes!

I hope you are all well and have had a guurd week so far
What do you get up to when your feeling crap?
Love, Holl x


  1. All those nail varnishes look gorgeous! Especially Coral :) xxx

  2. aww sweetie, my twitter friend, i hope ya okay chick :)

    OMG i was going to buy that bag!!! Great minds think a like!! xx

  3. I have coral on now hehe! Very summery :) xxx

    and my dear Hayley they do, they bloody do! xx

  4. Aww hope you feel happier soon hun :) you can't beat about of self tanning and painting nails to cheer yoursel up xx

  5. Great post, though I'm sorry you've been feeling down. I hope things start to look up for you soon. Hugs and love <3 xxx

  6. great post! want that leopard print bag!! x
    (ps check out my give away if you're interested)

  7. LOVE those shoes at the end! hehe!
    please check out my blog :') ♥


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