Sunday, 31 July 2011

This may come as a complete shock!

From fake tan FAN to
Fake Tan BAN


- Anybody who knows me personally, who watches me on YouTube or reads this blog, will already be extremely aware that I LOVE sporting fake tan to produce an olivey, sunkissed skintone.
In comparison to my natural, milky / bluey white skin, the 'latino look' was always going to be a winner. Fake tan is a completely safe way of tanning aside using the sunbeds which for somebody as naturally as pale as me is always going to be a no no.

With my naturally almost black hair and greeny eyes, although completely freckle-less, I have that reflective white skin tone that barely tans on holiday, I come home two weeks later as white as I did when I left. Either that, or burnt to a crisp and bright red. In all honesty I put my skin through hell when I go on holiday just so I can endeavor to be a Mediterranean princess.

I have been using fake tan religiously for about a year now however, in recent months it has started to take over my life.


seriously it has.

You guys know that I am an avid 'St Moriz' user. Although it is very drying on the skin, I love the colour, I love the application, more importantly I love the price.

Most 'normal' people apply fake tan, once a week, every couple of days or only if they are going out.
In recent weeks it has gotten to the point whereby I am applying it four/five times a day EVERYDAY, 7 days a week to achieve the 'Kim Kardashian-esc' skintone. Oblivious as I was, this was NOT the case.

Instead my family were in despair about the fact I looked 'dirty' because I never had time between the 5 or 6 applications to let it develop ready to be washed off. My dad especially was annoyed that the door handles would be smeared with an orangey residue, the bathroom towels and my cream bedding were bright orange, and it had soaked in all over the bathroom PARTICULAR the white loo seat!!!

My obsession was that ridiculous, I would get annoyed if one of my friends asked me to go somewhere and I hadn't fake tanned. I didn't feel my best if I wasn't tanned. I felt unconfident pale and I had to be glowing what I thought was olive, rather it was orange in order to feel confident. Weirdly, I felt older the more tanned I was


I looked at myself in the mirror whilst lathering on another smearing of St Moriz and I realized that I no longer looked 'sunkissed' and natural I looked MINGING. Although I always carry out the relgious routine of;






I looked down at my feet. *yes all feet are disgusting ESPECIALLY mine ;) I wouldn't normally show you then but for the purpose of the post it adds to dramatic efftec ;) *


I looked at my wrists.


I looked at my arms.


and what really scared me was when I had gotten out of the bath..... *screaach*


Not attractive in the slightest! I knew that this was a ridiculous vicious circle I had gotten into. I didn't need to look so orange and mingy!

It was time to re-evaluate!

As difficult it is to a tanning junkie like myself, I have now decided that I will only St Moriz ONCE a week. In the mean time I will use a gradual tanning moisturiser. (Yes I am totally willing to smell like a wet biscuit.)

I have chosen two that I have previously used and already know that I love.
The first is Palmers, Cocoa butter 'natural bronze' (smells lush!)


The second is Garnier 'Summerbody' which smells all fruity. :) - I know some people on Twitter have complained that this gradual tanner brings them out in an itchy rash, for me, this has never happened so I will continue to use it anyway.


So it's cheers to a new outlook on fake tanning! I hope I never go back to my desperate ways! I'm not a natural latino, but I look even less like one as an orange 'Wotsit'

I hope I start to get my skintone confidence back as I can't change it. There is absolutely no point hammering the UVB AND UVA rays or spending hundreds of pounds on various fake tans. I might aswell just embrace the fact I am naturally pale and to look sunkissed doesn't mean I have to be BRIGHT ORANGE.

Love, Holl xo


Monday, 25 July 2011

New discoveries, New plans.

It's a nice day, For doing something different

- I love finding versatile products. I really do hate sticking to the same routines with the same product.
Who cares if you're wearing an eyeshadow as a blush? Or a cream blush as a lipgloss? I don't. And that is exactly why I was excited when I was introduced to;

- Bobbi Brown's 'eyeshadow' in 'Rose Gold'.


I was bought this lustrous, beautiful colour by my boss Andrea as a present for applying her daughters prom makeup.
I don't think I would ever buy this colour off my own back, simply because I would just see it as a shade for a neutral eye and you guys know, i'm not one to sport that classic Bobbi Brown look.


As a fan of the bright green, peacock, turquoise and blue eyeshadows I can safely say I am 100% converted.

Not only do I LOVE wearing this shimmery pinky, gold on my eyes.
It looks AMAZING on the cheeks.

....Remember I said 'pinky gold'?


I applied this over my foundation (MAC NW25) and brushed it onto my cheekbones.
The result was fabulous. I had an instant pinky tone like a blusher, an instant bronze tone like a bronzer and an instant shimmer in place of a highlighter.

It DEFINITELY saved me the seven or eight minutes i'd spend on those things.


I know it's kind of unclear of the effect on this picture, but the highlight certainly shows up! *Pleaaasee excuse how shoddy I look this was taken tonight after a looong day at work!*

- I also called at Superdrug this weekend in search of new nail varnishes.

I picked up three from 'BeautyUk'. Now, I love the method behind this brand. Everything is cheap as chips individually but you can also purchase three things for £4.99.
After countless minutes umming an arring I picked up.


- Peach Melba. (Err, does anybody know of another brand with the same colour, and the same name but for almost double the price Hmmm...)


I loved this girly, peachy pastel shade and I thought it looked all pretty with my cocktail ring I haven't worn for ageeeeeees from an antique store in America.


Inkeeping with the 3 for £4.99 deal I picked up a clear and this gorgeous bronzey shade called 'Warm Chestnut'.


I'm really into metallic shades at the moment and this looks gorgeous with a tan. I'm currently wearing it on my toes. (But, nobody wants to see a streaky fake taned yucky foot pic eh)

- Finally if you follow me on Twitter (@gollymshollie) you'll know that as of tomorrow I will be away at a summer school for Journalism. I'm really excited about it and luckily for me somebody that I know is going also. *Hi Ly!* :)
Hopefully, we will be roomies!

- Everything, all packed up :-)

We will be staying there for 3 days in the University halls and getting a taste of journalism at undergraduate level. What's really sweet is there will be a mini graduation at the end of it for us! Rumour has it there's some tai chi lessons thrown in too????

So obviously I will be away from my blog for a couple of days HOWEVER,

Would any of you guys be interested in me vlogging or blogvlogging as much as I can? I'm not sure how much I will be able to film but if you want me to I will!? :)

Lot'sa love,


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wise old bird!

Festival Fever!
The smart girls guide to surviving mud, wee and wild times.


- As festival season is in full swing, with Glastonbury behind us and Reading & Leeds just around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to share some of my festival survival tips and tricks with you guys, whether your a first timer or an old veteran 200 smackers to sit in mud, get crushed to death and your clothes ripped off you in mosh pits, to have to use the most horrid toilets ever with other peoples crap sprawled around the cubicle, to get wee thrown on you and generally smell for three days is a lot for most people to take in.

I went to my first festival (Leeds festival) when I was 16, as a doe eyed, naive young'un. And unfortunately I didn't have the best experience, perhaps I was too young I don't know but I learnt alot through going and sticking it out for the whole weekend.


I would say my most important piece of festival advice I can give you, is probably what most of you guys already know and don't think twice about.

Know who you are going with!

Heres where I went wrong.
I went to Leeds festival with people who were not really my friends (my friends were not that bothered about going at this point due to the sheer cost of it!) They were mostly guys and I have never felt so lonely in my entire life. I barely knew anybody we were camping with, I couldn't turn to them for advice, I couldn't be my self and worst of all, nobody gave a crap where I was, what I was doing or who I was with. I seeked refuge with some other people who had joined the 20 people + group who were also outsiders. Without those people I would have left in the first day.

Honestly guys, GO WITH YOUR FRIENDS. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a crazy wild festival on your own.

- Me with a lovely girlie I met at Marina & The Diamonds! We were right at the front and like me, she was (8) feeling like a loser (8) *sorry ha ha! but we WERE talking about Marina & The Diamonds. -

Hand on heart, I have never been so scared. I rang my dad twice from some guy I met at "The Libertines'" phone. I worried my parents sick because I was ringing crying and upset and lost and they couldn't help me because they couldn't contact me.
It makes me shiver thinking back to those horrible three days, Don't get me wrong some of it was really good, but I spent 90% of the time on my own, watching bands on my own and wandering around trying to meet new people. Which I did, but it wasn't right, I should have been there with my friends, getting drunk and enjoying it!

Compromise, watch a band you aren't that bothered about if your friend is bothered! They'll do the same for you! That way you don't get lost and always have somebody by your side.


Seriously guys, take a phone, take four and turn them all off! YOU NEED TO STAY IN CONTACT WITH PEOPLE. You can very easily get lost and broken up from the group all the time! Take an old phone you wouldn't mind losing and have everybody you are with's numbers in it!

- Welcome to Camp ;) -

What essentials to pack!? Apart from the obvious A TENT and some groovy WELLIES!


HOODIES The most important thing! You may have visions of wearing your daisy dukes and a bikini top all day but we are England and the chances are, it will rain or be cold! I was lucky with the weather last year, it didn't rain once! But on a night time jeeee's it is absolutely BLOODY FREEZING!!! Wear your hoodies!!!!!!!

BIN BAGS - Sounds silly, but who can be bothered carrying everything neatly packed away in a rucksack home after you've been awake for 3 days? Shove it all in a bin bag and helps you if your stuff gets wet.

TOILET ROLL - Self Explanatory


STOGEY FOOD - Yeah, you can't fool me you'll all be hammered in the first hour, I was.I took bread and biscuits and stuff that stogey to help me come round again, you don't drink hardly ANY water at festivals because;
a) you don't want to be weeing all the time, having to get lost in the crowd to find the portaloo's


b) Your likely to be drinking cider instead!

which leads me niclely onto

VASELINE - Outdoors all day? all night? errr CHAPPED LIPS AHOY! I didn't last time and my lips were SO SO SO SO SO SO SO dry and sore it was horrible!

Take as much food as you can, the stands are soooo expensive!!!!! Granted, theres so much choice but they are pricey!!! You would have to take at least £300 to only eat from burger vans and stuff. But take my word for it when you just wake up from being on the ground all night, drunk and feeling rougher than a donkeys backside the bacon sarnis are soooooo worth the price!


DRY SHAMPOO - Keeps us ladies looking marginally presentable! Ditch the makeup though, you don't need it and it's more to carry!

WET WIPES - You need a rub down at some point, I didn't think I would smell. I did. Of burning (from the camp fire) of wee (I got it poured on me whilst watching Guns 'n' Roses' of sweat *yes euw!* from the sweaty, indoor NME stage at Pendulum!
*how I survived that, i'll never know!*

SOMETHING WITH ZIPPY POCKETS - Everything gets left in your tent, take you important stuff with you i.e money, old phone etc etc. When your thrashing around, jumping, going wild you want to keep your stuff

How much money to actually take? I took £100 I was ONLY JUST comfortable and I took a lot of my own foodies! Just be aware they charge you £1 for hot water, for Pot Noodles. GRRRRRRRRR


BUY A SHUTTLE PASS RETURN - With this you know you will get there and get home whenever you want to! The shuttles run every half an hour back to Leeds city centre for Leeds festival.

Don't forget disposable cameras! I took waaay more pictures than this but on the last day everyone sets fire to their tents (totally be aware of that!!) and most of my cameras got burnt :( *sob*

TOWEL - always handy!

MOISTURISER - Something disgusting happened to my feet when I was there (They wern't in very good condition after the week before i'd been into town with dangerously high heeled shoes on that gave me HORRID blisters) but because my feeties were inside my thick socks all day not getting any air, they became weirdly wet ??? and like the skin started coming off and they were so sore I couldnt walk it was HORRIBLE my feet were in so much pain, the skin was so tight on the sole of my foot and weird, so after 2 days off came the wellie and i put some cream on them, they soon got better. No idea what had happened to them but the pain OOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!

- Oh Dear! -

- There may have been a few shitty times when I first went to a festival but it hasn't stopped me going again this year! WITH my friends, whatever happens I know Ben will stay by my side! We have two tents and everything bought and sorted
This year I am actually looking forward to it because I know exactly what not and what to do to be safe!

So buy a crazy hat like I did and have a bloody good time There is honestly nothing more satisfying than going back to school or college to show off your little wrist band to say you've done it!!

Oh and be careful what pictures you show your 'rents when you come back,
I stupidly told my mum to pick up my snaps, and she found this on top. :| Needless to say she wasn't happy! Even though it's unlit and I protested was doing it for 'festival effect'!

Are you guys going to or have been to any festivals this year?
What were your experiences, bad? good?

Love, Holl xx


Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Chronicle

You sold yourself to the devil
when you put on your first pair of Jimmy Choo's


- I'm back with another 'Chronicle' post. For those of you who haven't seen this kind of post before, it is basically a reoccurring feature of my blog that isn't necessarily 100% beauty or fashion related, whereby you can get to know me a little better through things I'm thinking about, wishing for and such. Sometimes it includes pictures of my week and pictures that inspire me and answers to questions I have been asked via twitter or on YouTube etc etc. :)

- This week has all been about the favourites and generally getting to know me a little better through my favourite make-up and style ideas.

I recently uploaded two TAG videos to my YouTube channel
Here they are if you'd like to check them out; if not scroll past them to see my
'Get to know me better Q & A's' - as asked by you guys.

"My 10 Most Used Beauty Products"

"My 10 Favourite Fashion Items"

- I think it's really nice to get to know the people behind your favourite blogs and i'm always dead interested in these kind of posts. Afterall, if you love somebodys blog the naturally you want to find out a little bit more about the person behind it.
So, fellow bloggies!

Here we go...... (I apologise firstly if some of my answers are quite long!)

Q) What is your blogging / YouTubing story? How did you get started? & why?

A) I first created 'GoodGollyMissHollie' in July last year after a year or so of watching beauty videos on YouTube and reading beauty and fashion blogs.
I really liked the 'Carrie Bradshaw-esc' space that a blog allowed you to have, to be creative, to be informative and most of all to be thoughtful.
After creating 'GoodGollyMissHollie' I never really bothered with it (perhaps posting once in the space of 6 months) and continued to watch other people are read other peoples blogs.
It was then in February this year that everything changed for me when I broke up with my ex boyfriend on Valentines day. (You guys remember that emotional post ha ha!) I wanted a new hobby and a new challenge for myself to take my mind off feeling all heart broken and rubbishy!
That same week I attended a journalism talk at Leeds Trinity University College and as you guys already probably know I want to study Journalism. An admirable journalist informed us that the way forward was to start an online blog and to get tweeting. I remembered that I already had an amazing blog already to go, with 33 faithful and amazing followers.
I already knew I loved fashion and beauty and I knew that was my forte. So I kick started this blog in February this year and have been absolutley LOVING blogging ever since! The story of my YouTube channel is however, a little different.
- I started making YouTube videos the day I left college early feeling horribly emotional (yes this was a couple of days post break up). I had already uploaded a few videos in July 2010 but deleted them thinking that they were rubbish. Little did I know 'MissBudgetBeauty' was just starting out and was my first ever subscriber. Anyway, I went home and made a vlog on my Iphone and uploaded it to my Facebook. My lovely friend Sara (the v. talented BEAUTIFUL SWalkerMakeup) saw it and told me I should start a channel. Little did she know that very afternoon I had made my first video but was too scared to upload it. Sara told me to give it a go and really really really helped me and I am forever greatful to her because she tweeted that i'd started a channel and helped me get moving in the YouTube beauty community. I have never, ever been so greatful to one person in my entire life, because 'GoodGollyMissHollie' was the best thing EVER to come out of a bad situation!

Q2) How old are you?

A) I am seventeen.

Q3) Who was the first blogger or YouTuber you followed?

A) Of course it was, Lollipop26!

Q4) When did you first start wearing make-up?

A) I first started wearing make-up when I was in year 7 at high school, so I was about twelve-ish

Q5) What is your favourite film?

A) Ooh, I have lots but realistically the one I go back to time and time again to cheer me up is.
'The Devil Wears Prada'.

Q6) Who is your fictional heroine & why?

A) Carrie Bradshaw. Because she's in love with the city!

Q7) If you could only take one beauty product to a desert island, what would it be?

A)Sunscreen, practically. Unrealistically definitely MAC 'Zoom Lash' black mascara.

Q8) What job do you have in mind?

A) Well, firstly I hope to go to university to study English Literature & Journalism combined (hopefully at Northumbria!) and hopefully, although many other paths may lead the way I would like to get in to editorial work either in online media, in magazines, newspapers or for a broadcasting association. Definitely something journalism based. But my ultimate dream job is to be a novelist and have my work published.

Q9) What is your favorite foundation?

A) MAC 'Studio Fix Fluid' in NW20. & Boujois 'Healthy Mix' in 53

Q10) Do you consider yourself a 'Beauty Guru'?

A) Ooh gosh nooooo, definitely not a guru.

Q11) What is your favourite colour

A) LEOPARD PRINT! Ha ha, just kidding; it's purple!

Q12) You say you like to read, what is your favourite book?

A) I LOVE to read, I couldn't possible chose one (like choosing your favourite song) at the moment i'm reading 'The Life And The Legend - Coco Chanel' by Justine Picardie and it's blooming brilliant. I'm really loving it.

Q13) Can you drive? Do you have a car?

A) Yes I can. I drive a baby blue Fiat called Poppy!

Q14) Do you have a boyfriend?

A) As my friend Tyler tells me, I am single and fabulous. ;)

Q15) What is your favourite food?

A) Medium chicken pitta with cheese, chips and peri peri salt. With some creamy salad dressing over it from Nando's! YUM YUM YUM! Also, any greek cuisine. I adore greek food! *I'm hungry now!*

- And that's all the questions I received :) If you would like to ask anything else, feel free and I will definitely be doing another one of these posts again soon!

I hope you enjoyed this everyone and have learnt something about me!

Lots'a love!
Holl x

Thursday, 14 July 2011

One Hot Buy

I want your
Leather studded kiss in the sand.

Today was a day for shopping. My Stanford Blatch and I decided we would pay a visit to a local Outlet centre to buy all our camping things for Leeds Festival.

The sun was absolutely gorgeous this morning and if you saw my twicpic from earlier via my Twitter ( @gollymshollie ) I was certainly dressed for a warmer day.
Incase you miss it, here it is.


Black bodycon skirt - £6.99 - TK Maxx

Love heart, sheer blouse - £8 - Primark (with a little black vest underneath also from Primark

Skinny brown waist belt - £3 - Primark

I was very inspired to wear alot of black by (yes you'll probably have guessed) Kim, Khloe, Kris & Kourtney Kardashian. I was watching 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' last night and the girls looked gorgeous with their black clothes, black nails and smokey eyes.
I've always loved black against an olivey tan, a very Mediterranean look. After whipping out my St Moriz. I too was sporting the look.

So we got all sorted with our Tent x2 (one smaller one for all our clothes, food and ofcourse BEER haha!) our sleeping bags, sleeping mats, water bottles, rucksacks etc etc. And I decided I wanted to pay a visit to a shop I haven't been in to in AGES!
And it's actually one of my favourites.


I absolutely love the grungey / All Saint's-esc clothes they have in there, and even better there was a huge sale!!!

After picking up a million things and looking at my credit card. I decided I couldn't impulse buy and end up feeling uber guilty all day. I was busy scanning the shop when a very gorgeous, moody looking bag was sat looking at me on the top of a very high shelf. :(

At a mere five foot 3 I had to get Stanford to reach it down for me.

It was love. AND it had a sale tag on it! Woo.

After picking it up and putting it down a million times I bought it for £12 00


It should have been £60.00 and it was reduced to £40.00 then reduced further to £20.00 and finally to the £12 00 I bought it for. I was soo pleased, it was just meant to me and even better it was very inkeeping with my 'dark & mysterious' look that I was going for.

It is real leather and is completely on trend with the studded real leather and fringing.


It's a perfect 'inbetweeny' bag. Not too large as an everyday shopper for all your tittle tattle in and not too small to only fit your phone, keys and purse in.


I love the fact it can be worn over the shoulder with the detachable main strap or worn over the shoulder with the short strap.


It's also really spacious inside and has an extra pocket on the outside for things you don't want to go rooting for.


Love, Holl x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Picture Book Archive

My hair

I have always loved how a new hair style or colour makes me feel rejuvenated.
It's strange but I feel like a completely different person when I'm sporting a new do.
I don't know about you, but whenever a relationship comes to an end or something in my life changes the first thing I want to do is become somebody physically different and chop, razor and colour!

It is so lovely to receive a lot of compliments in regards to my current hair colour and I often get asked what other colours I have tried in the past and what colours I think suit me best. The same goes for my cut. (Or lack of at the moment.)

Hair style and colour both play an important part in our physical identity and I always feel that choosing the right shade to complement your complexion is vital. I have chosen some pretty risque shades against my naturally very pale skin tone.

The most exciting thing I do with my hair these days is chopping in a blunt, full fringe in the winter time.

So without further ado, lets whiz back almost eighteen years.


- Here I am at around two years old. (I had just started to find my feet) My hair here is a light, golden brown colour but it darkened substantially as I grew up. My virginal hair is probably in the best condition here it will ever be and ever has been! My mum always styled my hair in little sticky out bunches or sometimes with one pineapple on top of my head.


- This picture was taken in my first year of private nursery. The leopard print loving had already began! I was probably about three here and as you can see my hair has gotten alot darker! My favorite fairy story was always Rapunzel and after seeing Crystal Gayle (an American country and western singer) on Oprah I just knew I wanted extra long 'princessy' locks. The dodgy fringe was my mums doing!


- AND THE BUNCHES ARE BACK haha. This is probably the longest my hair ever got. It is naturally poker straight and not very thick at all. The summer sun had lightened it up considerably and the dodgey fringe is still in to. I would give anything to have this legnth back. :( My hair is starting to thicken up aswell. I remember the hours it took to care for this long hair though, drying it took 40 minutes alone! It began to all get a little tiring, every other night!

Sooo.... I went for the chop.


- This picture was taken the day before I started high school. I wanted to look all grown up rather than a Rapunzel princess. I can remember going to the salon to lop my locks off and my mum told me I would regret it. I didn't so much then, but now! This was also the first time my hair had ever seen a pair of GHD's.


- On my 13th Birthday my hair was growing out again, however I had taken it upon myself that brassy, copper highlights were the way forward in being a teenager. Not a good look Holl.

I then went through a 'gothic' stage where jet black hair was my preference. I can't find a picture of that stage but as you can imagine I look HORRID! The black completely washed me out and it just wasn't a great look. My cut was still the same as before.


- At 14, after being a 'goth' the whole way through lower school. Upper high school was the time for 'pop and crisps' nights at a nightclub called Foundation, sitting on the field with cider, listening to MC Smalley 'Roll The Dice' (just YouTube that song yes, I knew ALL the words ) and generally being quite chavvy. YUCK. So what did I do? Bleached two streaks at either side of my head and sported the 'skunk' look!
This totally buggered my hair up and foreshadowed a series of horrible hair issues.


- After that I decided that going back dark haired was the way to go! Oh that and to slap in some disgusting, ratty extensions that didn't even match. You can see where I dyed over the blonde with a dark brown and it went green! HORRIBLE!!!!!!

There was only one thing to do....go for the chop, AGAIN!


- I look back on this picture and think "WHAT ON EARTH?!" seriously, I was trying to attain a Sarah Harding look but it just did NOT suit me! For some odd reason I asked for one side longer than the other? The back of my hair was so so SO short and just made my already round face look rounder!!! I hate this hair cut with a passion.

So, I dyed it a bright two tonal red. To look 'edgy' errr...


- I cringe at this too! NEVER EVER AGAIN!


- Then I grew it into the proper Sarah Harding style, dyed it my all time favourite plum red and I actually started to love it.


- The red faded out to a ginger, brown. I don't actually mind this colour but the style is still way too short. It was then time to grow it all out! Style & cut!


- This is the crop growing out and coloured back to it's natural colour.


It is since then that I have just left my hair to grow. I kept it brunette up until my year 11 prom (as I wanted to look natural and 'me' for it) It was only in July last year that I decided that a gorgeous plum hue would complement my hair as it grew out. I'm trying to maintain healthy hair and grow it long so I can style it. I pledge that I will NEVER EVER cut it all off again! EVER. FACT.

And here we are now, my hair in past 12 months. I've flitted between full fringes and such but it's basically been kept the same. And i'm happy with it.




Love, Holl x

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Blog Vlog

Miss Hollie
visits Newcastle

Hi Everybody!! How're you?

A bit of a different post today as it isn't beauty or fashion related.

As you lovelies probably know already, I will be going to university *fingers crossed!* next year, not without lots of hard work of course to gain the required A A B at A level to secure my place on the Journalism and English literature course.


I have been visiting the university open days recently and have really enjoyed looking around at my various potential new home!

Last week I went to Newcastle to visit the universities there. I have always wanted to go to Northumbria university since I first started my GCSE's and it was great to finally head up north and visit!

I absolutely LOVED the university and the entire day spending it with my lovely friend Ben! (you know Ben, my Stanford Blatch)

I decided that it would be a good time to make a vlog, I went on the visit with my college so I wanted to show my mum and dad the university also, so I was mainly filming for those two reasons.

I have decided to upload this little vlog to my blog only.
I hope you enjoy it! :)

Love you all loads, Holl x

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Hi. How is everyone? I have been pottering around doing some re decorating. Do you like it? I get really fed up of seeing the same thing every day, so every now and again I like to have a little re decorating spree, the only down side is that it takes blummin' ages! I hope you like it!

- Okay, so this week I was very excited to be asked to play makeup artist for an evening. On Saturday night it was my bosses, daughters 'After Exam prom' type thing and I was very privileged to be asked if I would like to do Kirina's makeup!

After years (well, since I was about 13 and first starting taking notice of makeup products) of hoarding, collecting and swapping I think that my makeup collection ranges quite broadly. I have products for creative looks, products for everyday looks and a whole load of bits and bats inbetween. But having stuck to using my old favorites religiously I was out of the basics such as Bronzer and pressed powder etc!

So my mum and I decided to have a little spree picking up various things I would need for Kirna's makeup.

Now, some people may judge me for this, some may agree but I am a total fan of discount, beauty and makeup stores such as Xtra's and 'The Look'. It's like a sweet shop in there what, with all the stuff they have! And I am NOT a fan of spending money I simply don't have on products from MAC, Bobbi Brown and NARS etc. I buy my staple foundation from MAC and only ever have or buy things from there when I have birthday money or somebody buys me it. Of course, I agree that it is great quality but I have a weekend job earning under £30 pounds a week. I can't afford to spend over a tenner on ONE product.

Sooo....I went to 'The Look' and got a dozen things for £10.

It makes sense to me to be 'makeup savvy'.

I firstly needed a few new brushes, I always bought the cheapy ones from Superdrug and with extensive washing and use, the brush head always fell off when the glue holding it to the barrel of the brush fell off haha.


I totally agree with the fact quality brushes will do a better job, so off I popped to find some decent tools!

The face brushes that I needed were a new blusher brush, a duo fibre stippling brush for mineralised powders, loose powders and for buffing in liquid foundations and a concealer brush


-I found this budget duo fibre brush in Boots, it is by QVS and was around £8.
I also bought a SUPER soft blusher brush from 'The Bodyshop' for £14, the concealer brush is also from 'The Bodyshop' and because I bought two things from the store I got a free mascara! Yay!!

I then needed a couple of eye shadow brushes. The first I bought from 'No.7' and it is the blend and contour brush, perfect for work in the socket line and for blending out dark, matte colours.


Secondly, I bought , also from Boots this 'Eco Tools' pencil brush with a handy eyeliner sharpener on the end. I wanted this for placing colour underneath the lower lashline.

- I then trotted down to 'The Look' which if you live in Wakefield, is in the bottom of The Ridings Centre on the lower mall. I really, really do love this shop it has a wide range of popular and unknown brands selling crazy cheap! - My kinda store!

Now, Kirina and I had already discussed that we were going to go for a smokey, blue and copper eye as her beautiful dress was those colours. Although I have a million neutral pallets, I wanted another sneaky one for myself.


I picked up this one for a mere £2.00 from the W7 brand. The colours are perfect for me and the gold colour on the far right was ideal for Kirnas eye makeup!


Other stuff that I threw into my shopping basket....

Cheapy Cheapster Pressed Powder

W7 Matte Bronzer

Prime Time Primer, Bodycare

Bodyshop 'Super volume' mascara, this came free when I bought two products from the Bodyshop. I have yet to try it! :)

Maybelline 'Fit Me' Foundation.

I haven't been able to upload any pictures of Kirinas makeup as my camera SD card has snapped in two after a night out :( But she looked truley gorgeous! I think I did a good job!
Anyhow, my boss, Andrea treated me to this Bobbi Brown eyeshadow as a thankyou.


It's a gorgeous shimmery peachy, pinky colour with red and brown undertones. It looks gorgeous on my blue eyes! I was so greatful! Thankyou so much Andrea if your reading!

I will be posting more about my week in this weeks 'Chronicle' so watch out for that, I was debating uploading a vlog about my trip to Newcastle for my blog only, what did you think to that idea?

Love to all!

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