Saturday, 9 July 2011

Blog Vlog

Miss Hollie
visits Newcastle

Hi Everybody!! How're you?

A bit of a different post today as it isn't beauty or fashion related.

As you lovelies probably know already, I will be going to university *fingers crossed!* next year, not without lots of hard work of course to gain the required A A B at A level to secure my place on the Journalism and English literature course.


I have been visiting the university open days recently and have really enjoyed looking around at my various potential new home!

Last week I went to Newcastle to visit the universities there. I have always wanted to go to Northumbria university since I first started my GCSE's and it was great to finally head up north and visit!

I absolutely LOVED the university and the entire day spending it with my lovely friend Ben! (you know Ben, my Stanford Blatch)

I decided that it would be a good time to make a vlog, I went on the visit with my college so I wanted to show my mum and dad the university also, so I was mainly filming for those two reasons.

I have decided to upload this little vlog to my blog only.
I hope you enjoy it! :)

Love you all loads, Holl x


  1. I was wondering where you got that necklace from (you wore it on Friday I think?) :)

  2. SHUTTUP, I want to do Journalism and English Literature at Northumbria next year.

    Eeek, the university looked amazing :D


  3. Ooo glad you had a good time, but hol there is not enough wardrobe space for you :) xx

  4. That must have been the worst attempt at a geordie accent I've ever heard. I hope your ashamed, but not too ashamed because Northumbria is brilliant, big thumbs up. Simon x


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