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The Chronicle

You sold yourself to the devil
when you put on your first pair of Jimmy Choo's


- I'm back with another 'Chronicle' post. For those of you who haven't seen this kind of post before, it is basically a reoccurring feature of my blog that isn't necessarily 100% beauty or fashion related, whereby you can get to know me a little better through things I'm thinking about, wishing for and such. Sometimes it includes pictures of my week and pictures that inspire me and answers to questions I have been asked via twitter or on YouTube etc etc. :)

- This week has all been about the favourites and generally getting to know me a little better through my favourite make-up and style ideas.

I recently uploaded two TAG videos to my YouTube channel
Here they are if you'd like to check them out; if not scroll past them to see my
'Get to know me better Q & A's' - as asked by you guys.

"My 10 Most Used Beauty Products"

"My 10 Favourite Fashion Items"

- I think it's really nice to get to know the people behind your favourite blogs and i'm always dead interested in these kind of posts. Afterall, if you love somebodys blog the naturally you want to find out a little bit more about the person behind it.
So, fellow bloggies!

Here we go...... (I apologise firstly if some of my answers are quite long!)

Q) What is your blogging / YouTubing story? How did you get started? & why?

A) I first created 'GoodGollyMissHollie' in July last year after a year or so of watching beauty videos on YouTube and reading beauty and fashion blogs.
I really liked the 'Carrie Bradshaw-esc' space that a blog allowed you to have, to be creative, to be informative and most of all to be thoughtful.
After creating 'GoodGollyMissHollie' I never really bothered with it (perhaps posting once in the space of 6 months) and continued to watch other people are read other peoples blogs.
It was then in February this year that everything changed for me when I broke up with my ex boyfriend on Valentines day. (You guys remember that emotional post ha ha!) I wanted a new hobby and a new challenge for myself to take my mind off feeling all heart broken and rubbishy!
That same week I attended a journalism talk at Leeds Trinity University College and as you guys already probably know I want to study Journalism. An admirable journalist informed us that the way forward was to start an online blog and to get tweeting. I remembered that I already had an amazing blog already to go, with 33 faithful and amazing followers.
I already knew I loved fashion and beauty and I knew that was my forte. So I kick started this blog in February this year and have been absolutley LOVING blogging ever since! The story of my YouTube channel is however, a little different.
- I started making YouTube videos the day I left college early feeling horribly emotional (yes this was a couple of days post break up). I had already uploaded a few videos in July 2010 but deleted them thinking that they were rubbish. Little did I know 'MissBudgetBeauty' was just starting out and was my first ever subscriber. Anyway, I went home and made a vlog on my Iphone and uploaded it to my Facebook. My lovely friend Sara (the v. talented BEAUTIFUL SWalkerMakeup) saw it and told me I should start a channel. Little did she know that very afternoon I had made my first video but was too scared to upload it. Sara told me to give it a go and really really really helped me and I am forever greatful to her because she tweeted that i'd started a channel and helped me get moving in the YouTube beauty community. I have never, ever been so greatful to one person in my entire life, because 'GoodGollyMissHollie' was the best thing EVER to come out of a bad situation!

Q2) How old are you?

A) I am seventeen.

Q3) Who was the first blogger or YouTuber you followed?

A) Of course it was, Lollipop26!

Q4) When did you first start wearing make-up?

A) I first started wearing make-up when I was in year 7 at high school, so I was about twelve-ish

Q5) What is your favourite film?

A) Ooh, I have lots but realistically the one I go back to time and time again to cheer me up is.
'The Devil Wears Prada'.

Q6) Who is your fictional heroine & why?

A) Carrie Bradshaw. Because she's in love with the city!

Q7) If you could only take one beauty product to a desert island, what would it be?

A)Sunscreen, practically. Unrealistically definitely MAC 'Zoom Lash' black mascara.

Q8) What job do you have in mind?

A) Well, firstly I hope to go to university to study English Literature & Journalism combined (hopefully at Northumbria!) and hopefully, although many other paths may lead the way I would like to get in to editorial work either in online media, in magazines, newspapers or for a broadcasting association. Definitely something journalism based. But my ultimate dream job is to be a novelist and have my work published.

Q9) What is your favorite foundation?

A) MAC 'Studio Fix Fluid' in NW20. & Boujois 'Healthy Mix' in 53

Q10) Do you consider yourself a 'Beauty Guru'?

A) Ooh gosh nooooo, definitely not a guru.

Q11) What is your favourite colour

A) LEOPARD PRINT! Ha ha, just kidding; it's purple!

Q12) You say you like to read, what is your favourite book?

A) I LOVE to read, I couldn't possible chose one (like choosing your favourite song) at the moment i'm reading 'The Life And The Legend - Coco Chanel' by Justine Picardie and it's blooming brilliant. I'm really loving it.

Q13) Can you drive? Do you have a car?

A) Yes I can. I drive a baby blue Fiat called Poppy!

Q14) Do you have a boyfriend?

A) As my friend Tyler tells me, I am single and fabulous. ;)

Q15) What is your favourite food?

A) Medium chicken pitta with cheese, chips and peri peri salt. With some creamy salad dressing over it from Nando's! YUM YUM YUM! Also, any greek cuisine. I adore greek food! *I'm hungry now!*

- And that's all the questions I received :) If you would like to ask anything else, feel free and I will definitely be doing another one of these posts again soon!

I hope you enjoyed this everyone and have learnt something about me!

Lots'a love!
Holl x


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