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Hi. How is everyone? I have been pottering around doing some re decorating. Do you like it? I get really fed up of seeing the same thing every day, so every now and again I like to have a little re decorating spree, the only down side is that it takes blummin' ages! I hope you like it!

- Okay, so this week I was very excited to be asked to play makeup artist for an evening. On Saturday night it was my bosses, daughters 'After Exam prom' type thing and I was very privileged to be asked if I would like to do Kirina's makeup!

After years (well, since I was about 13 and first starting taking notice of makeup products) of hoarding, collecting and swapping I think that my makeup collection ranges quite broadly. I have products for creative looks, products for everyday looks and a whole load of bits and bats inbetween. But having stuck to using my old favorites religiously I was out of the basics such as Bronzer and pressed powder etc!

So my mum and I decided to have a little spree picking up various things I would need for Kirna's makeup.

Now, some people may judge me for this, some may agree but I am a total fan of discount, beauty and makeup stores such as Xtra's and 'The Look'. It's like a sweet shop in there what, with all the stuff they have! And I am NOT a fan of spending money I simply don't have on products from MAC, Bobbi Brown and NARS etc. I buy my staple foundation from MAC and only ever have or buy things from there when I have birthday money or somebody buys me it. Of course, I agree that it is great quality but I have a weekend job earning under £30 pounds a week. I can't afford to spend over a tenner on ONE product.

Sooo....I went to 'The Look' and got a dozen things for £10.

It makes sense to me to be 'makeup savvy'.

I firstly needed a few new brushes, I always bought the cheapy ones from Superdrug and with extensive washing and use, the brush head always fell off when the glue holding it to the barrel of the brush fell off haha.


I totally agree with the fact quality brushes will do a better job, so off I popped to find some decent tools!

The face brushes that I needed were a new blusher brush, a duo fibre stippling brush for mineralised powders, loose powders and for buffing in liquid foundations and a concealer brush


-I found this budget duo fibre brush in Boots, it is by QVS and was around £8.
I also bought a SUPER soft blusher brush from 'The Bodyshop' for £14, the concealer brush is also from 'The Bodyshop' and because I bought two things from the store I got a free mascara! Yay!!

I then needed a couple of eye shadow brushes. The first I bought from 'No.7' and it is the blend and contour brush, perfect for work in the socket line and for blending out dark, matte colours.


Secondly, I bought , also from Boots this 'Eco Tools' pencil brush with a handy eyeliner sharpener on the end. I wanted this for placing colour underneath the lower lashline.

- I then trotted down to 'The Look' which if you live in Wakefield, is in the bottom of The Ridings Centre on the lower mall. I really, really do love this shop it has a wide range of popular and unknown brands selling crazy cheap! - My kinda store!

Now, Kirina and I had already discussed that we were going to go for a smokey, blue and copper eye as her beautiful dress was those colours. Although I have a million neutral pallets, I wanted another sneaky one for myself.


I picked up this one for a mere £2.00 from the W7 brand. The colours are perfect for me and the gold colour on the far right was ideal for Kirnas eye makeup!


Other stuff that I threw into my shopping basket....

Cheapy Cheapster Pressed Powder

W7 Matte Bronzer

Prime Time Primer, Bodycare

Bodyshop 'Super volume' mascara, this came free when I bought two products from the Bodyshop. I have yet to try it! :)

Maybelline 'Fit Me' Foundation.

I haven't been able to upload any pictures of Kirinas makeup as my camera SD card has snapped in two after a night out :( But she looked truley gorgeous! I think I did a good job!
Anyhow, my boss, Andrea treated me to this Bobbi Brown eyeshadow as a thankyou.


It's a gorgeous shimmery peachy, pinky colour with red and brown undertones. It looks gorgeous on my blue eyes! I was so greatful! Thankyou so much Andrea if your reading!

I will be posting more about my week in this weeks 'Chronicle' so watch out for that, I was debating uploading a vlog about my trip to Newcastle for my blog only, what did you think to that idea?

Love to all!



  1. Lovely haul :D Such a shame about your memory card :( Keep on posting - your blog is amazing :D Reviews on some of the products please if possible


  2. Love the makeup brushes they look really high quality :) check out my blog :) - your blog is great too!

  3. i agree with you! if you can get things for less, why not?! everything you got looks like very good quality-those brushes look amazing! :)

  4. I agree about the brushes - ELF Studio line's brushes are pretty good quality though and around 3.50 each! Maybe you could check out them :)

    i'm such a bargain hunter/money savvy beauty addict so I'm happy to be following you on YT as well as here to see your reviews/opinions on products that are actually affordable.

    xxx Kat

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