Monday, 25 July 2011

New discoveries, New plans.

It's a nice day, For doing something different

- I love finding versatile products. I really do hate sticking to the same routines with the same product.
Who cares if you're wearing an eyeshadow as a blush? Or a cream blush as a lipgloss? I don't. And that is exactly why I was excited when I was introduced to;

- Bobbi Brown's 'eyeshadow' in 'Rose Gold'.


I was bought this lustrous, beautiful colour by my boss Andrea as a present for applying her daughters prom makeup.
I don't think I would ever buy this colour off my own back, simply because I would just see it as a shade for a neutral eye and you guys know, i'm not one to sport that classic Bobbi Brown look.


As a fan of the bright green, peacock, turquoise and blue eyeshadows I can safely say I am 100% converted.

Not only do I LOVE wearing this shimmery pinky, gold on my eyes.
It looks AMAZING on the cheeks.

....Remember I said 'pinky gold'?


I applied this over my foundation (MAC NW25) and brushed it onto my cheekbones.
The result was fabulous. I had an instant pinky tone like a blusher, an instant bronze tone like a bronzer and an instant shimmer in place of a highlighter.

It DEFINITELY saved me the seven or eight minutes i'd spend on those things.


I know it's kind of unclear of the effect on this picture, but the highlight certainly shows up! *Pleaaasee excuse how shoddy I look this was taken tonight after a looong day at work!*

- I also called at Superdrug this weekend in search of new nail varnishes.

I picked up three from 'BeautyUk'. Now, I love the method behind this brand. Everything is cheap as chips individually but you can also purchase three things for £4.99.
After countless minutes umming an arring I picked up.


- Peach Melba. (Err, does anybody know of another brand with the same colour, and the same name but for almost double the price Hmmm...)


I loved this girly, peachy pastel shade and I thought it looked all pretty with my cocktail ring I haven't worn for ageeeeeees from an antique store in America.


Inkeeping with the 3 for £4.99 deal I picked up a clear and this gorgeous bronzey shade called 'Warm Chestnut'.


I'm really into metallic shades at the moment and this looks gorgeous with a tan. I'm currently wearing it on my toes. (But, nobody wants to see a streaky fake taned yucky foot pic eh)

- Finally if you follow me on Twitter (@gollymshollie) you'll know that as of tomorrow I will be away at a summer school for Journalism. I'm really excited about it and luckily for me somebody that I know is going also. *Hi Ly!* :)
Hopefully, we will be roomies!

- Everything, all packed up :-)

We will be staying there for 3 days in the University halls and getting a taste of journalism at undergraduate level. What's really sweet is there will be a mini graduation at the end of it for us! Rumour has it there's some tai chi lessons thrown in too????

So obviously I will be away from my blog for a couple of days HOWEVER,

Would any of you guys be interested in me vlogging or blogvlogging as much as I can? I'm not sure how much I will be able to film but if you want me to I will!? :)

Lot'sa love,



  1. Ooh the bobbi brown eyeshadow looks lovely as a highlighter/bronzer/blush! Hope you have a great time at your journalism course :) x

  2. Have a really good time Hollie! I hope you love it. :)I wwould love seeing some vlogging :D xxx

  3. Thankyou sooo much!! :-) I hope it's as good as it looks! <3 xx

  4. That Bobbi Brown eyeshadow works so well as a highlighter/bronzer/blush! Love the pinky nail polish :) such a pretty colour!

    Hope you have a great time xx

  5. That looks fab on you! The nails are gorgeous too have a fab holiday love :)


  6. This is gorgeous and you get a blush for the price of a shadow so its a win win x

  7. This product looks great! The colour is gorgeous! Love reading your blog, deffo one of my favourites! Hope your having a lovely time at uni x

  8. LOVE the blog! it is so interesting and inspirational, good job with the posts! i look forward to reading even more! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love for you to tell me your opinions on it! it would really mean a lot! :)

    follow me?


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