Thursday, 14 July 2011

One Hot Buy

I want your
Leather studded kiss in the sand.

Today was a day for shopping. My Stanford Blatch and I decided we would pay a visit to a local Outlet centre to buy all our camping things for Leeds Festival.

The sun was absolutely gorgeous this morning and if you saw my twicpic from earlier via my Twitter ( @gollymshollie ) I was certainly dressed for a warmer day.
Incase you miss it, here it is.


Black bodycon skirt - £6.99 - TK Maxx

Love heart, sheer blouse - £8 - Primark (with a little black vest underneath also from Primark

Skinny brown waist belt - £3 - Primark

I was very inspired to wear alot of black by (yes you'll probably have guessed) Kim, Khloe, Kris & Kourtney Kardashian. I was watching 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' last night and the girls looked gorgeous with their black clothes, black nails and smokey eyes.
I've always loved black against an olivey tan, a very Mediterranean look. After whipping out my St Moriz. I too was sporting the look.

So we got all sorted with our Tent x2 (one smaller one for all our clothes, food and ofcourse BEER haha!) our sleeping bags, sleeping mats, water bottles, rucksacks etc etc. And I decided I wanted to pay a visit to a shop I haven't been in to in AGES!
And it's actually one of my favourites.


I absolutely love the grungey / All Saint's-esc clothes they have in there, and even better there was a huge sale!!!

After picking up a million things and looking at my credit card. I decided I couldn't impulse buy and end up feeling uber guilty all day. I was busy scanning the shop when a very gorgeous, moody looking bag was sat looking at me on the top of a very high shelf. :(

At a mere five foot 3 I had to get Stanford to reach it down for me.

It was love. AND it had a sale tag on it! Woo.

After picking it up and putting it down a million times I bought it for £12 00


It should have been £60.00 and it was reduced to £40.00 then reduced further to £20.00 and finally to the £12 00 I bought it for. I was soo pleased, it was just meant to me and even better it was very inkeeping with my 'dark & mysterious' look that I was going for.

It is real leather and is completely on trend with the studded real leather and fringing.


It's a perfect 'inbetweeny' bag. Not too large as an everyday shopper for all your tittle tattle in and not too small to only fit your phone, keys and purse in.


I love the fact it can be worn over the shoulder with the detachable main strap or worn over the shoulder with the short strap.


It's also really spacious inside and has an extra pocket on the outside for things you don't want to go rooting for.


Love, Holl x


  1. ohmygosh i first read that as £1200 haha i didn't notice the dot haha! The bag is gorgeous! xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Love,love,love the bag hollie! Ahh I'm going to reading fest this year!

  4. Hehe, I was the same as Hayley - "£1200?! That's not a bargain!!" :P lol. Love it though, and you look fab! :) xoxo

  5. The bag is gorgeous im mega jealous! Love your Youtube videos btw!:) xx

  6. O M G that bag is insane!!!! i gotta have it xx

  7. Love the outfit and the bag... what a bargain!! I want that bag too lol.


  8. that bag is gorgeous, lucky you! :D xx

  9. aw you look stunning in your picture! I wish I could pull of black but it's always been something I've shyed away from


  10. Had a giggle when you mentioned being inspired by the Kardashians, they've been influencing quite a few of my purchases recently :)
    That bag's a bargain! It's a lovely bag too.


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