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My hair

I have always loved how a new hair style or colour makes me feel rejuvenated.
It's strange but I feel like a completely different person when I'm sporting a new do.
I don't know about you, but whenever a relationship comes to an end or something in my life changes the first thing I want to do is become somebody physically different and chop, razor and colour!

It is so lovely to receive a lot of compliments in regards to my current hair colour and I often get asked what other colours I have tried in the past and what colours I think suit me best. The same goes for my cut. (Or lack of at the moment.)

Hair style and colour both play an important part in our physical identity and I always feel that choosing the right shade to complement your complexion is vital. I have chosen some pretty risque shades against my naturally very pale skin tone.

The most exciting thing I do with my hair these days is chopping in a blunt, full fringe in the winter time.

So without further ado, lets whiz back almost eighteen years.


- Here I am at around two years old. (I had just started to find my feet) My hair here is a light, golden brown colour but it darkened substantially as I grew up. My virginal hair is probably in the best condition here it will ever be and ever has been! My mum always styled my hair in little sticky out bunches or sometimes with one pineapple on top of my head.


- This picture was taken in my first year of private nursery. The leopard print loving had already began! I was probably about three here and as you can see my hair has gotten alot darker! My favorite fairy story was always Rapunzel and after seeing Crystal Gayle (an American country and western singer) on Oprah I just knew I wanted extra long 'princessy' locks. The dodgy fringe was my mums doing!


- AND THE BUNCHES ARE BACK haha. This is probably the longest my hair ever got. It is naturally poker straight and not very thick at all. The summer sun had lightened it up considerably and the dodgey fringe is still in to. I would give anything to have this legnth back. :( My hair is starting to thicken up aswell. I remember the hours it took to care for this long hair though, drying it took 40 minutes alone! It began to all get a little tiring, every other night!

Sooo.... I went for the chop.


- This picture was taken the day before I started high school. I wanted to look all grown up rather than a Rapunzel princess. I can remember going to the salon to lop my locks off and my mum told me I would regret it. I didn't so much then, but now! This was also the first time my hair had ever seen a pair of GHD's.


- On my 13th Birthday my hair was growing out again, however I had taken it upon myself that brassy, copper highlights were the way forward in being a teenager. Not a good look Holl.

I then went through a 'gothic' stage where jet black hair was my preference. I can't find a picture of that stage but as you can imagine I look HORRID! The black completely washed me out and it just wasn't a great look. My cut was still the same as before.


- At 14, after being a 'goth' the whole way through lower school. Upper high school was the time for 'pop and crisps' nights at a nightclub called Foundation, sitting on the field with cider, listening to MC Smalley 'Roll The Dice' (just YouTube that song yes, I knew ALL the words ) and generally being quite chavvy. YUCK. So what did I do? Bleached two streaks at either side of my head and sported the 'skunk' look!
This totally buggered my hair up and foreshadowed a series of horrible hair issues.


- After that I decided that going back dark haired was the way to go! Oh that and to slap in some disgusting, ratty extensions that didn't even match. You can see where I dyed over the blonde with a dark brown and it went green! HORRIBLE!!!!!!

There was only one thing to do....go for the chop, AGAIN!


- I look back on this picture and think "WHAT ON EARTH?!" seriously, I was trying to attain a Sarah Harding look but it just did NOT suit me! For some odd reason I asked for one side longer than the other? The back of my hair was so so SO short and just made my already round face look rounder!!! I hate this hair cut with a passion.

So, I dyed it a bright two tonal red. To look 'edgy' errr...


- I cringe at this too! NEVER EVER AGAIN!


- Then I grew it into the proper Sarah Harding style, dyed it my all time favourite plum red and I actually started to love it.


- The red faded out to a ginger, brown. I don't actually mind this colour but the style is still way too short. It was then time to grow it all out! Style & cut!


- This is the crop growing out and coloured back to it's natural colour.


It is since then that I have just left my hair to grow. I kept it brunette up until my year 11 prom (as I wanted to look natural and 'me' for it) It was only in July last year that I decided that a gorgeous plum hue would complement my hair as it grew out. I'm trying to maintain healthy hair and grow it long so I can style it. I pledge that I will NEVER EVER cut it all off again! EVER. FACT.

And here we are now, my hair in past 12 months. I've flitted between full fringes and such but it's basically been kept the same. And i'm happy with it.




Love, Holl x


  1. oh my god you have had a lot of hairstyles haha!! xx

  2. I really enjoyed this post. You've had a lot of different looks. I have to say I'm kinda jealous at how versatile your hair is; being naturally curly I have two looks: straight after 4 hours of ghd and wavy at the slightest drop of rain or natural...and that's pretty much been my choices all my life haha xxxx


  3. I love your hair the color you have it. Not many people can pull that color off, but it really suits you!

  4. You look amazing with the short hair wearing the stripe top xx

  5. I love, love, love this! SUCH a cute idea for a post. Makes me want to dig out my own cringe-worthy hair photos!


  6. I love your hair, especially when it's a plumy red colour! Could you tell me what dye you used because I really want to dye me hair that colour. I went semi-permanent purple last summer as my way of 'rebelling' but it washed out in time for school. Phewf, since I'm not sure how well it suited me!

    Sorry for looking like a right stalker and commenting on an old post!

    ~Hannah xx

    1. The plum colour is Lo'real and it's called plum :) x


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