Sunday, 31 July 2011

This may come as a complete shock!

From fake tan FAN to
Fake Tan BAN


- Anybody who knows me personally, who watches me on YouTube or reads this blog, will already be extremely aware that I LOVE sporting fake tan to produce an olivey, sunkissed skintone.
In comparison to my natural, milky / bluey white skin, the 'latino look' was always going to be a winner. Fake tan is a completely safe way of tanning aside using the sunbeds which for somebody as naturally as pale as me is always going to be a no no.

With my naturally almost black hair and greeny eyes, although completely freckle-less, I have that reflective white skin tone that barely tans on holiday, I come home two weeks later as white as I did when I left. Either that, or burnt to a crisp and bright red. In all honesty I put my skin through hell when I go on holiday just so I can endeavor to be a Mediterranean princess.

I have been using fake tan religiously for about a year now however, in recent months it has started to take over my life.


seriously it has.

You guys know that I am an avid 'St Moriz' user. Although it is very drying on the skin, I love the colour, I love the application, more importantly I love the price.

Most 'normal' people apply fake tan, once a week, every couple of days or only if they are going out.
In recent weeks it has gotten to the point whereby I am applying it four/five times a day EVERYDAY, 7 days a week to achieve the 'Kim Kardashian-esc' skintone. Oblivious as I was, this was NOT the case.

Instead my family were in despair about the fact I looked 'dirty' because I never had time between the 5 or 6 applications to let it develop ready to be washed off. My dad especially was annoyed that the door handles would be smeared with an orangey residue, the bathroom towels and my cream bedding were bright orange, and it had soaked in all over the bathroom PARTICULAR the white loo seat!!!

My obsession was that ridiculous, I would get annoyed if one of my friends asked me to go somewhere and I hadn't fake tanned. I didn't feel my best if I wasn't tanned. I felt unconfident pale and I had to be glowing what I thought was olive, rather it was orange in order to feel confident. Weirdly, I felt older the more tanned I was


I looked at myself in the mirror whilst lathering on another smearing of St Moriz and I realized that I no longer looked 'sunkissed' and natural I looked MINGING. Although I always carry out the relgious routine of;






I looked down at my feet. *yes all feet are disgusting ESPECIALLY mine ;) I wouldn't normally show you then but for the purpose of the post it adds to dramatic efftec ;) *


I looked at my wrists.


I looked at my arms.


and what really scared me was when I had gotten out of the bath..... *screaach*


Not attractive in the slightest! I knew that this was a ridiculous vicious circle I had gotten into. I didn't need to look so orange and mingy!

It was time to re-evaluate!

As difficult it is to a tanning junkie like myself, I have now decided that I will only St Moriz ONCE a week. In the mean time I will use a gradual tanning moisturiser. (Yes I am totally willing to smell like a wet biscuit.)

I have chosen two that I have previously used and already know that I love.
The first is Palmers, Cocoa butter 'natural bronze' (smells lush!)


The second is Garnier 'Summerbody' which smells all fruity. :) - I know some people on Twitter have complained that this gradual tanner brings them out in an itchy rash, for me, this has never happened so I will continue to use it anyway.


So it's cheers to a new outlook on fake tanning! I hope I never go back to my desperate ways! I'm not a natural latino, but I look even less like one as an orange 'Wotsit'

I hope I start to get my skintone confidence back as I can't change it. There is absolutely no point hammering the UVB AND UVA rays or spending hundreds of pounds on various fake tans. I might aswell just embrace the fact I am naturally pale and to look sunkissed doesn't mean I have to be BRIGHT ORANGE.

Love, Holl xo



  1. GO holly! i know how you feel though cause im extremely pale aswell to the point where i cant even get foundation to match so always need some tan on!! i love my st moritz but only do it like every three/4 days but purely cause im lazy, haha! I love the palmers though :) it smells so nice!! xx

  2. I will try and cut down :) hahaha! what others do you use ?? xx

  3. OMG! Defnately a bad cycle you got yourself into - embrace your paleness! I am the same as Eleanor I struggle to find foundations light enough so just go for a hint of glow.

    You look gorgeous with or without tan!

    Lilley xx

  4. I got exactly the same as you, I was patchy and looked filthy, all my clothes were getting stained and it took over my life making sure I looked healthy and glowing (when I actually I looked like I hadn't washed in days)

    I've cut to 2 St Motitz applications a week and my Garnier every other day, but I quite like the sound of the Palmers, do you rate it more than Garnier?

    You'll look lovely with or without a tan :)


  5. I used to love St Moriz but it really is SO drying - you should try the Superdrug own band mousse, and the Sunkissed fake tan mousse - both as cheap as St Moriz but I find they don't dry my skin out at all - no more nasty wrists and scaly stomach! xx

  6. Wow that is a lot of tan!

    Once a week plus gradual is a very good idea! Better to be glowing than tangoed!


  7. i'm the same as you holly! although i dont apply it 4-5 times a day lols but i love having fake tan on. it would be great to see a post of you in a few weeks seeing what your tan is like then!

  8. proud of you! its easy to get into a routine and forget to step back and see what your actually doing/what colour you are. it took me a mac appointment and the makeup artist literally calling me orange to truly understand my foundation and bronzer was far too much for my skin tone. so here is to toning it down!xx

  9. Hi girls! Thankyou so much for ALL your amazing comments and feedback!! It is so lovely to read!
    I have definitely turned over a new leaf!
    The palmers tan is great Emma I rate it more than the garnier it takes less time to soak in!
    Will definitely try superdrug own brand tan too!
    Thankyou again xxxxx

  10. wow you must have gone through a lot of tan :0 I love gradual tanner especially the johnstons one it gives such a nice natural looking colour and it smells alright too :D

  11. I did this too when I first discovered self tanner, I started with graduals, then St.Tropez, then Fake Bake extreme.. I applied it every other day and would get stressed out and annoyed if I was asked to go out without my tan on. I got called orange a billion times by randomers, then one day looked at a photo of myself and I was prtty much black. x

  12. Oh I know exactly how you feel, I am a total tanorexix too. Being pale makes me feel like you, having a tan is a confidence booster. Luckily I tan in the sun as I have a olive skin tone, but I'm taking to the extreme, whenever the sun is out I'm there and I also sometimes very rarely visit sunbeds which is very naughty. Well done you for deciding to lower the fake tan, I'm sure you'll still look gorgeous. Just moisturise every day and I'm sure your tan will keep :) x

  13. I think there's something about blogging that has you always re-evaluating your life and trying to better yourself. And of course if we didn't have friends and family to help point out our flaws we wouldn't even realise. It's great that you've started on the path to recovery (lordy that sounded terribly cheesy) but I'm sure you'll be muhc much happier in the long run and finally being happy in your own skin (quite literally haha)

  14. Corrie you are SO lucky babe im SO jealous of your skintone!!!
    thankyou Sarah its a new start :D xxx


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