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Wise old bird!

Festival Fever!
The smart girls guide to surviving mud, wee and wild times.


- As festival season is in full swing, with Glastonbury behind us and Reading & Leeds just around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to share some of my festival survival tips and tricks with you guys, whether your a first timer or an old veteran 200 smackers to sit in mud, get crushed to death and your clothes ripped off you in mosh pits, to have to use the most horrid toilets ever with other peoples crap sprawled around the cubicle, to get wee thrown on you and generally smell for three days is a lot for most people to take in.

I went to my first festival (Leeds festival) when I was 16, as a doe eyed, naive young'un. And unfortunately I didn't have the best experience, perhaps I was too young I don't know but I learnt alot through going and sticking it out for the whole weekend.


I would say my most important piece of festival advice I can give you, is probably what most of you guys already know and don't think twice about.

Know who you are going with!

Heres where I went wrong.
I went to Leeds festival with people who were not really my friends (my friends were not that bothered about going at this point due to the sheer cost of it!) They were mostly guys and I have never felt so lonely in my entire life. I barely knew anybody we were camping with, I couldn't turn to them for advice, I couldn't be my self and worst of all, nobody gave a crap where I was, what I was doing or who I was with. I seeked refuge with some other people who had joined the 20 people + group who were also outsiders. Without those people I would have left in the first day.

Honestly guys, GO WITH YOUR FRIENDS. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a crazy wild festival on your own.

- Me with a lovely girlie I met at Marina & The Diamonds! We were right at the front and like me, she was (8) feeling like a loser (8) *sorry ha ha! but we WERE talking about Marina & The Diamonds. -

Hand on heart, I have never been so scared. I rang my dad twice from some guy I met at "The Libertines'" phone. I worried my parents sick because I was ringing crying and upset and lost and they couldn't help me because they couldn't contact me.
It makes me shiver thinking back to those horrible three days, Don't get me wrong some of it was really good, but I spent 90% of the time on my own, watching bands on my own and wandering around trying to meet new people. Which I did, but it wasn't right, I should have been there with my friends, getting drunk and enjoying it!

Compromise, watch a band you aren't that bothered about if your friend is bothered! They'll do the same for you! That way you don't get lost and always have somebody by your side.


Seriously guys, take a phone, take four and turn them all off! YOU NEED TO STAY IN CONTACT WITH PEOPLE. You can very easily get lost and broken up from the group all the time! Take an old phone you wouldn't mind losing and have everybody you are with's numbers in it!

- Welcome to Camp ;) -

What essentials to pack!? Apart from the obvious A TENT and some groovy WELLIES!


HOODIES The most important thing! You may have visions of wearing your daisy dukes and a bikini top all day but we are England and the chances are, it will rain or be cold! I was lucky with the weather last year, it didn't rain once! But on a night time jeeee's it is absolutely BLOODY FREEZING!!! Wear your hoodies!!!!!!!

BIN BAGS - Sounds silly, but who can be bothered carrying everything neatly packed away in a rucksack home after you've been awake for 3 days? Shove it all in a bin bag and helps you if your stuff gets wet.

TOILET ROLL - Self Explanatory


STOGEY FOOD - Yeah, you can't fool me you'll all be hammered in the first hour, I was.I took bread and biscuits and stuff that stogey to help me come round again, you don't drink hardly ANY water at festivals because;
a) you don't want to be weeing all the time, having to get lost in the crowd to find the portaloo's


b) Your likely to be drinking cider instead!

which leads me niclely onto

VASELINE - Outdoors all day? all night? errr CHAPPED LIPS AHOY! I didn't last time and my lips were SO SO SO SO SO SO SO dry and sore it was horrible!

Take as much food as you can, the stands are soooo expensive!!!!! Granted, theres so much choice but they are pricey!!! You would have to take at least £300 to only eat from burger vans and stuff. But take my word for it when you just wake up from being on the ground all night, drunk and feeling rougher than a donkeys backside the bacon sarnis are soooooo worth the price!


DRY SHAMPOO - Keeps us ladies looking marginally presentable! Ditch the makeup though, you don't need it and it's more to carry!

WET WIPES - You need a rub down at some point, I didn't think I would smell. I did. Of burning (from the camp fire) of wee (I got it poured on me whilst watching Guns 'n' Roses' of sweat *yes euw!* from the sweaty, indoor NME stage at Pendulum!
*how I survived that, i'll never know!*

SOMETHING WITH ZIPPY POCKETS - Everything gets left in your tent, take you important stuff with you i.e money, old phone etc etc. When your thrashing around, jumping, going wild you want to keep your stuff

How much money to actually take? I took £100 I was ONLY JUST comfortable and I took a lot of my own foodies! Just be aware they charge you £1 for hot water, for Pot Noodles. GRRRRRRRRR


BUY A SHUTTLE PASS RETURN - With this you know you will get there and get home whenever you want to! The shuttles run every half an hour back to Leeds city centre for Leeds festival.

Don't forget disposable cameras! I took waaay more pictures than this but on the last day everyone sets fire to their tents (totally be aware of that!!) and most of my cameras got burnt :( *sob*

TOWEL - always handy!

MOISTURISER - Something disgusting happened to my feet when I was there (They wern't in very good condition after the week before i'd been into town with dangerously high heeled shoes on that gave me HORRID blisters) but because my feeties were inside my thick socks all day not getting any air, they became weirdly wet ??? and like the skin started coming off and they were so sore I couldnt walk it was HORRIBLE my feet were in so much pain, the skin was so tight on the sole of my foot and weird, so after 2 days off came the wellie and i put some cream on them, they soon got better. No idea what had happened to them but the pain OOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!

- Oh Dear! -

- There may have been a few shitty times when I first went to a festival but it hasn't stopped me going again this year! WITH my friends, whatever happens I know Ben will stay by my side! We have two tents and everything bought and sorted
This year I am actually looking forward to it because I know exactly what not and what to do to be safe!

So buy a crazy hat like I did and have a bloody good time There is honestly nothing more satisfying than going back to school or college to show off your little wrist band to say you've done it!!

Oh and be careful what pictures you show your 'rents when you come back,
I stupidly told my mum to pick up my snaps, and she found this on top. :| Needless to say she wasn't happy! Even though it's unlit and I protested was doing it for 'festival effect'!

Are you guys going to or have been to any festivals this year?
What were your experiences, bad? good?

Love, Holl xx



  1. This post is so good, really gives you an insight to what to do and what not to do. Love it!!
    much love xo

  2. ah I really needed to read this!! I'm going to my first festival in August (V) and I'm sooo excited but really dont know what to expect!! This has helped a lot so THANK YOU!!
    Sam xx

  3. awwwh im so jealous wish i was off to V!!!!!! have a fab time honey xxx

  4. Definitely loosing my Festival viginity in August. So scared though! It helped a lot, thank you!xx


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