Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Chronicle

..gotta have a little rain
to make a rainbow

- I'm back with another 'Chronicle' post. For those of you who haven't seen this kind of post before, it is basically a reoccurring feature of my blog that isn't necessarily 100% beauty or fashion related, whereby you can get to know me a little better through things I'm thinking about, wishing for and such. Sometimes it includes pictures of my week and pictures that inspire me and answers to questions I have been asked via twitter or on YouTube etc etc. :)


Incredibly, a year has passed me by. This time last year I had just arrived home from Leeds Festival 2010 and in two days time I would be starting a completely new college and embarking on my first year of A level. Scary stuff knowing a whole twelve months has whizzed passed me and how much things have changed.

In that time i've been dumped on Valentines day (yes, we all remember that ha ha), passed my driving test first time after being told I was the worst driver there ever was, passed my AS levels with grades that certainly made me proud, made some fabulous new friends and kickstarted 'Good Golly Miss Hollie' - An achievement I will always give myself a pat on the back for because as cheesy as it sounds, it changed my life. :)

....After posting my reminiscent 'Festival Survival Guide' earlier this month a lot of my Twittery friends wanted to know how I got on this year after such a lonley time last year. I have to say, the bands were far worse this year and the overall time I had was different. I know it was nicer camping with my best friend, meeting new, crazy friends and finding my old friends but something about it just felt, different.

It rained. A lot.


The entire field was sludgey and sticky. It was raining and it was freezing cold.
Good old British summertime eh?


Ed Sheeran was AMAZING live. DEFINITELY check him out below playing my favorite song ever 'The A Team' It was so crazy, as soon as he started singing it I burst into immediate tears! It was a very strange experience. I said to my Stanford Blatch ( my lovely Ben) that when I heard this song I would know what to do about a particular situation about somebody. And I cried. I didn't get many answers.

Madness were fabulous too, as were The Pigeon Detectives, ('Everybody want's me' has always been a song I have had a soft spot for )


Seasick Steve has also become a new addition to my iTunes collection, Two Door Cinema Club, Noah & The Whale, Muse, and sooo many more amazing bands played fabulously live.


At nighttime we all got horrendously drunk on warm, flat cider. euw and ended up at the silent rave. One night there was a 'Holby City' remix playing on channel 1, everyone else was singing along on channel 2 to 'Mr Brightside' and my friend and I were just acting about to this random Holby City song. :)


I even ended up telling people I was from Glasgow in a Scottish accent and even stupidly went up to a burger van asking if they made 'Premium Hagis Burgers'


Fun and games aside
I also managed to do some shopping! Woo Hoo!

At Festivals, you HAVE to go shopping for a silly hat!
Here is last years (L) and this years (R)
I also invested in a waterproof smock (attractive), Hawaiian skirts and flower boas, about 635 billion bottles of ridiculously priced bottles of water



100% Real leather dark brown jacket from the Oxfam tent. The price. A tenner!!!!


I literally couldn't believe what I was seeing a real leather jacket, the perfect fit for me and the perfect 'Blazer-Mack' style. It was just meant to be.


I knew I wanted a new leather, preferably brown jacket for the autumn and I knew the Oxfam tent at Leeds Festival has some amazing bargains. You are not kidding!


I love it soooo much and it smells divine!

I have had SUCH a great weekend! I even went on a date yesterday! Ooh aren't I becoming adventurous hehe.

Holl xo

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Good Golly! It's A Giveaway

A Wise Old

- "Twit Twoo" Everyone! (Please forgive me for that silly impression of an owls hoot)

It is safe to say that I am not only very excited but also rather pleased to be hosting my very first giveaway!

Yeah but what about all that owl business?.....

A couple of months ago I posted a TAG regarding my jewellery collection.
A fair few readers spotted a few items sporting a rather wise looking owl and commented on how cute they thought the little fellas were.

Through this, it is evident that I love owl jewellery.
Not only are the pieces completely on trend for that 'vintage' feel but owl faces also look adorable to wear on as pendant on chain, as earring studs and as rings.

And, for those reasons above,
I have gone and chosen an owl pendant necklace as my giveaway prize.

And here he is.


Frooly is a great place to find something a little bit different for any occasion. It is a market place for independent retailers and small businesses to showcase their products whether they be arts and crafts, clothing items, jewellery or accessories.


Frooly let me pick an item of my choice from the vast array of various little online shops for one of my readers to win.
As an owl jewellery lover, this piece from a little shop called 'DaniJewellery' really stood out to me.
The necklace is handmade and the pendant is held on a 24" antique, gold chain with a clasp making it feel like a true vintage piece.


All you have to do to win this little chap is comment below telling me what your favorite piece of jewelry is and why it is so special to you.

To win, you must be a 'Good Golly Miss Hollie' follower.
Frooly currently only has UK business so unfortunately it is UK only entries.

So that I can contact you to attain your postal address, within your comment please leave your email address or twitter name.
that would be blinking fabulous!
Please remember I will be passing on your address to Frooly so that they can send you your lovely prize!

The giveaway ends on the 1st September!

Happy Commenting!


Friday, 12 August 2011

Fashion Buys

Shopping delights that were
just meant to be.

- As unplanned and impromptu as it were.
Today has been one of those days that just 'gelled' together. This morning I had a nerve conduction test at the hospital. *boo* where a nice foreign lady questioned the skin pigmentation around my wrists.

"Do you suffer from any acute pigmentation problems?"

I shook my head and the lady looked puzzled.

"Ohhh, no it's fake tan." I shot back with.

She continued to look puzzled throughout the entire treatment. - I think the strangest moment was warming my sweaty hands up in a bowl for five minutes because they wasn't 'warm' enough to carry out the procedure.

Onward and upwards!

My mum treated me to a yummy hot chocolate afterwards. A "nip into town" turned into a full blown shopping fest! It's ace when my mum and I get to spend some time together. She's really fussy about spending money on a whim, but as the lucky buggers holiday is coming up, she couldn't resist a gander.

- I have been on the look out for some winter boots. Yes. Winter. My FAVOURITE season, no really, I love winter. Bonfire night, my birthday, Halloween, Christmas! It's the best. And as last years boots rotted to the sole I needed to invest in some new ones.

I had scouted some in TK Maxx earlier this week, but after seeing the £60 price tag and a festival coming up to save for. I just couldn't. So when I returned with mummy dear in tow, she said she'd go halves on them.


About two years ago I saw this picture of Vanessa Hudgens sporting some rather lovely, over the knee boots. And I fell in love with them. I could never find a match for them anywhere. So begrudgingly I forgot about them.


And as people tell me that I am vertically challenged (well, not really but at 5 ft 3, i'm not the tallest of the bunch)I figured over the knee boots were a total no, no.

UNTIL TK Maxx, once again, did not let me down.

Hello new boots.


They are made by Wrangler and would have cost £119.99 YUCK. However, I bought them for £60 (£30 with my mums half chipped in) Not bad, not bad. The sole is nice and durable and better still, they are a match for Vanessa's.


They have buckle detailing on them and lovely scooped 'V' backs.


can be worn rolled down just like Vanessa has been photographed wearing them.


It was then that we skipped off to Debenhams and came across a 'buy one get one free' rack filled to the brim with Jasper Conran gear. This couldn't be right!? Surely.

I have also been on the scout for a new blazer, a typical staple item that everyone must own. I originally wanted a black one. But my whole wardrobe is filled with black garments. So I opted for a white one that I had seen in the Wallis sale, (yes I know, Wallis, middle aged mothers store) however it was TOO white, and before long with me as it's owner would have stained orange armpits so I had to put it back. I then found a slightly less white blazer on the Jasper Conran rail that would wear alot slower and felt as though it was made to a high quality standard. I walked around the store with it in my hand. There was something about it.

My mum however, had found a beautiful purple maxi dress for her holiday surprisingly on the Jasper Conran 'amazingly, unbelievable rail' . As I said earlier today things seemed to click into place. She tried it on and it was literally MADE for her she looked sooooo gorgeous wearing it!

So what did we do?

We bought them. Buy one get one free. My jacket should have been £50. I paid nothing as my mums dress was the most expensive of the two.
Not bad at all Amigo. :)

Here it is,


I rather like the detailing and the silky inner. And it'll look very nice with some dark jeans and white, chiffon blouse that I have acquired.

Not bad fora freebie ey?



Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Marie Claire - September 2011

It's a Hat-Trick for
Marie Claire

- After sitting on an uncomfortable wooden seat with about as much plumpness as a un padded bra for what felt like the better part of six hours waiting to see the hand surgeon who's clinic was running two hours behind, I knew I needed some brain stimulation before I self combusted.

*Insert pic of unimpressed face HERE*

Off I trotted to the WH Smith in the hospital atrium. After being subjected to this ordeal TWICE in one week I was a regular there. I stupidly bought Glamour twice thinking I hadn't already read it *doh*. But with Cosmopolitan avec the Eylure falsies sold out I picked up another firm favorite of mine 'Marie Claire'.

I was pleasantly surprised to see not one but TWO freebies.


The magazine came with a choice of two Ciate 'Paint Pot' colours. A pale pink (I knew I already had a million nail varnishes in this shade so I could let that one pass + I knew that they take about 386723 million coats to fully cover the nail and a pale pink would have been a right mare) or a mysterious purple shade called "Wait Until Dark".


As purple is my favorite colour and I prefer wearing dark shades on my nails there was no contending. I looooved it.

AND What better way than to spend my endurance test than painting my nails a lovely new shade.

The colour itself is a metallic, dark, royale purple with flex's of gold and green. Prettyful!


The second freebie is a Dove hair conditioner (At first, it was nearly lathered all over my hands thinking it was a hand cream :S)


For a long time now, I have been moaning about how my hair is frazzled. So I figuired I would cast aside my usual Aussie conditioner and give the Dove a whirl. I can't say as it rejuvenated my hair immediately but it left it smelling lush and feeling silky smooth. Using oils and what not on your hair these days is the trendy method. This conditioner is laced with oil to help repair your hair. I liked it.

Not bad for a batch of freebies eh?

OH AND.....


I loooovee Ann Hathaway.

I loved her especially in The Devil Wears Prada.


ESPECIALLY wearing the outfit above.
As the cover star this was another top seller.

Well done Marie Claire, you did well this September. (Scary seeing that word! It literally feels like a couple of weeks ago since last September, awh, I loved last autumn it was amazing.)

Holl' xo

Friday, 5 August 2011

Save vs Splurge.

Save vs. Splurge PRIMERS
MAC Skin base visage 'Prep & Prime' & Technic 'Prime It'

- If you had said primer to me about 18 months ago I would have looked at you vacantly. Not really knowing what you were talking about AT ALL. It is only within the last year or so that I have really gotten into the whole 'primer' hype.

I have had the Urban Decay 'Primer Potion' in my makeup collection for years but until again, the last year or so I hadn't used it because I didn't really know what it was for. *embarrassed shrug*

Thankfully through my Bloggy/YouTubey makeup lessons from the likes of the Pixiwoo's etc I am now a primer princess! I thought this post would be helpful to anybody like I was not having a blummin' clue what a primer was for or what it did!

.....So what is this 'primer' you speak of?

A primer is essentially a base for your makeup, helping to even out your complexion and most fabulously, keeping your makeup on for various lengths of time.
It contains waxes and silicones that form a bond with your makeup products to keep your makeup looking it's best all day. For example an eye primer helps prevent creasing and a lip primer helps prevent feathering from lipsticks.
A foundation primer allows us girlies to use LESS foundation to create a beautiful complexion. Woo Hoo! They are often quite translucent helping even out the skins surface, sometimes they are also tinted to help sort out discoloration's on the face from scars or freckles and such.

I use a primer when I know I will need my makeup looking as flawless as it can for a long period of time OR if I am going out clubbing and I don't want my eyeshadow to budge. It also helps out with the large pores I have on and around my nose.

I know that some girls prefer to wear a sheer moisturiser as a base for their makeup. Whatever works for you really, but I am intrigued by the primer and it is definitely a 'go to' product for me.

I have used two primers for a while now, one is more of a splurge and the other an absolute save. After featuring one on my most recent YouTube video here;

One of my subscribers suggested it would be be a good idea to test them out against one another to see if splurging is really necessary when you can save and still have a great primer.

So that is exactly what I did!

First up, It's

MAC 'Prep & Prime'
Skinbase Visage


001. What the MAC website says.
“An ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Improves the laydown and application of foundation or powder.”

002. Price.

003. Packaging.
The little bottle uses a pump (very hygienic!) to dispense the primer and each pump does not produce a lot of product.
The MAC 'Prep & Prime, Skin Base Visage' comes with 30ml of primer.

004. The Primer Itself.
It is quite a creamy product, certainly not a runny consistency at all. The translucent, soft cream blends really lovely into the skin too. When you first pump it out onto your hand it appears quite shimmery but it doesn't show up shimmery on the skin at all. I wouldn't say it completely odorless but it doesn't have an unpleasant smell, it smells fresh and clean. :)

005. What do I think?
As I said above, I have used this countless times as a base on my face before a big night out in good old 'Shakey Wakey' and it has

+ always worked a treat for me, sometimes I even like to wear it alone.

- However this isn't always great as it doesn't contain an SPF.

+ Never fear though there is the MAC 'Prep & Prime Face protect in SPF 50.

+ Through wearing Skin Base Visage my complexion is immediately smoothened.

- Although my large nose pores aren't really altered much at all.

- I reckon as a 'budget beauty' lover the price is well, pricey.

+ But it is long lasting so you aren't CONSTANTLY re purchasing.


"Prime it"


001. What Technic Say.
“ Adds luminosity, brightens and evens out the complexion, minimizing imperfections”

002. Price.

003. Packaging.
Alike to the MAC Primer the bottle uses a pump (very hygienic!) to dispense the primer and each pump does not produce a lot of product.
The "Prime It" primer comes with 33ml of product.

004. The Primer Itself.
The product when pumped onto the hand is not at all shimmery, instead is a matte, white cream. It smells really clean and is not over powering in the slightest. It smoothens and blends nicely onto the skin but feels a little heavy in comparison to the MAC primer

005. What do I think?
I have been using this primer religiously for the past month of July, I have also used it when I have done makeup for other people in varying ages. I used it firstly on Kirina who's 16 before her prom and also Jeanette who's 44 before she attended a wedding. So it has great versatility It sat well on both of their different complexions and they didn't have any break outs.

- I'm not sure if this product is available to everybody, so many people have told me they can't find it anywhere. I purchased mine from a shop called (yes you guessed it) Bodycare as they stock the Technic products.

+ It is SO reasonably priced you could buy 4 of these for the price of the MAC primer and you get more product for the money!

+ I honestly, hand on heart (not just because I am a budget beauty lover) can say it compares very well to the MAC one in the way it works as a makeup base it evens out my complexion just as avidly.



- Okay, so I know some beauty toffs, cannot BARE to use or buy anything from a cheapy budget beauty store but honestly girls, this primer really does give the MAC some stiff competition and I'm NOT just saying that.
If your after a a budget option, choose the Technic primer. The MAC only lost out because of it's pricing, but hey, that's MAC!

Let me know if you can get your paws on the Technic Primer and where you can buy it, also if you have tried it,

The Lovley Laura informed me via Twitter that you can find the Primer here shop4makeup.com for £3.98 plus £1.49 postage :)

What do you think?




Monday, 1 August 2011

The Chronicle

This one time at....
journalism summer school

- I'm back with another 'Chronicle' post. For those of you who haven't seen this kind of post before, it is basically a reoccurring feature of my blog that isn't necessarily 100% beauty or fashion related, whereby you can get to know me a little better through things I'm thinking about, wishing for and such. Sometimes it includes pictures of my week and pictures that inspire me and answers to questions I have been asked via twitter or on YouTube etc etc. :)

Hi Everyone! Sooo I'm sure you already know through twitter and the fact I posted yesterday ha ha that I have indeed returned from my trip to Journalism school!


It was absolutely amazing, I loved every single minute of it!
I met some fabulous friends and industry contacts and learnt sooo much about the journalism industry and how I might go about breaking into it.

I thought you guys would be interested in seeing what I got up to whilst I was there. I did do some vlogging but I only have a few minutes of footage as my camera started playing up. :( Perhaps i'll manage to collaborate all the salvaged pieces of footage for you at a later date for another 'blog vlog'. :)


I started out earlier this year as a complete novice to universities and the journalism BA course. I knew I wanted to be a journalist but I didn't know how to go about getting into it, what courses were best to become a journalist and I naively just thought well, it was kind of just going to happen.

TOTALLY the WRONG outlook to have. If i've learnt anything i've learnt that hard graft, commitment, integrity and drive is what will get you into the dog eat dog world of journalism, whether it be print, television or radio.


Since visiting Leeds Trinity University College, I now am much more in the know and feel much more confident about the biiig choices I will be making next year! :-)
It helped me soooo much and it was brilliant.

What was even more lovely was the fact that whilst I was there a girlie mailed me through my YouTube channel and we got chatting about getting into journalism and we both really helped each other out! If you have any questions or you are interested in studying journalism also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get in touch with me, I would love to hear where you are thinking of studying at or what area of journalism interests you most.

Errrrm back to the point of this post......

About twelve of us attended the course and we spent our time living in the university halls and it was great getting a taste of independent living and the girls I shared a flat with were sooo lovely! *huggles to Kate, Ly, Chloe, Beth, Jackie and Naila*


In the day we took part in Tai Chi lessons, which for me, at first I was skeptical about, but grew to love the peacefulness of it- the movements really are beautiful. We also tried Street dancing which was a nightmare for me as I am sooo crap at picking up steps and finding rhythm in dance routines! This was all followed by DJ lessons! Haha, that was pretty cool!


We also produced our own newspaper with an active journalist called Danny, we all wrote our pieces and they looked so professional within the newspaper layout.
Ofcourse, my piece was regarding blogging! No surprise there :)

Here I am feeling rather important with my lanyard on ;)


Waistcoat: Zara
Top: Primark
Leggings: Primark

It was particularly exciting when our mentor, Carol, a journalism teacher at the university, very kindly put me in touch with her daughter who works for Illamasqua which was ace and very surreal for me as you guys know I LOVE makeup and beauty (hence this blog ha ha)

On the last night we had a party and I we had a sort of award show to celebrate our achievements.

This picture documents some VERY mad dancing.....


as does this.


Here's what I wore. I kept it very simple as I could only take a few things in my small suitcase.


Dress: International
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (bought from TK MAXX)
Skinny brown belt: Primark

Strangely enough I won an extremley odd award. - One i'll NEVER live down i'll tell you that. The story goes that one night we were doing a quiz and I was the team captain of "Shiiitiiiing" *If you watch celebrity juice, you'll understand how that is said ha ha*
And one of the bonus points was to rather sillyly do an impression of a T REXX. Unfortunately for me the only T REXX I knew sounded like Lady Gaga in Bad romance. So off I trotted infront of EVERYONE and did this crazy impression.

For it, I won this award. ;)


It really was a great experience and I urge anybody wishing to study journalism or just wants to meet new people and get a small taste of uni life to go on one of these summer schools!

Heres a few more pictures of the best three days ever. Enjoy!








Love, Holl xo

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