Friday, 12 August 2011

Fashion Buys

Shopping delights that were
just meant to be.

- As unplanned and impromptu as it were.
Today has been one of those days that just 'gelled' together. This morning I had a nerve conduction test at the hospital. *boo* where a nice foreign lady questioned the skin pigmentation around my wrists.

"Do you suffer from any acute pigmentation problems?"

I shook my head and the lady looked puzzled.

"Ohhh, no it's fake tan." I shot back with.

She continued to look puzzled throughout the entire treatment. - I think the strangest moment was warming my sweaty hands up in a bowl for five minutes because they wasn't 'warm' enough to carry out the procedure.

Onward and upwards!

My mum treated me to a yummy hot chocolate afterwards. A "nip into town" turned into a full blown shopping fest! It's ace when my mum and I get to spend some time together. She's really fussy about spending money on a whim, but as the lucky buggers holiday is coming up, she couldn't resist a gander.

- I have been on the look out for some winter boots. Yes. Winter. My FAVOURITE season, no really, I love winter. Bonfire night, my birthday, Halloween, Christmas! It's the best. And as last years boots rotted to the sole I needed to invest in some new ones.

I had scouted some in TK Maxx earlier this week, but after seeing the £60 price tag and a festival coming up to save for. I just couldn't. So when I returned with mummy dear in tow, she said she'd go halves on them.


About two years ago I saw this picture of Vanessa Hudgens sporting some rather lovely, over the knee boots. And I fell in love with them. I could never find a match for them anywhere. So begrudgingly I forgot about them.


And as people tell me that I am vertically challenged (well, not really but at 5 ft 3, i'm not the tallest of the bunch)I figured over the knee boots were a total no, no.

UNTIL TK Maxx, once again, did not let me down.

Hello new boots.


They are made by Wrangler and would have cost £119.99 YUCK. However, I bought them for £60 (£30 with my mums half chipped in) Not bad, not bad. The sole is nice and durable and better still, they are a match for Vanessa's.


They have buckle detailing on them and lovely scooped 'V' backs.


can be worn rolled down just like Vanessa has been photographed wearing them.


It was then that we skipped off to Debenhams and came across a 'buy one get one free' rack filled to the brim with Jasper Conran gear. This couldn't be right!? Surely.

I have also been on the scout for a new blazer, a typical staple item that everyone must own. I originally wanted a black one. But my whole wardrobe is filled with black garments. So I opted for a white one that I had seen in the Wallis sale, (yes I know, Wallis, middle aged mothers store) however it was TOO white, and before long with me as it's owner would have stained orange armpits so I had to put it back. I then found a slightly less white blazer on the Jasper Conran rail that would wear alot slower and felt as though it was made to a high quality standard. I walked around the store with it in my hand. There was something about it.

My mum however, had found a beautiful purple maxi dress for her holiday surprisingly on the Jasper Conran 'amazingly, unbelievable rail' . As I said earlier today things seemed to click into place. She tried it on and it was literally MADE for her she looked sooooo gorgeous wearing it!

So what did we do?

We bought them. Buy one get one free. My jacket should have been £50. I paid nothing as my mums dress was the most expensive of the two.
Not bad at all Amigo. :)

Here it is,


I rather like the detailing and the silky inner. And it'll look very nice with some dark jeans and white, chiffon blouse that I have acquired.

Not bad fora freebie ey?




  1. Your boots look great :D I love my brown boots I lived in them last winter ! xx

  2. love the boots!!

  3. Ooh you got some right bargains today! Love the boots :) x

  4. totes going on the hunt for those boots!!

  5. that jacket is amazing! and i like your idea for and outfit to go with it ;D

  6. haha your mum sounds like mine when it comes to shopping. You got some beauty finds though!! :) You should do outfit of the day with them...

  7. I love bargains! Your boots are so worth the money you'll wear them loads i bet! I like Wallis sometime, i go in with my mum and have to look around, i see some nice stuff in there! x x


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