Friday, 30 September 2011

Review & Rave! & September Favourites Vid

Hair One
Hair Cleanser And Conditioner


- Last year, my friend Sara from 'SWalkermakup' introduced her YouTube viewers to a product called 'Hair One' and although none of us knew what it was EVERYONE who watched that video wanted a slice of 'Hair One's' powers after hearing such a fabulous review from Sara.

I was one of those people in awe of such a product that works similarly to the 'co-washing' principle (for anybody who doesn't know what co-washing is, it is basically where you wash your hair with conditioner). Little did I know I already had a chubby bottle of 'Hair One' in my lotions & Potions cupboard that I had bought from TK Maxx a few weeks before I watched Sara's video for £5.99! REEEESULT!!!!

I always enjoy buying weird and wonderful products for my body or my hair from TK Maxx's potion shelf. It's always nice to try something a little bit different and also try something that perhaps isn't very commercialised. Usually by doing this, you find a little gem and that is exactly what happened here.

Hair One is a sulphate free ( because of this it doesn't bubble up like a shampoo so oddly, you aren't really working with a lather) hair cleanser and conditioner containing extracts of cucumber aloe. It comes in a few different versions, there is one for dry hair, another for normal hair (which is the one I have) another for coloured hair and one for a sensitive scalp.

Hair One markets itself as a 'new natural approach to hair care!" and claims to cleanse, condition, detangle, reduce frizz and add shine.

And that my good bloody does!!!

To use it, you basically follow the instructions on the back.

In a nutshell you apply 5-7 pumps to the crown of your head and 8-10 pumps to the nape/back of your head. Then onto the crazy part.....You have to vigorously massage the product into your scalp for 2-3 let me tell you now! THREE MINUTES MASSAGING YOUR HEAD IS A BLOODY LONG TIME ha ha!!!

The second step solely depends on your hair length it states about 5 pumps for hair above your shoulders, 7 pumps for hair down to your shoulders and 10 pumps for long hair, the instructions say THE MORE THE BETTER. WooHoo!
You then leave this to deep condition your hair for about 3 minutes.

After this time you start the whole massaging and rinsing process again! Yikes, quite a process huh?


BUT SO WORTH IT! What I love about this product is that it removes any old product that is clinging to your hair and the way it tingles on my scalp really feels like it is working.

I have rediscovered 'Hair One' after using it religiously last year and I have been using it alternately to my Henna shampoo and conditioner (see post below for the henna review) I love the minty, teatree-esc smell of it too it is sooooo fresh smelling! Perfect for a good cleaning job!

Hair One is incredible. My hair ALWAYS feels ridiculously soft and smooth when I have finished the process and blow dried my hair it feels SALON QUALITY! Yay!


I love this product and I am so glad I found it lurking in the back of my cupboard and re-discovered it's amazingness.

As I bought this from TK Maxx in Leeds about a year a go they probably don't stock it anymore but if you live in the uk you can purchase it HERE or if you are an American reader you can purchase Hair One HERE or pop into your Sallys beauty store.

I featured this product in my latest YouTube video. :)
My 'September Favourites'

Love, Holl

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Henna Shampoo & Conditioner

Preventing Colour Loss With

- With the exception of a few misjudgments so to speak when I was about 13 years old, as a natural dark brunette I have always played around with colouring my hair in shades of plum, red, chocolate, light mocha and caramel. Against my naturally (believe it or not) almost translucently pale skintone and my black as night eyebrows it is always the safer bet to add warmth to my face using the 'plum/red' family of shades.

Which is exactly what I have been doing for around 18 months now.

I like how a red tone in my dark hair adds warmth to my complexion, makes my green eyes stand out and gives my hair colour a bit of an 'edge'. I know every other girl that you see in the street has a red tone on their hair but i'm not talking about that crazy Rihanna red, my favourite red shade and the most suiting to dark brunettes such as myself, is the deep plum. Not only does it look lush but it also blends your roots too, they are barely noticeable.

I am often asked how frequently I dye my hair as I never seem to show my dark roots. The answer is not very often, perhaps every 16 weeks or so. If you read This Post a while ago you will already know why and how ruined my hair is from the pure gallons of hair dye I have slapped on my head over the years.

It then confuses people as to why i'm not showing any roots.
I have a secret.
and it's the form of Henna.

My mum always had red hair as I was growing up and told me that henna helps enrich the colour for longer. For ages I hunted around looking for some henna products but it was to no avail. Then, whilst shopping in Bodycare (yes ofcourse) I spotted for a quid each these little babies.

- Henara 'with natural henna extracts colour enhancing shampoo & conditioner for a renewed colour and lustrous shine'

Basically the product contains natural henna to enrich the red tones in your hair. There are shampoos and conditioners for both light and dark hair. Obviously the one I am using is for dark hair. You use them as you would your normal shampoo and conditioner but for richer tones you leave it in your hair for a few minutes longer.
Admittedly, both products have a funky smell about them but it isn't unpleasant and chemically.

.....So a little more about Henna.

Henna is natural vegetable tannin. (Odd I know) It not only stains your hair but makes it stronger as the tannin molecules bind to your hair, after adding henna to your hair it eradicates split ends and is much softer. By using henna it adds a tint to your existing colour.
For example....

If you have dark brown hair, in the light (after using henna) your hair will highlight in the shades of chestnut and mahogany.

If you have blonde hair, it will add tones of vibrant red.

If you have medium brown hair it will give you highlights or a rich, deep red.

However this is only if you use henna in it's natural form. I have noticed since using the Henara shampoo and conditioner that the vibrancy, softness and colour pigmentation of my plum coloured hair is phenomenal, every-time I wash my hair with it it looks as though it is freshly dyed. WINNER. :-)

I strongly recommend that you try this if you have dark hair or red hair and would like to add some more red tone to your hairs pigmentation in the light.
Don't worry, it doesn't dye your hair. And if you stop using the shampoo and conditioner it will just wash out.

Love, Holl

Monday, 26 September 2011

My Favourite Foundations.


As a self confessed, 'heavy duty' fake tan lover I don't think that my skin has ever been one consistent colour - anywhere on my body.

One extremley interesting area is my face. I don't tend to put either a gradual tanning moisturiser OR fake tan on my face as I feel the former is far too oily and stodgy for my face and breaks me out and the latter does the complete opposite. Fake tan (especially St.Moriz) dries my skin out crazily. I never quite know what to do with my face so I just leave it in the hope that a good application of slap will sort out the unruly colour match between my face and my neck. St. Moriz alone tends to leave my body glowing with a greeny tinge, I try to counterbalance this with the Dove gradual tanning moisturiser which leave a more brownish red tone to the skin after a few applications. There is method in my madness and it works.

...So this post is not about fake tan. (Although it wouldn't be difficult for me to spend a good four hours blabbering on about fake tan.) This is an insight into my favourite foundations/ a little review and why I feel they are effective as good all rounders. :)


L-R Maybelline New York 'fit me' - MAC 'Studio Fix Fluid' - Bourjois 'Healthy Mix' - Revlon 'Colorstay'

Now, I am no oracle of sciencey knowledge into foundations, I just know what works for me.

1. MAC
'Studio Fix Fluid'

SPF 15, my shade - NW25 £19.50 -30ml


- My favourite foundation of all time. Quite a large statement I know but I honestly love everything about this product, I hate saying it because you know i'm not a fan of parting with lots of pennies for products when there is a drugstore alternative that is cheaper and performs as well. I bought my first MAC foundation last year when I was first discovering MAC makeup and what it had to offer. Now, going into the MAC store is usually a little intimidating and my nearest MAC store is a concession in Harvey Nicholls in Leeds and it is usually rammed and you have absolutely no chance of speaking to the makeup artist to colour match you. After doing a little bit of homework I knew I wanted to try 'Studio Fix' as I have quite oily skin and this foundation is oil free and absorbs and disperses the natural oils in your skin. Although I often disagree (however I don't even know my own skin tone these days I wear that much fake tan) I was colour matched at NW20, although I personally feel that nowadays an NC25 is more me. At first I was crazily confused as to what the difference between 'NW' and 'NC' was. I soon learnt that

NC stands for - Neutral cool, skin with a yellow undertone


NW stands for - Neutral warm, skin with a pink undertone.
From what I have learnt through my interest in makeup artistry, In most cases NC is the best to buy. Often NW is not right for everybody's skin tones.
Yellow undertones which is the 'NC' shade compliments most people as it conceals any redness and counteracts dark circles. Nobody really wants a 'pink' undertone.
Studio fix fluid also has SPF in it which although not always great for photographs a good setting powder eradicates that. Some people will completely disagree if they have tried this foundation but I absolutely love the clay-like smell of it. It is medium to full coverage and is extremely build-able. I think this foundation is really good for the pricey price however, the REALLY annoying this is that it doesn't come with a pump and you have to buy the pump separate.

2. Bourjois
'Healthy Mix'

16hr, my shade - 53 - light beige - £9.99 - 30ml


- Now we are talking about a foundation in more of my kind of price bracket! This foundation gives me such a natural finish, it is rather watery (well obviously it's a water based foundation ha ha) when applying it but it is just SO lovely you can overlook that. It contains 'fruit therapy' from 5 fruits. As you can see by how much I have used it is a firm fave.

Apricot - For radiance
Melon - For hydration
Apple - For anti-oxidants
Ginger - For energy

The smell of this foundation is just heavenly (it's rather apricoty) and has rightly been heavily raved about on both YouTube and beauty blogs. It is just one of those foundations that I got along with straight away. I feel it needs a few little touch up's within the 16 hour window it states to provide the same coverage as when applied in. But a bit of powder this is easily sorted. It leaves me with beautiful, natural looking and dewy skin. PERFECT However it is slightly oily which isn't always the best thing for excessively oily skin types and it takes a little while longer than most foundations to dry. The coverage is slightly on the sheerer side of medium but it evens out my skintone nicely. The only issue I have with it, is that there isn't a varying range of shades. I also rather like the packaging, it has a pump applicator and you can see how much product you have used!

3. Maybelline
'Fit Me'

SPF 18, my shade - 125 - nude beige - 30ml


- Okay, so I know this is abit of a wild card as i'm not actually sure if this foundation is available in the UK. This was a present from my aunt who lives in America which is why I have acquired it. However i'm bloody glad I did as contrary to some peoples reviews of this foundation I like it. This little review might be of interest to some of my American readers if they haven't yet tried 'Fit Me'. It sounds rather strange but it is scarily similar to MAC's 'Photo Finish' powder It isn't sticky or cakey as the coverage is light to medium and is designed to adapt to your skintone within 10-12 minutes. For some people the coverage will be an issue for on days when you don't need/ don't want that kind of coverage it is fine. HOWEVER, the lasting powder without being set with powder is not very good at all and I don't like jar packaged products. A pump would be much more practical.

4. Revlon

SPF 6, my shade - 320 - true beige - £9.49 - 30ml


- I remember the hype about this foundation in the old days of beauty 'guru's on YouTube and blogger. During that time I never bothered with it. And on my first application of it I wish I hadn't. It was all hyped up to be a perfect 'Studio Fix Fluid' dupe - it certainly smells like it. I think it's great how Revlon cater the line to the different skin types. I have the 'combination/oily' version of the colourstay. At first I applied it with my flat foundation brush but it caused this foundation to be cakey and streaky and just wasn't working. AT ALL. I then tried it on my MAC 130 stippling brush and the effect was much better although the coverage is a little sticky it gives a nice matte finish which again I wasn't used to but really liked. Sometimes it does look a little artificial for a 'natural day time look' but it's perfect for a night out I forgot to apply a primer on one occasion and it stayed put ALL night.

- Here are all the foundations swatched.


As you can see both 'Colorstay' & 'Fit Me' emit pinky undertones and are practically the same shade.


As is the same with 'Studio Fix Fluid' & 'Healthy Mix' which emit yellowy undertones.


I hope you enjoyed this mammoth post :-)
Lot'sa Love

Saturday, 24 September 2011


All the other kids.
with the pumped up kicks.

- Yes, I am STILL playing the dating game. After having an awful hair burning/stinking the place out moment with a Babyliss tong I was almost up for having a crazy crying fit.... instead I was rational with only 16 minutes till my little date for the evening picked me up, I pinned the sides of my hair to the back with a tortoiseshell claw clip and left the rest loose around my shoulders. I actually prefer a little bit of volume around my head it doesn't make my hair appear as thick and flat and makes the sides look longer.


top: Primark
waistocat: Zara
chain: Primark
earings: Vivienne Westwood


rings: [L-R] Primark, Primark, Debenhams
nailvarnish: Ciate - Mistress

Most of my friends think I have a quite unique knack for throwing almost anything miss-match together and it turning out to look okay in the end, with this in mind I wore my Wrangler, 'Vanessa Hudgensesc boots' with plain black leggings and my amazing bargainous, real leather jacket from the Oxfam tent at Leeds Festival. Black and white print, brown leather and mushroom boots. Quite a concoction I know. ;)


leather jacket: Vintage
bag: Louis Vuitton copy from Zakynthos


I absolutely love this fakey louis tote bag that my parents brought me home from their holiday in Zakynthos about a week ago. I'm not a fussy girl when it comes to what's real and what's not. I don't think it looks tacky or trashy it's just a really sturdy and spacious tote for me to throw all my tattle in and off I go! I orginally wanted the 'Speedy' replica but my mum said I would struggle to even fit my phone in it yet alone my purse, ipod, books, perfume, makeup bag etc etc. I love the cream and brown colour tones and I don't care what anybody says I bloody LOVE this bag!

Anyway, I had a lovely evening. We went bowling and I was a sore loser. :-( And then probably not the best film to go and see on a first date but as I have a Mila Kunis girl-crush (Man that girl is beautiful) we went to see 'Friends With Benefits' which I loved! JT is such a hottie ha ha!

I hope your having a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Nails Of The Day


- When it comes to switching up my nail colour, I am sad enough to change my nail colour everyday in conjunction with the outfit i'll be wearing in the evening or the following day and even sadder still... to match up with my lipstick shade!

Usually if i'm wearing a sheer white blouse, a cream blazer and ballet pumps i'll go with a nude pinky peach such as 'peach melba' by Barry M OR BeautyUK on my nails.
Similarily if im wearing a black sheer top, a leather jacket and military boots i'll switch up to a dark colour on my nails such as OPI 'My Private Jet' + 'Lincoln Park After Dark', Black by BeautyUK Or 'Wait Until Dark' by Ciate.

Today I didn't conform to my usual behavior and after expressing my love for Autumn in my previous post. I wanted to inflict some Autumnal spirit onto my nails.


Having felt pretty good that they are growing nice and strong again I felt I could pretty much get away with any colour.

I chose 'Khaki' by Technic. - A colour I could only describe as 'Wheely Bin Green' but aside a beautifully tanned hand and applyed onto a healthy nail this shade looks more glamourous than gangrenous.


I then painted my left ring finger with 'Chestnut' by Beautyuk. - The perfect Autumnal colour with flecks of rose gold, this bronzey, coppery shade sits really nicely against Khaki.


To add abit of spice, sparkle and dare I say 'pizaz' to the mix I decided to layer over these colours with 'Be Dazzled' also by Technic, although the gold glittery specks take a few coats on the base colour to build. Once it's on - it looks lovely.



-You can find Technic nailpolishes in Bodycare for £2.99 :-) The quality is good and with a top coat only tend to be chip resistant for three-four days depending on what your doing. :-)


I was happy with the result as something a little different but certainly in-keeping with the season. :-)

I just LOVE Autumn.

Love, Holl

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Seasons Changing.

5 Autumn Fashion

- Autumn has ALWAYS been my favourite season. I love the way the sun sets lower and earlier in the evening, I look out of my bedroom window onto the fields and the sky glows like a sienna ember it is soo beautiful.
I also love the colours of the leaves on the tree's and the excitement that Christmas time is ever looming. As poetic as it sounds Autumn has to be my favourite season because we can get away with wearing our UGG boots and our snuggly coats but we can always opt for a lighter blazer jacket and ballet pumps as the weather isn't biting cold. We don't have to conform to one season or the other.


I really like the way Autumn trends allow us to dig out the jewel ruby and emerald tones and the camel and sand shades. To me, Autumn is all about the transition from summer to winter and the ability to blend both your summer wardrobe and your winter essentials.
Only the other day I stepped out to college wearing a brightly coloured beach kaftan teamed with tights, knee high boots and my brown leather jacket. I was suitably warm yet still not wrapped up in my winter coat.

I love Autumn.

Here a few of my staple Autumn items.

1. Furry Gilet. - TK MAXX.

- I absolutely love wearing this piece. Although it attracts a few raised brows within the college common room. It is VERY me. It pushs boundaries aesthetically and more importantly, it is PERFECT for those 'is it warm? is it cold?' days. It is perfectly on trend with the Autumn collections and goes with almost ANYTHING. As a dressed up piece for on an evening or as a casual piece like i'm wearing it here with a long camel tones blouse and simple accessories.

2. Mustard Chloe Style Handbag - Bought from my friend.

- FINALLY I have reached a firm conclusion. The bigger the bag, the more crap I tote around. Do I really need two umberellas? Three body sprays and a spare pair of dolly shoes? No. With this little bag I can fit the essentials and the essentials only. As a mock Chloe style bag I don't think it looks tacky at all. I'm rather fond of this bag and it has and will continue you to be my Autumn staple. I also love the colour. Perfect, for Autumn and sits nicely against the 'on trend' brown and coffee hues.

3. Brown Brogues for the daytime - Primark. Brown heeled brogues for the evening - TK MAXX.

- I put off buying any kind of 'brogue' style shoe for a long, long time. There was something about them I just didn't like AT ALL. Then suddenly on an impulsive shopping spree I discovered that infact I did rather like them. So I bought some and have been wearing them ever since. They are similar to a heeled pair I already owned. I bought them about a year ago and are my staple for a night out. They make my feet look very delicate and lady like. They are very 1940's and extremely versatile to wear with a number of outfits.

4. Leopard print faux fur oversized coat - Primark.

- I realise that this could be deemed more a winter touch but I could not WAIT for the weather to start becoming cooler so that I could dig my baby out of my wardrobe. I NEVER took this coat off last year and I think once again it will be a firm favourite. It keeps me soo warm and of course it is leopard print! I hope Primark realise a similar version as the weather becomes colder as this is one of those things that requires a back up!

5. Camel, military style cape jacket - Primark.

- Now, after seeing the stunning Corrie who writes one of my favourite blogs ever (dizzybrunette3) modeling this jacket on one of her recent posts. I KNEW that I had to have it. Had I not seen it on her blog I would probably never have noticed it and missed on such an amazing coat. I agree with her completely when she commented on how it reminds her of a 'Gossip Girl-esc' Blair Waldorf style coat. I think it looks much more pricey than what I paid. The swing of the jacket and the cape style arms add to the uniqueness of this coat! Oh, and it has a leopard print interior. AMAZING.

Other Autumn items that I have been loving this season.

Burnt orange slouchy jumper - Primark

Brown leather jacket - Vintage

Vintage style satchel bag - Primark.

A selection of my favourite Autumn nail shades.
- Models Own, Fashion Fawn
- Beauty UK, Chesnut
- No7, (I can't remember the shade number sorry guys and the label has rubbed off :( )
- Avon, Decadance

Love, Holl

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Update September, 17th 2011

A little explanation
Good golly, where on earth are you Miss Hollie?

- Hi Everybody!
I hope you are all well! I can't believe it's one whole year ago since 'GoodGollyMissHollie' was born and I wrote my first ever post! I never imagined it to become such an important part of my life....


which leads me onto the important part.

I feel I owe all my lovely readers this explanation as to why I have been a little MIA of late! Both on here and my YouTube channel. I think it's only fair to my loyal readers to keep them in the loop.

(please note, this post has been written on my Ipod I apologise if there is any silly typo's the keys are soooo teeny!)

I have been having some ridiculous technical problems recently with my laptop. Years of filling it's little head to the brim with music and pictures has finally taken it's toll and the hard drive has become overloaded. I can't save anything to my computer. :( Which means all the pictures I take for my blog and all my YouTube videos can't be edited or saved. It also means I can't upload videos from my videocamera to my laptop as it takes up space I haven't got. :(

Then, as if I thought it wasn't rickety enough the screen snapped off and the fan stopped working. OH DEAR. Not only does this affect my ability to blog and make YouTube videos but it also really puts strain on my college work!

After having a chat with my Dad we came to the conclusion that for my 18th birthday in November I will be getting a new laptop. we then decided that it is a crucial piece of technology which is beneficial to more than one area of my life so I will be allowed it now instead of waiting till November 29th! *Whoo Hoo!*

I hope to be getting it within the next two weeks so please bare with me until I can be up and running properly again! I will do my best to snatch any moment I can to try and put up some non picture heavy posts up on here!
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my amazing readers for their support and I hope you stay with me until I get this sorted out!

In other news...I have since returned to college, I am now in upper sixth and on with my A2 exams. Nasty :( I am studying Lang, Lit and Psychology all of them are going to prove to be little buggers. It's going to be a huge year for me.
I feel really jealous of all my friends in the year above swanning off to uni this time! I wish it was me! Hey ho, next year fingers crossed!
Oh and for those asking about the date I went on the other week, sadly the chap and I since parted ways as he left for university this weekend. Just my luck ey!

I am going to drown my sorrows this Saturday night with a trip to Krispy Kreme to indulge in a 'Glamour' donut!

Anyway, I PROMISE I have not abandoned my blog OR my YouTube I am still very much here and enjoying reading all your blogs and watching your videos!

I will try and be back as soon as I can!
Thankyou for sticking with me
Lots of Love


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Giveaway Winner!

owl pendant giveaway

- My giveaway has now ended. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that entered to win the lovely owl pendant. I would also like to thank Frooly for allowing this brilliant giveaway to take place via 'GoodGollyMissHollie'


All I asked in order to be entered was for you lovelies to tell me what your favorite piece of jewelry is and why it is so special to you.


I received some lovely responses regarding your favourite pieces and although I originally set out to choose my favourite response it was impossible for me to choose one winner as all your responses regarding your favourite jewelry were lovely to read!

In order to make it fair I used a number generator to generate a number between 1 and 14 (as 14 lovelies entered)and then counted down the comments to find which was that said number.

....and without further ado the number I was generated



And the winner of this owl pendant giveaway is 'MissDazzleLight' who said "my favourite piece of jewellery is my Thomas Sabo bracelet because my parents bought it for my 21st along with a 21 charm. Then other members of my family bought me all different charms to put on it. All of which mean something special to me :)"

If this is you! I will be contacting you via email or twitter tonight to obtain your details in order for your necklace to be sent to you by Frooly :-)

Thankyou once again everybody for entering!
Love, Holl
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