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My Favourite Foundations.


As a self confessed, 'heavy duty' fake tan lover I don't think that my skin has ever been one consistent colour - anywhere on my body.

One extremley interesting area is my face. I don't tend to put either a gradual tanning moisturiser OR fake tan on my face as I feel the former is far too oily and stodgy for my face and breaks me out and the latter does the complete opposite. Fake tan (especially St.Moriz) dries my skin out crazily. I never quite know what to do with my face so I just leave it in the hope that a good application of slap will sort out the unruly colour match between my face and my neck. St. Moriz alone tends to leave my body glowing with a greeny tinge, I try to counterbalance this with the Dove gradual tanning moisturiser which leave a more brownish red tone to the skin after a few applications. There is method in my madness and it works.

...So this post is not about fake tan. (Although it wouldn't be difficult for me to spend a good four hours blabbering on about fake tan.) This is an insight into my favourite foundations/ a little review and why I feel they are effective as good all rounders. :)


L-R Maybelline New York 'fit me' - MAC 'Studio Fix Fluid' - Bourjois 'Healthy Mix' - Revlon 'Colorstay'

Now, I am no oracle of sciencey knowledge into foundations, I just know what works for me.

1. MAC
'Studio Fix Fluid'

SPF 15, my shade - NW25 £19.50 -30ml


- My favourite foundation of all time. Quite a large statement I know but I honestly love everything about this product, I hate saying it because you know i'm not a fan of parting with lots of pennies for products when there is a drugstore alternative that is cheaper and performs as well. I bought my first MAC foundation last year when I was first discovering MAC makeup and what it had to offer. Now, going into the MAC store is usually a little intimidating and my nearest MAC store is a concession in Harvey Nicholls in Leeds and it is usually rammed and you have absolutely no chance of speaking to the makeup artist to colour match you. After doing a little bit of homework I knew I wanted to try 'Studio Fix' as I have quite oily skin and this foundation is oil free and absorbs and disperses the natural oils in your skin. Although I often disagree (however I don't even know my own skin tone these days I wear that much fake tan) I was colour matched at NW20, although I personally feel that nowadays an NC25 is more me. At first I was crazily confused as to what the difference between 'NW' and 'NC' was. I soon learnt that

NC stands for - Neutral cool, skin with a yellow undertone


NW stands for - Neutral warm, skin with a pink undertone.
From what I have learnt through my interest in makeup artistry, In most cases NC is the best to buy. Often NW is not right for everybody's skin tones.
Yellow undertones which is the 'NC' shade compliments most people as it conceals any redness and counteracts dark circles. Nobody really wants a 'pink' undertone.
Studio fix fluid also has SPF in it which although not always great for photographs a good setting powder eradicates that. Some people will completely disagree if they have tried this foundation but I absolutely love the clay-like smell of it. It is medium to full coverage and is extremely build-able. I think this foundation is really good for the pricey price however, the REALLY annoying this is that it doesn't come with a pump and you have to buy the pump separate.

2. Bourjois
'Healthy Mix'

16hr, my shade - 53 - light beige - £9.99 - 30ml


- Now we are talking about a foundation in more of my kind of price bracket! This foundation gives me such a natural finish, it is rather watery (well obviously it's a water based foundation ha ha) when applying it but it is just SO lovely you can overlook that. It contains 'fruit therapy' from 5 fruits. As you can see by how much I have used it is a firm fave.

Apricot - For radiance
Melon - For hydration
Apple - For anti-oxidants
Ginger - For energy

The smell of this foundation is just heavenly (it's rather apricoty) and has rightly been heavily raved about on both YouTube and beauty blogs. It is just one of those foundations that I got along with straight away. I feel it needs a few little touch up's within the 16 hour window it states to provide the same coverage as when applied in. But a bit of powder this is easily sorted. It leaves me with beautiful, natural looking and dewy skin. PERFECT However it is slightly oily which isn't always the best thing for excessively oily skin types and it takes a little while longer than most foundations to dry. The coverage is slightly on the sheerer side of medium but it evens out my skintone nicely. The only issue I have with it, is that there isn't a varying range of shades. I also rather like the packaging, it has a pump applicator and you can see how much product you have used!

3. Maybelline
'Fit Me'

SPF 18, my shade - 125 - nude beige - 30ml


- Okay, so I know this is abit of a wild card as i'm not actually sure if this foundation is available in the UK. This was a present from my aunt who lives in America which is why I have acquired it. However i'm bloody glad I did as contrary to some peoples reviews of this foundation I like it. This little review might be of interest to some of my American readers if they haven't yet tried 'Fit Me'. It sounds rather strange but it is scarily similar to MAC's 'Photo Finish' powder It isn't sticky or cakey as the coverage is light to medium and is designed to adapt to your skintone within 10-12 minutes. For some people the coverage will be an issue for on days when you don't need/ don't want that kind of coverage it is fine. HOWEVER, the lasting powder without being set with powder is not very good at all and I don't like jar packaged products. A pump would be much more practical.

4. Revlon

SPF 6, my shade - 320 - true beige - £9.49 - 30ml


- I remember the hype about this foundation in the old days of beauty 'guru's on YouTube and blogger. During that time I never bothered with it. And on my first application of it I wish I hadn't. It was all hyped up to be a perfect 'Studio Fix Fluid' dupe - it certainly smells like it. I think it's great how Revlon cater the line to the different skin types. I have the 'combination/oily' version of the colourstay. At first I applied it with my flat foundation brush but it caused this foundation to be cakey and streaky and just wasn't working. AT ALL. I then tried it on my MAC 130 stippling brush and the effect was much better although the coverage is a little sticky it gives a nice matte finish which again I wasn't used to but really liked. Sometimes it does look a little artificial for a 'natural day time look' but it's perfect for a night out I forgot to apply a primer on one occasion and it stayed put ALL night.

- Here are all the foundations swatched.


As you can see both 'Colorstay' & 'Fit Me' emit pinky undertones and are practically the same shade.


As is the same with 'Studio Fix Fluid' & 'Healthy Mix' which emit yellowy undertones.


I hope you enjoyed this mammoth post :-)
Lot'sa Love


  1. My favourite it Estee Lauder Double Wear, it's just so long lasting xxx

  2. Ah great post Hollie, very informative :) I also love Bourjois healthy mix and have used Revlon colorstay for years! I also love Estee Lauders doublewear atm and I think you'd probably like it too, good coverage and great for oily skin :) it's my saviour atm! x

  3. I love the studio fix fluid, but it tends to turn a bit orange on me after a while!

  4. my favorite foundation at the minute is bourjois healthy mix i love it so much because it is build-able coverage and as it happens i am the exact same colour as you 53 light beige xx

    my blog :

    Lauren x

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE (can you tell i love) healthy's beautiful!
    I am yet to own a mac foundation..i'm always a little scared to part with that much money. I wanted to wear my CS today but it has actually gone walk abouts :(

    fab post hun xx

  6. This is a great blog post, really helpful! :) xx


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