Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Nails Of The Day


- When it comes to switching up my nail colour, I am sad enough to change my nail colour everyday in conjunction with the outfit i'll be wearing in the evening or the following day and even sadder still... to match up with my lipstick shade!

Usually if i'm wearing a sheer white blouse, a cream blazer and ballet pumps i'll go with a nude pinky peach such as 'peach melba' by Barry M OR BeautyUK on my nails.
Similarily if im wearing a black sheer top, a leather jacket and military boots i'll switch up to a dark colour on my nails such as OPI 'My Private Jet' + 'Lincoln Park After Dark', Black by BeautyUK Or 'Wait Until Dark' by Ciate.

Today I didn't conform to my usual behavior and after expressing my love for Autumn in my previous post. I wanted to inflict some Autumnal spirit onto my nails.


Having felt pretty good that they are growing nice and strong again I felt I could pretty much get away with any colour.

I chose 'Khaki' by Technic. - A colour I could only describe as 'Wheely Bin Green' but aside a beautifully tanned hand and applyed onto a healthy nail this shade looks more glamourous than gangrenous.


I then painted my left ring finger with 'Chestnut' by Beautyuk. - The perfect Autumnal colour with flecks of rose gold, this bronzey, coppery shade sits really nicely against Khaki.


To add abit of spice, sparkle and dare I say 'pizaz' to the mix I decided to layer over these colours with 'Be Dazzled' also by Technic, although the gold glittery specks take a few coats on the base colour to build. Once it's on - it looks lovely.



-You can find Technic nailpolishes in Bodycare for £2.99 :-) The quality is good and with a top coat only tend to be chip resistant for three-four days depending on what your doing. :-)


I was happy with the result as something a little different but certainly in-keeping with the season. :-)

I just LOVE Autumn.

Love, Holl


  1. Love your combination!! :) xx

  2. Ooh very autumnal nails Hollie :) lovely :)x

  3. i love that combination of nail colours together when i go shopping this saturday i am going to go and pick up all 3 of these products xxx

    loved your posts xxx

  4. I love this post, i did a technique post similar to this too. They have such good colors and aren't as shoddy as people would think x x x


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