Saturday, 24 September 2011


All the other kids.
with the pumped up kicks.

- Yes, I am STILL playing the dating game. After having an awful hair burning/stinking the place out moment with a Babyliss tong I was almost up for having a crazy crying fit.... instead I was rational with only 16 minutes till my little date for the evening picked me up, I pinned the sides of my hair to the back with a tortoiseshell claw clip and left the rest loose around my shoulders. I actually prefer a little bit of volume around my head it doesn't make my hair appear as thick and flat and makes the sides look longer.


top: Primark
waistocat: Zara
chain: Primark
earings: Vivienne Westwood


rings: [L-R] Primark, Primark, Debenhams
nailvarnish: Ciate - Mistress

Most of my friends think I have a quite unique knack for throwing almost anything miss-match together and it turning out to look okay in the end, with this in mind I wore my Wrangler, 'Vanessa Hudgensesc boots' with plain black leggings and my amazing bargainous, real leather jacket from the Oxfam tent at Leeds Festival. Black and white print, brown leather and mushroom boots. Quite a concoction I know. ;)


leather jacket: Vintage
bag: Louis Vuitton copy from Zakynthos


I absolutely love this fakey louis tote bag that my parents brought me home from their holiday in Zakynthos about a week ago. I'm not a fussy girl when it comes to what's real and what's not. I don't think it looks tacky or trashy it's just a really sturdy and spacious tote for me to throw all my tattle in and off I go! I orginally wanted the 'Speedy' replica but my mum said I would struggle to even fit my phone in it yet alone my purse, ipod, books, perfume, makeup bag etc etc. I love the cream and brown colour tones and I don't care what anybody says I bloody LOVE this bag!

Anyway, I had a lovely evening. We went bowling and I was a sore loser. :-( And then probably not the best film to go and see on a first date but as I have a Mila Kunis girl-crush (Man that girl is beautiful) we went to see 'Friends With Benefits' which I loved! JT is such a hottie ha ha!

I hope your having a nice weekend!


  1. Really need to see Friends With Benefits - I have SUCH a girl crush on Mila. <3 You look fab hun! xoxox

  2. I love your outfit i is so pretty xxx
    I love your blog so much words can not describe it. It is just so amazing i just love it there is no words to describe how i feel about this blog xx

    my blog :

    Lauren x

  3. You look lovely babe! I gotta watch that film asap! lol xxx

  4. Ooh you look lovely here Hollie! Hope you had a lovely date :) did you sit on the back row ;) (lol sorry showing my uncoolness here!) x


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