Sunday, 18 September 2011

Seasons Changing.

5 Autumn Fashion

- Autumn has ALWAYS been my favourite season. I love the way the sun sets lower and earlier in the evening, I look out of my bedroom window onto the fields and the sky glows like a sienna ember it is soo beautiful.
I also love the colours of the leaves on the tree's and the excitement that Christmas time is ever looming. As poetic as it sounds Autumn has to be my favourite season because we can get away with wearing our UGG boots and our snuggly coats but we can always opt for a lighter blazer jacket and ballet pumps as the weather isn't biting cold. We don't have to conform to one season or the other.


I really like the way Autumn trends allow us to dig out the jewel ruby and emerald tones and the camel and sand shades. To me, Autumn is all about the transition from summer to winter and the ability to blend both your summer wardrobe and your winter essentials.
Only the other day I stepped out to college wearing a brightly coloured beach kaftan teamed with tights, knee high boots and my brown leather jacket. I was suitably warm yet still not wrapped up in my winter coat.

I love Autumn.

Here a few of my staple Autumn items.

1. Furry Gilet. - TK MAXX.

- I absolutely love wearing this piece. Although it attracts a few raised brows within the college common room. It is VERY me. It pushs boundaries aesthetically and more importantly, it is PERFECT for those 'is it warm? is it cold?' days. It is perfectly on trend with the Autumn collections and goes with almost ANYTHING. As a dressed up piece for on an evening or as a casual piece like i'm wearing it here with a long camel tones blouse and simple accessories.

2. Mustard Chloe Style Handbag - Bought from my friend.

- FINALLY I have reached a firm conclusion. The bigger the bag, the more crap I tote around. Do I really need two umberellas? Three body sprays and a spare pair of dolly shoes? No. With this little bag I can fit the essentials and the essentials only. As a mock Chloe style bag I don't think it looks tacky at all. I'm rather fond of this bag and it has and will continue you to be my Autumn staple. I also love the colour. Perfect, for Autumn and sits nicely against the 'on trend' brown and coffee hues.

3. Brown Brogues for the daytime - Primark. Brown heeled brogues for the evening - TK MAXX.

- I put off buying any kind of 'brogue' style shoe for a long, long time. There was something about them I just didn't like AT ALL. Then suddenly on an impulsive shopping spree I discovered that infact I did rather like them. So I bought some and have been wearing them ever since. They are similar to a heeled pair I already owned. I bought them about a year ago and are my staple for a night out. They make my feet look very delicate and lady like. They are very 1940's and extremely versatile to wear with a number of outfits.

4. Leopard print faux fur oversized coat - Primark.

- I realise that this could be deemed more a winter touch but I could not WAIT for the weather to start becoming cooler so that I could dig my baby out of my wardrobe. I NEVER took this coat off last year and I think once again it will be a firm favourite. It keeps me soo warm and of course it is leopard print! I hope Primark realise a similar version as the weather becomes colder as this is one of those things that requires a back up!

5. Camel, military style cape jacket - Primark.

- Now, after seeing the stunning Corrie who writes one of my favourite blogs ever (dizzybrunette3) modeling this jacket on one of her recent posts. I KNEW that I had to have it. Had I not seen it on her blog I would probably never have noticed it and missed on such an amazing coat. I agree with her completely when she commented on how it reminds her of a 'Gossip Girl-esc' Blair Waldorf style coat. I think it looks much more pricey than what I paid. The swing of the jacket and the cape style arms add to the uniqueness of this coat! Oh, and it has a leopard print interior. AMAZING.

Other Autumn items that I have been loving this season.

Burnt orange slouchy jumper - Primark

Brown leather jacket - Vintage

Vintage style satchel bag - Primark.

A selection of my favourite Autumn nail shades.
- Models Own, Fashion Fawn
- Beauty UK, Chesnut
- No7, (I can't remember the shade number sorry guys and the label has rubbed off :( )
- Avon, Decadance

Love, Holl


  1. Autumn is my favourite too. I have the Primark brogues in the tan colour, I haven't stopped wearing them since I got them! Def need the brown pair too though, just bought a bag for Uni that exact shade so obviously that means I now need shoes to match! xx

  2. Ah hollie the jacket looks amazing on you, so sad I had to take mine back :( you look well lush in all these pictures! Love this post :) x

  3. I love summer- but your post has made me look forward to Autumn a lot more- the clothes you've got are lovely :) xx

  4. I have that military cape and i love it! especially the silky leopard print lining :p x

  5. You look really pretty in these pics, great Autumn must haves too :D x x

  6. you always look stunning!! i LOVE the primark bag!!! i adore autumn too, the colours are so inspiring and always makes me feel creative :D xx

  7. Love everything on this post! you look gorgeous xx


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