Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Crest Whitening Strips

Striving for a
Hollywood smile

- I have always been a huge fan of a gorgeous smile. I think that lovely, white teeth give you a great first impression of someone on an instant. Quite a long time ago I posted about my quest to whiter and brighter teeth.
[ That post is linked under the 'Teeth Whitening' tag if you'd like to read about other budget teeth whitening products i've tried ] I solely wanted to try the Crest Whitening strips because I too wanted a lovely set of knashers.

A couple of weeks ago my Grandma and Grandad flew over to America to see my aunt and my cousins for a few weeks. My Grandma is such a babe and asked me if there was anything that was 'Stateside official' that I wanted bringing back. Of course there were the usual requests such as Hersheys 'kisses' chocolates *yumyum!* and OPI Nail varnish but I also had another product in the back of my mind that I was dying to try!

All hail Crest Whitening Strips


- I was first introduced to them last year when my ex boyfriend had been bought some for Christmas and I was flabbergasted by the amazing results they left him with. I knew I just had to have some of that. Unfortunately they aren't as readily available in the UK :-( *sob* In the States you can pick them up from the local WalMart which is exactly where I was sending my Grandma the moment she got off the plane in Boston!
I sent her out with the instructions to buy the middle strength strips as I have uber sensitive teeth and I didn't want to endure half an hour of excruciating pain. Low and behold 3 weeks later I was presented with the beauties! And I couldn't bloody WAIT to try them out!


You can buy the whitening strips in a few different varieties such as 'Professional Effects', Gentle Routine' and '2 Hour Express'.


The ones that I have used are the 'Advanced Vivid' ones which states you dramatically start noticing the difference within 3 days. And boy did I!

In the little box you get 28 strips in total (One for your top teeth and one for your bottom set] There us 14 pouches included in the set so the treatment is intended to last a fortnight There is some instructions included also if your a first timer like me.

The routine is really simple. I like to use mine in the evening when i'm just chilling out, watching the telly and i've eaten.
The pack advises you don't do the treatment shortly after brushing your teeth for better results.

Are They Safe To Use?
The Strips are coated in Hydrogen Peroxide. This is the same 'enamel safe' ingredient that dentists use for tooth whitening. Tests have shown the product is safe when used correctly.

I have sensitive teeth, do they hurt?
I have really sensitive teeth and yes I was a little bit nervous about using them because of this reason alone. I noticed a little bit of something going on the first time I used them, it wasn't painful more like a little tingly sensation however this was only temporary and by strip number 2 I felt nothing.

When you open up the little foil pouch the gel strips are on a clear piece of plastic.


Peel them off the plastic as they are tacky and apply the long straight one to your top set of teeth. And the shorter more shaply strip to your bottom set. It's a little bit fiddly and you have to wrap the excess strip around the bottom and tops of your teeth so it's secure.


Now for the funny bit. [To begin with I admit I myself, was drooling all over myself and lisping like nobody's business]


The strip sort of like foams up on your teeth and the product is a little odd tasting I kept messing with the strip with my tongue and it made the tip of my tongue a little bit sore ha ha! So I advice you not to do that.

After the first application depending on how white your teeth already are you may find some little white patches on your teeth, don't worry I did too but after strip number 4 they disappeared.

You wear the stripes for 30 mins, then simply remove them and throw the drooley used strip away :) At this point I like to brush my teeth to get rid of the teeth and to reveal my gorgeous white teeth!


I urge anybody lady or gent to try these if you are looking for instant, bright white and gorgeous teeth! The strips lift all the stains on your teeth and if like me you thought you had white teeth then you will be very surprised after using these.

Now, they are a little pricey and I know it is COMPLETELY unlike me to EVER go for something expensive if there was a budget option to use instead! Sadly, Bodycare couldn't offer me an alternative but I can honestly 100% say that this treatment is the best thing i've ever used! It worked on an instant and I am so so so so happy with the results, you can see yourself how powerful they are! Absolutely amazing! They range from around £21 to about £39 depending on which type you buy.

Here are a couple of places you can buy them as like I said you can't buy them here :(

Crest say that you can use up to two treatments a year. I DEFINITELY will be doing this again but for now I am absolutely LOVING my hollywood smile! Just in time for my birthday :-) Woo!

I hope you found this helpful as I have been getting quite few questions on Twitter asking me how I got my teeth so white!



Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Doing it the right way

From fake tan ban to
To fake tan fan....again

Fake tanning the RIGHT WAY these days....


- Forgive me for being a little hypocritical here ladies but I am totally going back on my word. *slap on the wrist* Yes, I know that less than two months ago I vowed that I was through with the fake tan FOREVER, okay forever is a little strong but I definitely said I was going to have a little break from being a tantasic tan-a-holic after my own mother told me she was embarrassed to walk around with me with orange knees, black elbows and streaky feet.

For a few weeks I did very well sporting the 'pale and interesting' look. But when it came to nights out there was no way I was going to rock the Wakefield cobbles looking like Edward Cullen and I once again hit the bottle.

Although I am not as bad as I used to be obsessing over wearing a 'holiday glow' I still have my religious routine that if broken, I feel bereft COMPLETELY SAD...I know.

These days I still smell distinctly like a biscuit tin and have dark orange bits between my fingers and toes but I have gotten into a routine that i'm happy with and offers me a subtle glow but nothing too drastic. My mum hasn't commented on my skin tone alate so I must be looking half natural.

I always harp on about the crucial routine EXFOLIATE, MOISTURISE AND TAN :-)
These days I have my own little spin on each step.

1. Prep
Instead of using my all time favourite cherry body butter from The Bodyshop to moisturise with I replaced it with a gradual tanner. Although I think these products often risk the 'Umpalompa Effect' as they tend to result in an orange glow, when used lightly the outcome is much more satisfying. I found the body butter isn't a great product for the perfect fake tan. It is way too heavy and clogs your pores up so the tan sits unevenly on your skin. [I made this mistake before I had a spray tan for my prom] Use a light moisturiser it gives much better results. By using a gradual tanner it gives your skin a subtle baseline glow so your not applying an orangey / olivey fake tan onto harsh white skin albeit less chance of streaking and patchyness.

2. The actual tan.
Whether your using a green based or a red based fake tan always be aware of the 'dirty' phase this tends to happen more with the green based tanners like St Tropez and St Moriz. Don't apply it just before you go out or you'll be going out looking like you've just done a shift down the pit. This is where I went wrong. I always used to apply an extra layer for good measure before I went out and then wondered why my knees always looked bruised on the photographs. Apply it the night before and shower it off in the morning. Simples.

[This is the colour of my hand after using these fake tans and ofcourse everything else haha you'll see the different on the next swatch pic yes I am looking a little Edward Cullen-esc]

Pretty basic and self explanatory but use a mit. I have a really ace one from Bodycare [it was about 50p] that has an exfoliater, tan sponge and buffer all in one. It's really, really practical.

Yes, if your a regular reader of my blog you will already know i've tried every fake tan under the sun and will ALWAYS resort back to my trusty St Moriz.
Once again, I was scouting Bodycare in my free period and found something that caught my eye quicker than a Magpie with something shiny.

Hello Piz Buin 'Self Tanning Lotion + Colour Dial'


- With my mother CONSTANTLY asking me to just look sun kissed rather than orange I wanted something that allowed me to choose how dark or light I looked. This little baby offers me just that. For about 7 quid (That equates to two bottles of St Moriz) I get the choice of a subtle glow to a deep tan by just turning this nifty little dial.
[Obviously I always have it cranked up to the darkest] but for anybody who wants a choice it's brilliant.

I was a little confused at first as to why the lotion was white :S How on earth was this going to work? I soon realised that the baseline tan develops over a couple of hours. One minute I'm Snow White the next i'm well on my way to a Kardashian-esc complexion. =ing a VERY happy Hollie. The only downside to this product is that it has 'The smell' :-( so you couldn't really get away with wearing it without showering it off.

3. Maintaining.
When your showering twice a day, having a Lush bubble bath every other and constantly shaving your legs it's no surprise that the lovely tan you had on Saturday has washed away down the plughole by Tuesday. There is no preventing this without going back to my old ways. If you want to know about that dark time click on the [Fake Tan] link on subject list. You'll see. It was that bad I don't even dare link it ha ha!!!!

[My hand is without tan here.]

These days, I like to maintain my glow with a gel bronzer. I use either or of the products in the photograph and they help to keep my tan looking healthy and completely un patchy. I apply the bronzer after every shower and it helps to keep me tanned until the next 'big application' [phewf! Seems like a right task doesn't it?] This is why I always say I need to find a chap just as interested in taking care of themselves as I am. However, I realise this is completely impossible unless the guy was gay.

And that's all there is to it for me these days.
I hope this helped as I get loads of questions asking me about my tanning routine. :-)
I am a complete Tan-A-holic and I think I always will be :)

Holl x

Friday, 21 October 2011


Primark, Bodycare and New Look

- As you some of you ladies know, I have been having a very stressful time trying to make my very poorly laptop edit and upload videos to my channel. After having a few questions on Twitter as to why I haven't uploaded any videos in a while I felt I should let you know why. I honestly feel so rubbish about not being able to make videos for you all because as much as you like watching them, I like making them! But as I said before I will be getting a MacBook Pro for my birthday in about a months time it will make the whole editing and uploading process so so so so much better. - I CAN'T wait :-) So by the beginning of December you can expect to see videos back up on my channel. :-) *Yay*

I know you all LOVE a good haul as I do too, so instead of wasting the opportunity I thought it would be a nice idea to 'blog haul. I just picked up a few bits and bobs from town today.

New Look

Dress - £21.00

As you will probably know my birthday is on the horizon and I ALWAYS feel that such an occasion needs to be celebrated in style! Having been and still are on the look out for the ULTIMATE evening dress for my birthday 'do with my friends I felt it was time to look for something a little less glitzy but still intended for the evening for my family house party [yes my mum has gone wild inviting all the fam round for a good old knee's up] I went into New Look with this in mind and I found this little skater dress babe in the 'AX Paris' line.


I think it has a real 1960's edge to it. This photograph on the hanger doesn't do it justice. It is my perfect fit, body hugging around my small top half and more fluid around my tummy PERFECT! I can't wait to wear it with some burnt orange wedges that I have and the jewelry below.

Earrings - £3 - Necklace - £2

All the jewelry in New Look were in the sale today so I was in my element. Having found 'the dress' I needed some pieces to match. Some may disagree but I LOVE royal purple and orange together so these feather earrings were the perfect statement for a statement dress. This 'semi precious' pendant chain also looks really nice with the dress as it sits just at the waist line, subtle but seen!

- I absolutely love this dress! It's right up my street with the delicate, sheer balloon sleeves and the gold studs. It's the perfect mix of vamp glam and romantic delicacy.


Although I think it's a little bit long for me


[it sits just to my knee's and at 5 foot 3, it makes me appear even smaller than I actually am] so, what I do is hike it up with a skinny leopard print waist belt and bingo i'm instantly taller ;).


- I had been eyeing this BEAUTIFUL bracelet up for some time when I first saw it in the Leeds store. However, I never bought it and ended up thinking about it afterwards and wishing I had! ALL HAIL THE PRIMARK BARGAIN BUCKET! Low and behold in the sale was my Jaguar bracelet! I will admit it's not everybody's cup of tea but I love eccentric, and controversial pieces of jewelry, particularly bracelets like this layered up.


As a skincare newbie so to speak I have gotten into the whole 'cleanse' 'tone' and 'moisturise' procedure, I have noticed dramatic differences with my skin since sticking to a good skincare routine! For 89p [yes you read correctly ha ha] I picked up this Derma v10 day cream. It is such a soft and light souffle that sits really nicely underneath my foundation.


My skin feels really nourished and truth be told, I don't really notice any difference between how my skin feels after using my old trusty favourite Clinque 'Dramatically Different Moisturiser.' I don't like a heavy moisturiser on my face and this completely ticks all my boxes, I think I may go back and buy the night cream too. If you are looking for a REALLY cheap alternative to the higher end brand moisturisers give this a go for the price you can't go wrong!


Ever had that horribly limp, lifeless and super, super soft hair after you've washed it? I HATE it! I always prefer texture, and volume in my hair otherwise I think I just look stupid. I was completely out of my Loreal mousse and needed a quick fix! For £1! I got this extra hold 400ml bottle of 'Studio 2000' professional styling mousse with vitamin B and extra conditioner for shine. I used it this morning and surprisingly it is really good. I figured because it was cheap and the fact it was for 'extra' volume it would be sticky and clog my hair up. The light mousse gave me plenty of volume. CHECK. I will definitely re purchase is place of my £4 Loreal alternative.


Can't quite part with £13.50 for a MAC lippy? No, this month I couldn't either but I was craving a new pink-nude lipstick as my Maybelline 'Ambre Rose' had been used up. Housed in Revlon lippy rip off packaging I found 'Melba' [what is it with that name for everything!] It hit the spot for what I wanted and it is so creamy and it lasts for quite a while and for £2 again, it's a handbag staple! It's a great dupe for MAC's 'Creme De Nude' and 'Myth'.


I have been using the Crest Whitening strips that my lovely Grandma brought me home from America, if anybody has noticed my teeth! I will be doing a full review and post on that after I have finished the treatment course in another week or so! :-) I haven't even completed a week yet and I can definitely see the results.

I also bought some really boring things like a new tanning mit, facial wipes and some deodorant but that's all boring really isn't it?

Anyway, hope you all have a good weekend girls  and please link your blogs below so I can have a peep at them! :-)


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tums & Bums!

This time I will
definitely stick to it...


- I think it would be pretty safe to say that every woman wants to look super sexy wearing her favourite dress and heels. Whether we ripped our LBD from it's hanger for an occasion or simply for 'boogie times' on a night out on the town we want to look damn right glamourous wearing THAT dress.

Last night I attended an 18th birthday party at a local bar. Attending were plenty of girlies and guys that I hadn't seen since high school and it was really nice to catch up with some old faces. Also attending were masses and masses of gorgeous girlies wearing stunning figure hugging dresses. I was there too and yep, I was wearing my figure hugging dress. The only difference between myself and half of the girls at the party was the fact I was wearing a double set of 'Spanx Pants'.

Now, I know what your thinking. And I shall explain the point of this.

I have absolutely no idea what dress size I am. I buy and wear what fits me nicely when I try it on, regardless of whether it be a size 12 pair of jeans, a size 10 pair of jeans a size 14 top or a size 10 cardigan.
Dress sizes vary from shop to shop. Everybody knows that.
After having a root through my wardrobe, I have come to the conclusion that most of my clothes are sizes 10-12

So what's the problem here?

Every girl has some insecurities about certain aspects of her body. In the glamorous world of celebrity culture we only have to walk passed the local shop and we can most likely see the weekly glossy' with Kim Kardash looking uber stunning in a figure hugging number or Cheryl Cole on the beach with her enviable toned stomach. Not a belly roll in sight. (I hope she remembers to breath out) 

My insecurity ever since probably the age of 12 when I really started noticing my body changing  is my stomach and my hips. Now, PLEASE girls don't read this and think "Pahh what are you talking about you silly girl get a grip". Please trust me on this one.

I have a very strange figure in the way I am not one shape nor the other. By that I mean that I don't have curves and I don't have a 'straight up and down' body shape. 
Basically I never really developed boobies that were definitely boobies. I got to a B cup and that was that. Although I don't know what I was expecting as most of the ladies in my family haven't got a big chest!
So my top half is quite petite. It is when we get to my waist that things start to look out of proportion.
Unlike my 'wasp waist' size 8 all over mummy [lucky her she has a fantastic figure and still does even after having me! :(]
I don't really have a defined waist. I just have a mound from there on down. 
The best way to describe this is to imagine I have a rubber ring around my midriff making my hips and tummy look rather unshapely. 

Because I don't have a very big chest I don't seem to balance out very well. To combat this I dress usually in loose, floaty blouses that don't hug my body. 


I would absolutely LOVE to wear a bodycon dress and feel sexy and glam wearing it. Even in the Spanx pants that I had on last night I felt so disproportional and well, fat. I did not feel my best and subsequently had abit of a crap time. 
I have always felt the same way about my stomach I just look at myself in the mirror, and something isn't right. I just feel bloated and huge. 
Part of this problem I will be the first to admit is my diet and my exercise regime. Since passing my driving test I walk nowhere and the most amount of exercise I get is probably walking up and down the stairs. I have found that I am getting breathless more easily and I am ridiculously unfit! :-(
About two years ago I was feeling the same way, once again my stomach made me feel very insecure and I religiously hammered out 30 minutes per evening on the cross trainer. Although it took a very long time all my family and myself noticed a difference! Sadly, gorging on chocolate and take aways when I felt stressed about my GCSE's and AS's resulted in my bloated stomach rearing it's ugly head once again.
I eat so much junk and barely drink one glass of water a day. I am SO UNHEALTHY! 
This is leading me to headaches and discomfort. Oh and a massive tummy.

It is for these reasons alone that I have taken onboard the Slimming World mantra
"Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"

I absolutely LOVE this quote. I think it is seriously time to start and become more healthy and tone up the wobbly cellulite bum and the big mound stomach. 

This is starting tomorrow. (As in Monday 17th October)

I am looking to drink 2 bottles of water whilst I am at college to keep me hydrated (it will also work wonders on my skin!) I am hoping to feel less drowsy. Through not drinking enough water I tend to practically fall asleep in my lessons and feel very lethargic. 
My reasons for not doing so before is that it is a pain having to keep going to the toilet all the time!

Instead of gorging on chocolate, buns and fizzy drinks I will snack on dried fruit, fruit and almonds. I am not really looking forward to this as I never feel full and tend to just think "Oh balls to it i'm going to buy a snickers'....
And here's the biggie
I am cutting out bread. Yikes.

Onto exercise. I'm pretty skint at the moment and although I am a member of a gym it is pay as you go so I will be starting that next week when I get paid.
I will be aiming to go on Monday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons.
With this, dedication, determination, perseverance and commitment is what is needed.
I always used to go to the gym once, not go for two weeks and then wonder why nothing is happening.


I want to look trim and feel sexy wearing my bodycon dress. Not only this, but I want to feel healthier, and become much more physically fit. 

So tomorrow we are off the starting line to see if I can tone up and feel good!

I will be documenting this little journey frequently 
Wish me luck!


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Product Review / Rave

Sunkissed Sunlight bronze'
Shimmering Souffle

- As you will already know I am a huuuuge fan of fake tan. And despite the fact my own mother claims she is embarrassed to walk around with me wearing it I will NEVER stop using it. She has even blackmailed me by telling me I can have a spray tan for my 18th if I just quit with the tan. I have had numerous lectures over the passed months about how 'horrible' it looks and how 'no guys will come near me because it's so awful' Well let me tell you mother dear, I will ALWAYS, always, always be a fake tan fan! I will never stop!

Okay, so quite a while ago now I uploaded this video regarding a similar priced fake tan that was a direct opponent of the much loved and worshipped St Moriz.

The Sunkissed Sunlight bronzer mousse differed from the St Moriz with the way it gave a more brown/red tan rather than a greeny/brown toned tan. For me, the red based tan looked more natural and I immediately switched to using the Sunkissed tanning products.

Since then I have swapped and changed and messed around with almost all of the lower end fake tans but have absolutely loved using the 'St Moriz' lotion. I find you get a more even tan and it applies much more smoothly than the mousse.

It was then that I started getting the green annoyance again. I wasn't really a fan of the 'dirty' effect it gave my skin as the baseline colour developed. As a daily fake tanner I never really enjoyed the period of 'even tan' and I always seem to be in the dirty phase. It was also not so good when I applied it before a night out, I was going out with a developing tan on because I never have any time to apply it, leave it and shower it. :| I wanted something different, something that gaved me a mahogany based tan and didn't leave me in the 'dirty phase'

I was crackers to even think such a fake tan existed right?


After a much awaited Bodycare trip on Saturday I found something interesting in the fake tan corner.


Deemed to be 'instant bronzing', 'long lasting', 'fast drying' and 'no streaks' the Sunissed, sunlight bronze - Shimmering Souffle is such a winner in my eyes.

" Specially formulated moiturising & tinted body lotion that combines fine particles of glitter to add a spectacular sparkle to that SUNKISSED summer glow. This shimmering body souffle is also perfect for highlighting cheekbones and decolletage."

Okay, so I know your girlies are all sat there with bated breath and a grimaced expression thinking "no no no no no holl! SHIMMERING??!!! what are you thinking???"

Bur trust me, this little beauty is not at all what you think. I did not end up looking like a tanned Edward Cullen.

I applied this lotion based 'souffle' and the first thing I noticed was the beautiful smell of coconuts! Totally reminded me of holidays and the summertime.
I then noticed how beautifully it applied to my skin literally like air! and thirdly and most importantly the beautiful, instant colour!

- And I actually really love the shimmeryness of it!


It is not at all heavy like the St Moriz lotion and there is no nasty dirty stage to contend with. After putting it on my skin before I went to bed I woke up to a lovely, even and 'ready to go' tan. It wasn't dirty, I didn't smell like a biscuit and I looked really sunkissed!


I have had the shimmering souffle on for three days now and not one part of me is scaly. I will be exfoliating tonight before reapplying on top of my gradual tanning moisturiser and then I will most definitely be using it again.

I really recommend this product if you are like me and your not a fan of the 'dirty stage' want an instant tan and prefer a reddish/brown tan over a greenish/brown tan.

I even used it as a highlight this morning.



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