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Doing it the right way

From fake tan ban to
To fake tan fan....again

Fake tanning the RIGHT WAY these days....


- Forgive me for being a little hypocritical here ladies but I am totally going back on my word. *slap on the wrist* Yes, I know that less than two months ago I vowed that I was through with the fake tan FOREVER, okay forever is a little strong but I definitely said I was going to have a little break from being a tantasic tan-a-holic after my own mother told me she was embarrassed to walk around with me with orange knees, black elbows and streaky feet.

For a few weeks I did very well sporting the 'pale and interesting' look. But when it came to nights out there was no way I was going to rock the Wakefield cobbles looking like Edward Cullen and I once again hit the bottle.

Although I am not as bad as I used to be obsessing over wearing a 'holiday glow' I still have my religious routine that if broken, I feel bereft COMPLETELY SAD...I know.

These days I still smell distinctly like a biscuit tin and have dark orange bits between my fingers and toes but I have gotten into a routine that i'm happy with and offers me a subtle glow but nothing too drastic. My mum hasn't commented on my skin tone alate so I must be looking half natural.

I always harp on about the crucial routine EXFOLIATE, MOISTURISE AND TAN :-)
These days I have my own little spin on each step.

1. Prep
Instead of using my all time favourite cherry body butter from The Bodyshop to moisturise with I replaced it with a gradual tanner. Although I think these products often risk the 'Umpalompa Effect' as they tend to result in an orange glow, when used lightly the outcome is much more satisfying. I found the body butter isn't a great product for the perfect fake tan. It is way too heavy and clogs your pores up so the tan sits unevenly on your skin. [I made this mistake before I had a spray tan for my prom] Use a light moisturiser it gives much better results. By using a gradual tanner it gives your skin a subtle baseline glow so your not applying an orangey / olivey fake tan onto harsh white skin albeit less chance of streaking and patchyness.

2. The actual tan.
Whether your using a green based or a red based fake tan always be aware of the 'dirty' phase this tends to happen more with the green based tanners like St Tropez and St Moriz. Don't apply it just before you go out or you'll be going out looking like you've just done a shift down the pit. This is where I went wrong. I always used to apply an extra layer for good measure before I went out and then wondered why my knees always looked bruised on the photographs. Apply it the night before and shower it off in the morning. Simples.

[This is the colour of my hand after using these fake tans and ofcourse everything else haha you'll see the different on the next swatch pic yes I am looking a little Edward Cullen-esc]

Pretty basic and self explanatory but use a mit. I have a really ace one from Bodycare [it was about 50p] that has an exfoliater, tan sponge and buffer all in one. It's really, really practical.

Yes, if your a regular reader of my blog you will already know i've tried every fake tan under the sun and will ALWAYS resort back to my trusty St Moriz.
Once again, I was scouting Bodycare in my free period and found something that caught my eye quicker than a Magpie with something shiny.

Hello Piz Buin 'Self Tanning Lotion + Colour Dial'


- With my mother CONSTANTLY asking me to just look sun kissed rather than orange I wanted something that allowed me to choose how dark or light I looked. This little baby offers me just that. For about 7 quid (That equates to two bottles of St Moriz) I get the choice of a subtle glow to a deep tan by just turning this nifty little dial.
[Obviously I always have it cranked up to the darkest] but for anybody who wants a choice it's brilliant.

I was a little confused at first as to why the lotion was white :S How on earth was this going to work? I soon realised that the baseline tan develops over a couple of hours. One minute I'm Snow White the next i'm well on my way to a Kardashian-esc complexion. =ing a VERY happy Hollie. The only downside to this product is that it has 'The smell' :-( so you couldn't really get away with wearing it without showering it off.

3. Maintaining.
When your showering twice a day, having a Lush bubble bath every other and constantly shaving your legs it's no surprise that the lovely tan you had on Saturday has washed away down the plughole by Tuesday. There is no preventing this without going back to my old ways. If you want to know about that dark time click on the [Fake Tan] link on subject list. You'll see. It was that bad I don't even dare link it ha ha!!!!

[My hand is without tan here.]

These days, I like to maintain my glow with a gel bronzer. I use either or of the products in the photograph and they help to keep my tan looking healthy and completely un patchy. I apply the bronzer after every shower and it helps to keep me tanned until the next 'big application' [phewf! Seems like a right task doesn't it?] This is why I always say I need to find a chap just as interested in taking care of themselves as I am. However, I realise this is completely impossible unless the guy was gay.

And that's all there is to it for me these days.
I hope this helped as I get loads of questions asking me about my tanning routine. :-)
I am a complete Tan-A-holic and I think I always will be :)

Holl x


  1. I need to back into a fake tanning routine. I can never keep it up though I'm far too lazy :) like you said, I apply it for the weekend & it's almost gone at the start of the week! I tend to just leave it to come off till the next weekend, but in between I wish I kept it up :)

    I've been using the garnier summer body with either st moritz or lauren's way tan! Is the dove one better?


  2. I like my clothes and make up look much betta with a tan funny isn't it i just need to keep up with it! and buy darker bed sheets lol xx

  3. i can never be bothered tanning it takes to long to so and maintain xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/



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