Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Product Review / Rave

Sunkissed Sunlight bronze'
Shimmering Souffle

- As you will already know I am a huuuuge fan of fake tan. And despite the fact my own mother claims she is embarrassed to walk around with me wearing it I will NEVER stop using it. She has even blackmailed me by telling me I can have a spray tan for my 18th if I just quit with the tan. I have had numerous lectures over the passed months about how 'horrible' it looks and how 'no guys will come near me because it's so awful' Well let me tell you mother dear, I will ALWAYS, always, always be a fake tan fan! I will never stop!

Okay, so quite a while ago now I uploaded this video regarding a similar priced fake tan that was a direct opponent of the much loved and worshipped St Moriz.

The Sunkissed Sunlight bronzer mousse differed from the St Moriz with the way it gave a more brown/red tan rather than a greeny/brown toned tan. For me, the red based tan looked more natural and I immediately switched to using the Sunkissed tanning products.

Since then I have swapped and changed and messed around with almost all of the lower end fake tans but have absolutely loved using the 'St Moriz' lotion. I find you get a more even tan and it applies much more smoothly than the mousse.

It was then that I started getting the green annoyance again. I wasn't really a fan of the 'dirty' effect it gave my skin as the baseline colour developed. As a daily fake tanner I never really enjoyed the period of 'even tan' and I always seem to be in the dirty phase. It was also not so good when I applied it before a night out, I was going out with a developing tan on because I never have any time to apply it, leave it and shower it. :| I wanted something different, something that gaved me a mahogany based tan and didn't leave me in the 'dirty phase'

I was crackers to even think such a fake tan existed right?


After a much awaited Bodycare trip on Saturday I found something interesting in the fake tan corner.


Deemed to be 'instant bronzing', 'long lasting', 'fast drying' and 'no streaks' the Sunissed, sunlight bronze - Shimmering Souffle is such a winner in my eyes.

" Specially formulated moiturising & tinted body lotion that combines fine particles of glitter to add a spectacular sparkle to that SUNKISSED summer glow. This shimmering body souffle is also perfect for highlighting cheekbones and decolletage."

Okay, so I know your girlies are all sat there with bated breath and a grimaced expression thinking "no no no no no holl! SHIMMERING??!!! what are you thinking???"

Bur trust me, this little beauty is not at all what you think. I did not end up looking like a tanned Edward Cullen.

I applied this lotion based 'souffle' and the first thing I noticed was the beautiful smell of coconuts! Totally reminded me of holidays and the summertime.
I then noticed how beautifully it applied to my skin literally like air! and thirdly and most importantly the beautiful, instant colour!

- And I actually really love the shimmeryness of it!


It is not at all heavy like the St Moriz lotion and there is no nasty dirty stage to contend with. After putting it on my skin before I went to bed I woke up to a lovely, even and 'ready to go' tan. It wasn't dirty, I didn't smell like a biscuit and I looked really sunkissed!


I have had the shimmering souffle on for three days now and not one part of me is scaly. I will be exfoliating tonight before reapplying on top of my gradual tanning moisturiser and then I will most definitely be using it again.

I really recommend this product if you are like me and your not a fan of the 'dirty stage' want an instant tan and prefer a reddish/brown tan over a greenish/brown tan.

I even used it as a highlight this morning.





  1. Brilliant im always on the look out for a cheap but good fake tan. Thank u xx

  2. Looks so good. What is Bodycare? Is it like Sally's.. haven't heard of it before!

  3. that product looks amazing, and i so agree about the dirty look st moriz someitmes gives! xx

  4. This looks nice! Shame I don't have a Bodycare near me when I'm at Uni! Good job that the greeny phase of St Moriz isn't too much of an issue for me because I let it deveplop overnight, I'm too paranoid about stinking of fake tan to dare let it develop in the day time! Xx

  5. You and your faketan obsession makes me laugh wakez! :P

  6. cant wait to check this tan out xx

    my blog :

    Lauren x

  7. it looks really good :)
    i wanna try it out now!

  8. I've never seen this tan before but I'm deffo gunna be keeping my eyes peeled for it now. looks a lush colour too!

    Em xx


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