Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tums & Bums!

This time I will
definitely stick to it...


- I think it would be pretty safe to say that every woman wants to look super sexy wearing her favourite dress and heels. Whether we ripped our LBD from it's hanger for an occasion or simply for 'boogie times' on a night out on the town we want to look damn right glamourous wearing THAT dress.

Last night I attended an 18th birthday party at a local bar. Attending were plenty of girlies and guys that I hadn't seen since high school and it was really nice to catch up with some old faces. Also attending were masses and masses of gorgeous girlies wearing stunning figure hugging dresses. I was there too and yep, I was wearing my figure hugging dress. The only difference between myself and half of the girls at the party was the fact I was wearing a double set of 'Spanx Pants'.

Now, I know what your thinking. And I shall explain the point of this.

I have absolutely no idea what dress size I am. I buy and wear what fits me nicely when I try it on, regardless of whether it be a size 12 pair of jeans, a size 10 pair of jeans a size 14 top or a size 10 cardigan.
Dress sizes vary from shop to shop. Everybody knows that.
After having a root through my wardrobe, I have come to the conclusion that most of my clothes are sizes 10-12

So what's the problem here?

Every girl has some insecurities about certain aspects of her body. In the glamorous world of celebrity culture we only have to walk passed the local shop and we can most likely see the weekly glossy' with Kim Kardash looking uber stunning in a figure hugging number or Cheryl Cole on the beach with her enviable toned stomach. Not a belly roll in sight. (I hope she remembers to breath out) 

My insecurity ever since probably the age of 12 when I really started noticing my body changing  is my stomach and my hips. Now, PLEASE girls don't read this and think "Pahh what are you talking about you silly girl get a grip". Please trust me on this one.

I have a very strange figure in the way I am not one shape nor the other. By that I mean that I don't have curves and I don't have a 'straight up and down' body shape. 
Basically I never really developed boobies that were definitely boobies. I got to a B cup and that was that. Although I don't know what I was expecting as most of the ladies in my family haven't got a big chest!
So my top half is quite petite. It is when we get to my waist that things start to look out of proportion.
Unlike my 'wasp waist' size 8 all over mummy [lucky her she has a fantastic figure and still does even after having me! :(]
I don't really have a defined waist. I just have a mound from there on down. 
The best way to describe this is to imagine I have a rubber ring around my midriff making my hips and tummy look rather unshapely. 

Because I don't have a very big chest I don't seem to balance out very well. To combat this I dress usually in loose, floaty blouses that don't hug my body. 


I would absolutely LOVE to wear a bodycon dress and feel sexy and glam wearing it. Even in the Spanx pants that I had on last night I felt so disproportional and well, fat. I did not feel my best and subsequently had abit of a crap time. 
I have always felt the same way about my stomach I just look at myself in the mirror, and something isn't right. I just feel bloated and huge. 
Part of this problem I will be the first to admit is my diet and my exercise regime. Since passing my driving test I walk nowhere and the most amount of exercise I get is probably walking up and down the stairs. I have found that I am getting breathless more easily and I am ridiculously unfit! :-(
About two years ago I was feeling the same way, once again my stomach made me feel very insecure and I religiously hammered out 30 minutes per evening on the cross trainer. Although it took a very long time all my family and myself noticed a difference! Sadly, gorging on chocolate and take aways when I felt stressed about my GCSE's and AS's resulted in my bloated stomach rearing it's ugly head once again.
I eat so much junk and barely drink one glass of water a day. I am SO UNHEALTHY! 
This is leading me to headaches and discomfort. Oh and a massive tummy.

It is for these reasons alone that I have taken onboard the Slimming World mantra
"Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"

I absolutely LOVE this quote. I think it is seriously time to start and become more healthy and tone up the wobbly cellulite bum and the big mound stomach. 

This is starting tomorrow. (As in Monday 17th October)

I am looking to drink 2 bottles of water whilst I am at college to keep me hydrated (it will also work wonders on my skin!) I am hoping to feel less drowsy. Through not drinking enough water I tend to practically fall asleep in my lessons and feel very lethargic. 
My reasons for not doing so before is that it is a pain having to keep going to the toilet all the time!

Instead of gorging on chocolate, buns and fizzy drinks I will snack on dried fruit, fruit and almonds. I am not really looking forward to this as I never feel full and tend to just think "Oh balls to it i'm going to buy a snickers'....
And here's the biggie
I am cutting out bread. Yikes.

Onto exercise. I'm pretty skint at the moment and although I am a member of a gym it is pay as you go so I will be starting that next week when I get paid.
I will be aiming to go on Monday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons.
With this, dedication, determination, perseverance and commitment is what is needed.
I always used to go to the gym once, not go for two weeks and then wonder why nothing is happening.


I want to look trim and feel sexy wearing my bodycon dress. Not only this, but I want to feel healthier, and become much more physically fit. 

So tomorrow we are off the starting line to see if I can tone up and feel good!

I will be documenting this little journey frequently 
Wish me luck!



  1. I'm on the same kind of health kick at the moment too! Good luck! xoxo

  2. Good luck to you! Yikes, admitting it on your blog means you now have to stick to this regime (I'm sure that's what you had in mind). I take my hat off to you: I'll probably be forever telling myself that 'from Monday I'm going to...' not admitting it to others means that I never actually do any of it. You're brave! Good on you :)

  3. Ooh what a honest post Hollie! I think you don't need to lose any weight as you're gorgeous as you are but I have issues too so I know how you feel! I feel like all I do is eat at the moment, shall we blame the weather? But good luck :) x

  4. good for you and i hope you stick to it xx good luck xx

    my blog :


  5. i feel excacly the same holz! its just my tummy too :-) you make me want to be healthy haha x

  6. Wishing you the BEST of luck! let us know how you get on! xx

  7. I am feeling the same as you and have been thinking about doing this alot lately! thanks for the inspiration! xx

  8. I am absolutely feeling the same about my body and try to change my eating habits... since last Saturday. Banning bread isn't as hard as you may think! Good luck x

  9. on your blog means you now have to stick to this regime (I'm sure that's what you had in mind). I take my hat off to you: I'll probably be forever telling myself that 'from Monday I'm going to...' not admitting it to others means that I never actually do any of it. You're brave! Good on you. Swiss watch trends is today's jewelries fashions.


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