Sunday, 27 November 2011

And All Around These Golden Beacons, I
 See Nothing But Black ....♥

[A rather strange post title I know, all will be revealed in my NOTD ♥]

- If you follow me on Twitter I am sure you will have seen me repeatedly tweeting on about my birthday which is coming up on Tuesday *yay*. I know I go on about it but I am just SOOOO excited. My parents have been very generous as it is such a big birthday and I am very lucky to be able to celebrate three times this week. 

A big birthday certainly calls for some extreme beauty pampering! I was lucky enough to have had my hair re coloured a gorgeous, vibrant warm red. It was a nightmare waiting for my appointment to come around, sporting a completely washed out, pink-toned, rooty mop. I was overjoyed on Thursday to finally have a lush colour back. Jess, my hairdresser did a great job and settled my concerns as I was unsure about having a bleach on my already damaged hair. We only left the bleach on for 6 minutes and believe it or not my hair didn't look any different. I was expecting to turn ginge in an instant. We then slapped the red dye on and I was amazed to see that FINALLY my hair looked red. I know it sounds odd but after applying gallons of red dye onto my hair it only ever looked red in the light and I wanted it to look red in any light. I am pleased to say that having a little bleach applied my hair, my hair was sent rocketing into
red alert. And better still my hair is in lush condition! *woohoo*

Being the birthday babe I was also treated to having my nails done. As a regular nail nibbler [Absolutely ming, I know] it is always rather embarrassing for me to show people my hands I knew I needed acrylic to save my cringe tastic nails. They took around an hour and half to be completed.


I chose a mysterious black with tiny gold flecks as my main nail colour and opted for a sparkly celebratory tip courtesy of OPI. I am sooo pleased with them and even my mum who is not a fan of dark nail varnish loved them! I opted for these colours as both my party dresses are dark in colour. I think black nail polish is just me.

I am also having an airbrush SU-DO tan next week in preparation for my Sex And The City party! I shall be posting OOTD'S, birthday vlogs, posts and pictures in the order of the celebrations. That way you will be able to see each outfit in more detail. :)
HOWEVER, I will give you a sneaky preview of the shoes I will be wearing over all three nights. 

I ABSOLUTELY adore these babes and better still, they were a barginous £13 from Leeds market!! They also came in gold.

Despite a nasty bug affecting not only myself but a few of my family members, this weekend hosted a family celebration where all my family came together for a good old party. I wore this 1970's inspired shift dress from New Look, teamed with a black and gold skinny belt.

Dress - New Look
Belt - Primark
Earrings - New Look
Waistcoat - Zara
Shoes - Pop Boutique (my dad had a fit about stilettos on his wood floor so I opted for a 'wood friendly' wedge)

Here are a few photo's of the night for you to see, How awesome is my cupcake cake!! Hehe!
I did vlog a lot that night and I will merge it together with footage from the upcoming nights for you to see my birthday shenanigans! 


Love, Holl x


  1. This dress is GORGEOUS! You looked so stunning :) Happy Birthday for Tuesday x

  2. i love those shoes so much i want some xx

    my blog :


  3. Combination from heaven!! what a great idea to pair the dress with a waistcoat, love it!!!!

  4. You look gorgeous! And those cakes look seriously yummy!


  5. i absoloutely adore you're blog Hollie! literally, i think i've read every post because it's rather addicting *blush much?!* excuse my little fangirl rave there!
    just thought i'd say,♥

  6. Gorgeous dress, really sweet pictures :) Happy Birthday for Tuesday!xx

  7. You look great, love that dress! The shoes are gorgeous, i would never be able to walk in them haha!

  8. You look beautiful Hollie!!
    So do those cakes mmmm xxx

  9. love love love! :)


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