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- Whether it be on Twitter, YouTube or indeed here on blogger I am betting that EVERYBODY who reads beauty blogs or writes them has heard of the term 'Glossybox'. Now, girls, I know what you are thinking. Oh for goodness sake, not ANOTHER review! *facepalm*

Yes, this may be another Glossybox post however, I am reviewing the product with an 18 year olds opinion in mind. And given that most of my readers are around that age give or take a few years this post is definitely worth while to read.

After seeing the fabulous content of the September Glossybox and being inundated monthly with Glossybox phenomena I have been considering for some time whether to just take the plunge and sign up for my very own. As a budget beauty babe I often stay clear of 'high end products' and stick to my Bodycare and drugstore favourites however, sometimes in life us girls need a little luxury right?


After being very generously offered to try out the October box I thought it would be a great idea to actually sit with the box in front of me and ponder whether I would recruit myself as a subscriber.

Now, I am sure you have already seen what was inside the October box but I have been doing a little bit of road testing with the products that came inside and asked myself the most important question of all.

Is it really worth it?

First things first was I happy with what I received? I certainly LOVE the packaging and the feeling of luxury I got from opening up the beautiful box. I felt very special indeed! Just like Christmas, although I kind of knew what I was getting as this box has done the rounds here in bloggyland!

Robert Piguet Eau de Parfums (8ml samples, full size product is 50 ml for £65.00)
- Perfume samples, always handy for your handbag and what not and surprisingly I am rather fond of the scent named 'Visa', this I actually am contemplating buying the full sized product as I like the scent. The other two scents I can take or leave.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails Colour and Care ( 12 ml full size sample £11.00)
- I am pleased to have received a full size sample in this months box and I also like the colour, I know that for winter it's not really the shade but for the summer time I shall be sporting this on my toes for sure. I have the colour 'Hanky Panky' and I am aware that other boxes contained varying colours. I am actually wearing this shade now and although the colour needs a few coats to become opaque - it hasn't chipped in 7 days. *YAY*

Dermalogica Age Smart Samples. Multivitamin Thermafoliant (15ml sample, 75ml full size £40.50) Multivitamin Power Recover Masque (15ml sample, 70ml full size £33.00) and the Renewal Lip Complex (1ml sample, 1.75ml full size £22.50) This products also came with a cute and rather handy Dermalogica bag
- Okay so I have tried out all of these samples and I like them all, although they have worked no more miracles on my skin (which is going through a particularly nasty stage at the moment) than my Neutrogena 2in1 wash and mask. So are they really worth the price of the full sized product? And secondly, the majority of women subscribing to the Glossybox are young. I know that Glossybox are catering to everybody but at 18, I could do with some products helping the problems young people get such as spots and oily skin etc.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner (Full size product £13.00)
- Now this is more up my street! Something versatile for every age! I have literally worn this everyday since receiving the Glossybox the shade 'Moray' suits all eye colours and really enhances the green in my eyes particularly. It is also extremely waterproof. Through my week of tears and tantrums this stuff did not budge!

And heres what I think.
I enjoyed the surprise of opening my Glossybox and seeing what goodies were inside, and yes I was pleased to receive two full sized products that would have cost me over the subscription price alone...oh and the joy of trying out new products, as a beauty blogger this is always going to be a good thing right?
However, the question is will I be subscribing to Glossybox?
Although I love the concept... for a student with barely any disposable income (none at all when I go to uni next year) I just KNOW that I can't afford to shell out a tenner and a month and then pay P + P.. it's just not justifiable for a student and obviously it is us who read the blogs and hear about these things and want to try them!

I know that the box costs probably way less than what I spend on beauty items in a month however, I would like to be certain that I will like the things I am receiving. I don't want to pay £10 + P&P for products I know will just sit in a draw which is what is very, very likely to happen.
I am very shallow *yes slap on the wrist* and only tend to go for the products that I know i'll love (usually products I have read about here on blogger and the ones doing the 'bloggy hype' )I reckon if the girls with the pennies to subscribe write a good review on a product they receive in the box I am more likely to buy it that way.

I know that the Glossybox concept is practical for lots of lovely ladies however, for myself as a struggling student it isn't practical. I would like to thank Glossybox for giving me the opportunity to sample their concept and who knows if Glossybox is still around when I can afford to feed myself as well as 'glossy it up' I might well subscribe!

Do you subscribe to Glossybox? What are your personal pro's and con's of the concept?

Love, Holl

ps. What do you think of the spot of decorating I did?


  1. i really wish switzerland and/or france would have things like glossybox... :/

  2. I'm so with you when it comes to the price. I treated myself to one when it first came out and I did love the whole surprise element that it offers, but the next month I had to unsubscribe as the pennies just weren't there to fund it! One day when I'm older and richer... haha x

  3. as if you got a hand written note o.O

  4. I've always wanted to subscribe but like you dont really like the idea of receiving items i wont need or use :( One day I'll order one for sure :)

  5. and in all fairness, I'm a student and I have 3 different boxes :P

  6. Really pleased to read this. I have a very limited income and keep wondering if it's worth subscribing but wondered how much of it I'd actually use. £10 on products towards a full size product you actually want seemed like a safer bet to me. I think I'll hold off on signing up to Glossybox until I have a bit more money. Love the nail varnish though!

    Laura x

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  8. i love glossy box it is such a good idea xx

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  9. I was going to make the comment that GlossyBox is not necessarily marketed towards 18 (+/- 1 or 2 years) year olds. As they are sampling luxury brands, it only makes sense that there aren't many young girls who are able to fork over the money for full priced products that GB are offering to try out. I'm 25 and well established in life, so I can afford the $21/month, but if I knew 16-19 year olds are feeding their beauty product addiction with top tier (read: expensive) type brands, I'd be quite put off. I don't like that college students are being fully supported by their parents and my opinion is that if they complain about the price and products they are receiving, then they aren't using the correct service. Maybe Birch Box would be a better fit. But if you are someone that often gravitates towards luxury products and are able to afford it, GB is a 5 star option in my opinion. I'm glad you made the differentiation here, I just hate to see a company suffer a negative opinion simply because the consumer had expectations that are not aligned with the company's purpose.

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