15 November 2011


Leeds Blogger Meet 
November '11


- I know that I am a little bit late writing this post up girls and i'm sure if you follow lots of beauty and fashion blogs especially the blogging beauties from "up north" you may have already read a little bit about this amazing day in Leeds. Although I am a complete plonker and left my camera at home on the most important day to date in my blogging life! I have been a little thief and stolen some of the pictures taken by the other gorgeous girls! All of whom I will link their blogs so you can go and check them out if you don't already.


- So Saturday morning came around and by chance it was my Saturday off! After being royally upset all week due to one thing and another (mainly bashing my car up and my parents not really recognizing the effort I went to, to fix it back up!) *sob* lets not even get into that ha ha! I was also stressing about failing at college.. which I am... in the most important year *eek!* I just felt absolutely whack. With my upset building, my lovely Grandma & Grandad took me into town for a coffee. They never fail to cheer me up and I feel bad for being a right moody so and so that morning! Anyway, the night before the gorgeous Jo @lespoirdemavie (it is a great story in itself how Jo and I know each one another) reminded me about the #leedsbloggermeet. I had heard about it through twitter a couple of weeks ago but with everything going on alate I totally forgot!!! Oops!!! I feel really bad because I just felt so rubbishy that week I didn't really fancy it... it turned out to be an absolutely fantastic day! I LOVED every single moment!!! :-) A HUGE!!!! thank-you to the amazing Ray and Tor who arranged it all for us!!!


- After hitting River Island with my G & G's I soon cheered up when my Grandma picked me out a gorgeous dress for my birthday night meal!  :-) I was due to meet the girls at around 12:30 so after much encouragement from my G's I hopped on the 110 bus and headed for the city...extremely nervous but bloody excited! Frantically texting the lovely Sinead @daintydollymix I was so worried about being late! I waited for Jo who was on the bus behind me (not literally behind me Sinead ha ha) and off we trotted to the corn xchange where we were greeted with these fabulous goody bags!!!


( I will be doing a review of some of the goodies tomorrow)


And almost 20 of the lovely bloggers. It was here that I knew that it was going to be a guuurd day - everyone was just so friendly and lovely..although I found it really difficult putting a face to a blog name haha!!


- We had food at the amazing Red Hot Buffet where I filled my plate....twice then wondered why I had a food baby all day :| We then hit the shops for some retail therapy, although Leeds was packed!!! With this small annoyance in mind....what did we do???



I had such a good natter with the girls! I loved chatting with my new mum the very gorgeous and lovely Lauren @laurensdressing , yes she's my mother and I have a father called Ken ...an old guy who's table we ransacked. He was a hoot! God bless him! He must have had a shock when 10+  gorgeous girlies surrounded him. ;)
 I must admit I had a little too much of ye olde alcohol and ended up drunk. Oh dear! Rather embarrassing to say the least! I went to Primark after I left the other girls and bought this fab cardi that I will post about tomorrow. Jo was literally helping me stand up ha ha !!! Oh dear WINE EYE!


It was an absolutely amazing day and I can't wait to see everyone again! I know that Jo,  Tor and Lauren have written posts about the day so pleaaaseee make sure you go check those out :-) I hope there is another meet up soon and to anybody who may think about coming along PLEASE do, it's a great way to meet other like minded, bloggy girls and generally have a bloody fantastic time!

         Lauren @laurensdressing
Charlotte  @charlobsession
Clare @bigbeautyblg
Victoria @vipxo 
           Sinead @daintydollymix
   Clare @pinklittlebean
Kirstie  @ohkirstiejones
Jo @lespoirdemavie
 Caroline @sparklyvodka
Tor @tornumber9
Ellie @missy_ellie_uk
  Maxine @maxinecassidy
Carla @carlito86
          Ray @raywhoisshe
Liloo @tsunimee
             Catherine @perfectpolished

Love, Holl xo


  1. Gosh i wish i had knows i would have come you should organise one hol! :D

  2. Looks like you all had fun! Trying yo sort a West Midlands meet up is proving difficult :(

    New follower:http://live-laugh-love-fashion.blogspot.com/ xxx

  3. Reading your blog instead of writing my essay! I'm studying journalism at uni so can relate to you loads! This is an amazing achievement well done! x

  4. Looks like you had such a good time!! X

  5. thanks for your blog for more beauty and make up see:

  6. This looks like so much fun! I've never been to a blogger meet up yet (I say that I was due to attend one tomorrow, but had to cancel!)
    Love your dress. Jo is a right baaaaaaabe xx

  7. Ahhhhh my lovely daughter, the apple of my eye <3 What a lovely blog post. Mummy is proud! Haha! Was lovely to meet you - had an amazing day! We'll hopefully tear meadowhall up soon ;)


  8. HAHAHAHAHA, my word verification I had to type for the comment then was "mingeing" HAHAHAHA!


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  10. Was fabby to meet you!!

    Victoria - VIPXO - http://www.vipxo.co.uk

  11. awwww sounds nice xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  12. Looks brill!

    Please follow my blog guys!


    x x


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