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Makeup & Beauty Storage

So where do you put ALL
      that makeup Hollie?


- I first started getting into makeup when I was about thirteen or so and even then my 'makeup routine' consisted of a slick of cheapy pink lipgloss and a swish of cheapy mascara. Believe it or not 'back in the day' I was quite the tomboy. I had more guy friends than girls and wasn't really that bothered about looking good and feeling nice and girly. Here I am mascara and lipgloss and all. I think (If I can remember rightly) this was taken on my thirteenth birthday. Nice brassy highlights!

I then went through a VERY odd stage of wanting to look like a 'goth' - perhaps this was because a guy I REALLY fancied was a bit of a mosher and I wanted to impress him. I used to wear horrible thick and crispy liquid liner and a full pout of black lippy. YUCK.

Here I am sporting this look. Very nice.

- Nowadays I am the ultimate girly girl when it comes to makeup and beauty products. I enjoy putting makeup on and creating different looks.


I think it's a miracle I ever got to this way of thinking looking back on how I valued makeup as a younger teenager.

I originally wanted to do a YouTube video on my 'makeup & beauty collection' but since my laptop dilemma, I have been putting off making videos until I can edit and upload them properly. I have this really weird quirk where I have to have things spot on or I may as well not bother.
So as my most requested video I have decided to show you my collection in blog form *yay*

As the 'budget beauty' queen I don't want to disappoint anybody but this post definitely isn't about me showing you a collection made up of all MAC, NARS and whatever else I can't actually afford. You know me girls, my motto of "why pay more for the same thing from a budget beauty store" is as true as it ever was and this reflects in my collection. I also don't 'hoard' makeup. I buy it as and when I need it. I can't justify spending £12 + on something to sit festering in my storage draws untouched for weeks apart.

So here we go....

1. My makeup storage
- Since diving into the whole 'beauty community' here on blogger and also on YouTube, I will admit my makeup collection has grown enormously from the five essentials I used to tote around in a Claire's makeup bag! I will admit I am hugely persuaded to buy a product after it has done the rounds of the bigger beauty bloggers. However, I never actually buy it. I always buy a Bodycare cheapy option and rave about that on my 'monthly favorites' instead. Obviously bigger collection means more storage! I bought this set of black 'snake print effect' draws from the Lawrence Llwelyn - Bowen line at Matalan. I liked the fact it looked smart and contemporary and not too space hugging. It was originally bought for storing my college books... *rolls eyes* priorities and all that!

2. The Top Draw
- I like chronological order (A strange OCD quirk I have). So the draws correspond to the process of my makeup application.
Here in the top draw I store all my face creams, primers, foundations, tinted moisturisers and concealers. I have the Eyeko creams, Revlon, Maybelline, MAC and Bourjois foundations. PanOxyl cream, Simple moisturisers, clinique moisturisers and illuminators, Topshop Skin tints. Some Laura Mercier and MAC samples. BB cream samples. Bodycare primers.
I like to use the Eyeko creams as a base for my foundation in the day time. On a night I use 'Prime It' from Technic. After i've taken my makeup off I use the Derma V10 "Q10 Innovations" night cream.

3. The 2nd Draw
- Next up I have loose powders from W7, powder foundations by Maxfactor. highlighters by Benefit and Technic, various No7, H&M, Revlon, Technic and Maybelliene lipsticks and lipgloss'. I like to decide on my lip colour for the day or night before I get to my eyes so I know whether to create a more natural eye for a strong lip and vice versa. In here I also have blushes' and bronzers by Collection 2000 and Technic.

4. The 3rd Draw
- In the the third draw I store my eye shadow pallets and my MUA eyebrow powder in dark brown. I have pallets by Sunkissed, Technic, W7, FrontCover, Too Faced and Avon. I highly recommend the Technic multi colour's palette for £3 at Bodycare the colour variety is amazing and they are so pigmented and long lasting on the eye. I also have some masking tape thrown in here for when I am creating a creative look on my eyes and need defined sharp edges of colour.

5. The 4th Draw
- My favourite draw and the last one I get to when I'm applying my makeup.
I am a totally mascara girl! I have a few that I am using at the moment, My favourite being MAC 'Zoom Lash' , I have others by the Bodyshop, No7, Maybelline and Max Factor. I have all kinds of coloured eye pencil and crayons in a variety of colours. Individual eye shadows from MAC and CK, Gel eye liners and just general eye stuff really.

- In this large container that I have underneath my bed I throw all my extra beauty products such as fake tan, moisturers, nail varnish, skincare products etc etc, it is absolutely MENTAL in this draw, I sort it out every so often but always resorts back to this chaotic mess!


And there you have it. :-) My makeup-collection! I must dash I need to transform into Holly Golightly aka Audrey Hepburn. It's my friends' 18th and the theme is Hollywood movie and rock stars :-) Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favourite films ever I can't WAIT to dress up as her. :) I'll be twitpicing some pictures so watch out for those :-) x

Love Holl



  1. oohh what a collection !
    im thinking of doing a make up collection on my blog too i really enjoy these type of posts espc when its a normal girls make up bag! just proves u dont need every lippe a mac lippie to have a envyable collection sorry for the spelling !

  2. Loved this post, you looked soo different when you were younger! You look gorgeous in the latest picture :) You also have so much make up! :) I love the drawers that you store them in! Have a lovely time tonight! x

  3. Sooo much makeup! You do well to store it all though! I love seeing old photos, I think everyone goes through a goth stage haha xxx

  4. i love your makeup collection and i hope you start making videos again soon xx

    my blog :


  5. Love this post,great collection.
    Find it funny you call drawers 'Draws' though! xo

  6. Your pictures are so much like the ones from my youth must look!! Love this post x


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