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Shopping Haul

I like the dreams of the future 
more than the history of the past…

Just a little sentimental message to begin……


- I always knew from the very beginning that I was never going to be a 'half arsed' blogger so to speak.
I just really want to to take this time to write it down officially. 
I am 100% commited and extremley serious about this blog, I have been doing a few sums in my head and I have realised that I spend much more time, enjoyment and dedication towards goodgollymisshollie than I do to my college work. Which is worrying, very worrying. But it also speaks volumes. It tells me that I want this blog to be a success more than anything in the world. I started this blog to kickstart me into publishing online and to start my journalism journey. I always see extremley lucky bloggers with my dream job even those who started out with no intension of a career in online media. It is possible and I don't want this to take over my life and result in nothing. I = despratley want this to work and I am here to say that I am pushing 'goodgollymisshollie' forward, full steam ahead.  I am so commited to you guys who have been commited to me! Since March when my blog was just a seed, it is you guys who make me want to do this and you guys who are the one's who have made this blog what it is today, all my readers, all my subscribers all the mentions and recommendations from other bloggers, nine months on here we are - in a place I NEVER thought I would be.
Thankyou, so so much

[Now for what you really came here to read ha ha!]
The Haul!

-  On Monday I took to Leeds with my lovely friend Sara. Yes, Swalkermakeup and I hit leeds intending on Christmas shopping! Well, I have to say we meant well but we totally failed on that part! We ended up buying everything for ourselves. *Oopsies* . We had an excellent day catching up, shopping and eating sushi! Woo gotta love Yo Sushi in Harvey Nicks!
I only picked up a few items however, I am really pleased with my purchases, you may be able to see a colour theme running through!

First up, A lovely H and M skirt. This beautful, silky skirt was in the sale for £15!
I don't know why but I am never one to buy skirts, I only own two of the same black bodycon skirts from Primark. I wanted to be adventurous and after looking at it on the hanger for a good few minutes. It was in my hand! I have to say I am rather shocked that I fit comfortably into a size 8 garment! The skirt really singes me in at the waist and is lovely and flowy. It has too pieces of material to tye at the front into a bow and has two large, deep pockets at either side! Later on that same day I found them very useful for stashing my phone, ID and money in!
In honesty, it was the colours in the skirt that appealed to me. You know me, always one to wear 'out there' clothing. It will be perfect for summer too! I did struggle to find a a top to go with it though, What kind of top would you recommend with it? I opted for a lace black t shirt which looked okay.

As a self confessed total, Primark geek (and Sara too ha ha!) We popped into Primark I picked up some beautiful fluttery lashes for a mere quid! I don't have a picture of them though as I lost one of the pair on a night out. I really recommend them for a fluttery, 'bambi' eye! I was also umming and arring about what shoes to wear with the skirt, I knew I was wearing black lace tights but I really wasn't looking forward to the tootsie cramps as the night progressed! I spotted these gorgeous dolly shoes!  I think they are very bohemian and they are also glittery EVEN better! They were £8 and as Sara said, they will look gorgeous in the summer with a tan! I didn't end up wearing on them on the night out. At five foot 3, I reckoned I needed a bit of height! So I opted for my trusty black wedges! Sara bought the glittery, rose gold pair of the same kind, I have my beady eye on them also!

That was all I bought from Leeds but today, after work I had an urge to go and get a choppy fringe cut in. If you follow me on Twitter  [@gollymshollie] you will know that I am obsessed with Jessica Jane Clement (If you are not familar who she is, she is a model, TV presenter and was recently on I'm a celebrity get me out of here) She has opted for a full fringe - it looks rather sexy! So I copied! I am a fan of full fringes and I usually have one cut in twice a year. You will be able to see it in my upcomming videos on my YouTube channel!

I also bought these two bath bombs from Lush! I bought 'Vanilla fountain' which actually contains real Vanilla, 'Space girl' and 'Lil christmas pud'. I love having Lush bath bombs in my room, it makes it smell all lovely and well….Lush! I am looking forward to lighting my candles and having a relaxing bubble bath pre and post Christmas!

I went into H and M, my local store and bought something that I had seen Sara try on in Leeds that I ABSOLUTLEY loved, right up my street! A Kimono style blouse! Wow, it is love I absolutley love it! It was £14.99 and I know that I will never take this off! It is silky and the pattern is oriental inspired! I have seen Primark doing similar ones for MORE MONEY! =O! A word of advice though, I am a size 10 and I had to get the XS-S as the medium drownd me!

Finally, I called at the market to pick up a new iphone case! My leopard print one snapped on one side. I decided to go for a glitzy and glam upgrade! What do you think?

So, there we have it! What a mammoth post! Wowzah! Hope you are all enjoying the festive period!
Love, Holl x


  1. love the haul x please check out my channel - rosellehearts :) would mean sooo much if you followed :) xxxxxxxxxxx ellie xx

  2. Great post Hollie, you got some gorgeous things! Looking forward to seeing the fringe! x

  3. Awesome haul. Loving the kimono! x

  4. I LOVE those shoes! Defo on my list :D x

  5. I love your haul posts! I find it so inspiring to see what other people buy, and you seem to have your very own distinct style.. I also look forward to seeing your new fringe, it'll look fab! xxx

  6. Do you not find when you go in to Lush all the staff in their are super enthusiastic and also expert sales people, they're always try to sell you more, more, more!

  7. love lush xxx

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