Thursday, 29 December 2011

Looking into a new year
..and saying goodbye to 2011

- With Christmas behind us and the new year ever looming I have enjoyed the hustle and bustle of this limbo week! Aside from working a few days I have been watching lots of films, eating choccies and recently went for cocktails and meal with my friend Sarah at a thai restaurant in Leeds called 'Chaophraya' [I seriously reccommend this place I have been numerous times and it has always been so yummy! ] We had Christmas at home this year with my grandparents coming over for a traditional meal and I spend boxing day with my friend Charlotte, we went to a chinese buffet which was lovely. Every Christmas eve we have a meal together it is kind of like our tradition! We then went for a  Christmas drink at a pub. Needless to say, my weirdy luck made it that an old flame happened to be there also. Actually two of my ex boyfriends were there which surprised me to say the least. I am happy it was not awkward but then again it made me feel a little strange! Nevertheless I had a jolly evening.

I hope all my lovely readers have had a fabulous Christmas and have been blessed with lots of gorgeous pressies from Santa! I would like to wish you all a happy new year also!

- I was in two minds about the content of this post. I have decided to show you all some of the lovely gifts that I recieved this year and add my 2011 summary . If you have followed my blog since the begining back in March this year, you will know that this year has been full of trials and tribulations, some up's and a lot of downs but I still have my health and 
here's to a wonderful 2012 which bodes to be a fantastic year if I get my bum into gear!

- My parents always decorate our house so beautifully and they really get into the spirit at Christmas time with tree's wreaths and twinkly lights everywhere! 


I was very lucky and was given some pennies to buy a new digital camera. I absolutley love it and I now feel all set! If any of you are wondering what kind of camera, it is a...
Samsung PL211

A few other goodies I received….


- With an upcoming, stressful time ahead of me with the January exams and what not I feel that it will be all worth it in the end the day I pack up my bedroom and move…somewhere Newcastle?  
I really hope in September that it will really be happened and I will be officially a scratty student!!!!

….sooo let's look back on 2011

After a great start to the new year I figured that 2011 was going to be a good year! I started my driving lessons and sat my AS January exams. I hadn't even thought about 'goodgollymisshollie' yet!

My nana had a stroke and her life was never the same again, my nana and I are/were very close and it was heartbreaking seeing how the stroke had effected her! Oh, i got dumped on Valentines day over a text message! Yeah, wonderful!!!! This month was horrendous I was a real mess and I didn't feel myself at all, it was horrible everything was upside down and I wondered if i'd ever feel myself again. GOODGOLLYMISSHOLLIE was born!!!! I kick started this blog and haven't looked back since. 

I attended a Journalism week at Leeds Trinity and All Saints University. Here is where my blogging story began! I met some amazing friends on this week.
 *Hello to Nicki, Jenny, Sophie, Ly and Joe and Ibby.*
I also attended the NME Tour and saw loads of bands including The Vaccines, Everything Everything, Magnetic Man and Crystal castles. I had a lot of self realisation this month. I got my Jan exam results back and after contemplating dropping out of sixth form to do a makeup course I  was shocked to find out I got  A BB and 100% in my Literature exam! I realised that I had to stay at college.


Starting to feel like myself again I starting being a right little party animal! Sara (Swalkermakeup) advised me to start a YouTube channel, GOODGOLLYMISSHOLLIE THE CHANNEL was born! Sara gave me an honourable mention and I started talking to other beauty bloggers and launched myself onto the blogging scene.
My first ever YouTube video!


I had my summer exams and really had lost interest in college and my attendance and commitment dwindled. I went to look round the Calendar news studio and had a day with the team there with my journalism friends haha! 

I left college for summer. My aunt from america came over to stay with us which was lovely. I failed my mock driving test and was told that "I wasn't fit for the road" Driving was REALLY getting me down, only my dad believed in me. This month I spent 6 hours a week driving in my Punto with my Grandad trying to make me a more confident driver. I swapped driving instructors and my road confidence soared!! I crashed a party and got the drunkest I have ever been in my entire life. I was so poorly with it! eek!!!

I went to Journalism summer school which was amazing, I had such a fantastic time! You have probably read the post all about it, it was bloody brilliant 
Link to my summer school experience! i visited Newcastle and realised that is the uni I wanted to go to! Loved everything about it and had a brilliant day with my Stanford Blach. There is a vlog of that day on my blog, it is under 'blog vlog' :). Like my other vlogs, it is just me being crazy as ever!

I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST FIRST TIME WITH 3 MINORS!!! Seriously the best feeling in the world. I was a wreck that morning, I thought I was going to die I was hyperventalating that much!!! but bloody hell I did it!!!!!! I also went to Leeds festival woohoo!!! - it rained, a lot. I got my final AS exam results back with A B B C.

I came back to college in year 13 with the realisation that I needed to knuckle down I still had no motivation for college THEN I started looking around uni's and got into UNI MODE! My parents went away for 2 weeks and I had my first taste of independant living haha! 

I went to my first pool party woo! hahaha. Enough said! I also recieved my first GlossyBox! 

The biggest birthday bonanaz of my life!!! THREE PARTIES, 1 WEEK = CRAZY! I had a great time it was a very special week! I went to the Leeds Blogger meet which was fantastic I met some fabulous girls! Oh and I crashed my dads car …oops :S
Leeds blogger meet 
Cal, the wonderful guy I met on holiday when I was about 13 rang me to wish me a happy birthday after years and months of no contact - it was amazing, it made my year!!!

Did some partying, saw a few strangers from my past, ate a lot and felt guilty about my lack of revision!!! I starting making better quality Youtube videos and I felt my blog was holding it's own. :)
I have lost tuch with some people and made a million new friends. 

1) Pass exams so that I get 300 ucas points.
2) Ensure that I make the RIGHT decision between Nottingham Trent & Northumbria.
3) Be informed i'm moving to uni and start my life!!!!!!!!!!!!
4) Have a bloody good year, tying up lose ends, speaking my mind, not let people walk over me, get some inner stregnth, lose a stone in weight, get some maturity ;), find peace and be most importantly happy and healthy…

love Holl xo



  1. Sounds like you had a crazy year!!
    Although the pool party with the jet ski (?!) in the back looks amazing..! :D
    I might copy you, if you dont mind, and write my own 2011 post..
    I hope you have a great 2012!
    ~Hannah xx

  2. good god, your febuary sounded awful :( im glad your year picked up though, and i hope your nana is ok now, or at least much better :( think of 2012!

  3. What a great round up of 2011, lots of ups and downs. I hope that 2012 brings you a lot of happiness :)

  4. i really recommend newcastle as a place to live your student days. you'll not regret it! X

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