Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Winter Warmers 
Clothing haul

- It is a glorious feeling knowing your bank account has a few shopping stash pennies inside it, without the guilty feeling when you drain out your last fiver on some Topshop earrings. Post birthday I am happy to say that I don't feel guilty literally bouncing into the shops.

This week, that is exactly what I have done.

I often find that in the winter I dress extremely weather inappropriate and in the summer I dress for colder temperatures. weirdo . After freezing my poor self in hail and gale force winds on Saturday night I have deservantly contracted the bad cold. I say bad because I want to make it sound worse than a few sniffles but can't go quite as far as saying i'm bed ridden with flu. This aside I do feel pretty damn ropey. This unfortunate factor is not helped when I am walking around wearing a floaty blouse and a leather jacket. Yes, as a legal adult my mother still had her displeased and unimpressed opinion about this.


I paid a visit to New Look and bought this lovely knitted jumper in a beige / camel shade. I'm not really one for the 'mums cardigan' look but this winter warmer was just what I was looking for. It is from the 'tall' range (and we all know that certainly is NOT me, currently standing at five foot 3) but I like how it covers me all up and feels durable and sturdy. It also came in a maroon red but that shade clashed a little with my hair. It was £17. (pre student discount which at New Look is 10%)

Next on the list was this 'snood'. Does anybody else snigger inside and in their head say snooooood No? okay maybe that is just me!
I bought this one in a shade that I can only describe as a 'watered mustard'. It matches nicely with my new cardigan and I love the idea of a scarf that doesn't have the annoying 'taily' bits and the ability to wrap it around your neck twice without being strangled. I love it, it is warm and comfy and makes me 
feel all 'red nosed' and Christmassy. The Snoooood cost £7 (pre student discount)


I then ambled over to TK Maxx, well you can't really avoid that beautiful place can you?
After eyeing it up for weeks I finally bought this furry squirrel-esc gillet with beautiful rhinestone embellishment on the collar.


I love it for layering over jumpers and it is also suitable for a night out as it 'dressy' enough. I already have a similar furry gillet and it was that, that inspired me to purchase this one. It retailed at £36.


My next puchase was from the 'Mod Box' at TK Maxx I love their quirky blouses and t shirts in the range and although I was eyeing up a cardigan I picked up this beautiful and unique blouse and fell in love for a number of reasons.


1) It is floaty, light and has fringing!

2) The shape of the blouse when it is on is sort of 'Poncho - esc) I LOVE that.

3) IT IS PEACOCK FEATHER GALORE! Woohoo! I love peacock feather's and in the foreseeable future I hope to be brave and get inked up with a peacock feather just above my ankle.

The blouse was a barginous £12!


Lastly, I pottered down to a shop housing a very smiley asian man and an array of fluorescent stickers on the window shouting " ALL HANDBAGS £10" well I was like ooh hello! I am a handbag girl, shoes = mehh handbags = yeah! I have so many handbags, one more won't hurt right? For a tenner I bought this crocodile, pleather 'doctors style' bag.


Unfortunatley it holds barely anything and the shoulder strap broke but hey ho! It looks good! I feel like a proper little lady walking around with it hung in the crook of my arm! NEGATIVES ASDE! LEOPARD PRINT LINING FTW!

As I finish college early on Friday's I have designated this day to filming, editing, uploading day on YouTube. I know that I already tweeted this but would you prefer an 'Updated what's in my bag?" Or the '13 personal questions tag' ( or whatever it is called these days )

I have a gruelling psychology mock exam tomorrow. :( Not to be a moaning merle but it really hits me how close my A2 exams are and how little I feel I know. eek!

Are there any readers out there who are in my position?

ooh ps, a few people on Twitter asked to see how we decorate our house at Christmas as I told you we have themed tree's, do you still want a post on that? Let me know below.

Love, Holl



  1. Oh my god I need that bag! Only £10 too! It must of been fate ;)
    Good luck in your exam xo

  2. Love the bag and the collar. I never venture into TK Maxx, the thought of rummaging always puts me off, but I think it's about time I brave it! x

  3. you make me want to go shopping like RIGHT NOW!!

  4. oooh i love a good bargain and i love handbags - perfect combination :D xx

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  6. love all the stuff u purchased xx

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  7. Aw I love the personal questions tag honey, it's lovely getting to know the bloggers I follow every day :)

  8. I'm applying to uni at the moment and it's the most stressful thing ever! I know exactly how you feel
    Love Erin x

  9. Love that bag! 10 was such a bargin!

    Please follow my blog:) lovein yours.

    Thanks hun x x

  10. that bag is so sweet. love all your purchases!

    also, i just wanted to say that i came across your blog today and i think it's really nice! i've had a good read through and i'm definitely going to be keeping up with your posts in the future!

    helen @ thelovecatsINC

  11. Thank you everyone. Hope you will have polls installed on your blogs very soon. Please give it a try !
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  12. Great collection with great design. I love allstrapless bra


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