28 December 2012


Festive makeup favourites...

- This morning I am road tripping down to the big smoke to spend my new year celebrations, and the rest of my Christmas break in London.
Although I am only visiting for just under a week, I always seem to struggle to condense my wardrobe into one little suitcase
 "I might need this" …. "I might wear this"
 Ofcourse, this is never the case.

I have come to realise that I haven't written a 
'what's in my makeup bag?'
post in a good long time, I would say well over a year.

So, with my bedroom in a state of disaary, suitcases, bags and clothing scattered all over the floor
I decided to take a break from packing and share my makeup bag favourites…

- My makeup bag itself is a patent bag from the Harrods gift shop.

I was looking for one long enough to encase my Urban Decay Naked Palette and all my everyday essentials, as I do quite a bit of travelling up and down the country.
This one was perfect and fits everything!


- I store my BB creams and primers in little MAC tester pots.
I am currently using the Murad 'Skin Perfecting Primer' and the Dr Jart 'BB Beauty Balm'.
I apply both of these on a flat, foundation brush from my professional brush roll.

- I am using my favourite foundation which is the Collection 2000 'Lasting Perfection'  foundation in Biscuit 3, which I apply using a MAC 130 stippling brush for a real airbrushed finish.
I apply concealer with the warmth of my ring fingers, my concealer of choice is the
Collection 2000, ' Lasting Perfection' concealer in medium 3.

- On my brows I use a dark brown shadow from my W7 'Brow Bar' palette, I apply the shadow with an angled brush and a spooly to even the spread of shadow, this is followed by using a dark brown eyebrow pencil from Rimmel for the tails of my brows. 

I then like to use the Urban Decay Primer potion to prime my eyes reader for shadow application and apply a powder to set my foundation.
I am currently using the Max Factor 'Face Finity' pressed powder, I apply this with a large stipping brush.
In terms of highlighter I use the Benefit 'High Beam' using my fingertips and applying on the top of my cheek bones.

For bronzer I use the Bourjois ' Delice De Poudre' in 51 using an angled brush to contour my cheeks a little bit. 
For blush I am currently using the Kryolan for Glossybox blusher in 'Rosewood', applied to the apples of my cheeks with a rounded blush brush.

I then curl my eye lashes and apply the shade ' Sin' from the Urban Decay 'Naked Palette' all over my eye lids using a No.7 Blend and Contour brush, I then contour the crease of my eye lid using a pencil brush and the colour 'Buck' from the same palette.I blend all of this out with a fluffier brush and the shade 'Virgin'. 

I shade the outer corners of my upper and lower lash lines using a MAC jet black eye pencil and line my inner and outter tight lines with a white eyeliner pencil. 
In terms of mascara I like to apply coat after coat of the Revlon 'Beyond Natural'  mascara for legnth and lashing of the W7 'Double Up' mascara for volume. 

In terms of lip products I have brought a few of my classic favourites down with me.
Lipcoat to seal the deal, Sleek ' 772 Coral Reef', MAC 'Ruby Woo'  MAC ' Girl About Town' 
and a  MAC Dazzleglass in 'Deep Pink'

What's in your makeup bag?
See you in London
Love, Holl
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27 December 2012


Christmas festivities..

- Like most people, I absolutley love Christmas!
I was awoken on Christmas morning with Christmas songs playing downstairs and a glass of Bucks Fizz waiting for me to drink whilst I opened my Christmas gifts.

- This Christmas was a special one as it was my first 'proper' Christmas with my old- new boyfriend so it was wonderful to slice my festivities in two and celebrate with both my family and his.

I was so very blessed with all of the wondeful gifts Santa brought me 
and I felt incredibly lucky.
I had seen a few Christmassy posts circulating today and I thought I too would share my antics.

Christmas Eve was spent at my house.
Dan joined us for home made chips, crisped parsnip and roast pork and apple sandwiches.
It has become something of a tradition in my house and it was bloomin' delicious.
We then had a lovely chilled evening watching The Polar Express and getting super Christmassy.

Button eyeing up some gifts -- Mulled wine -- Pork sandwiches --Bucks Fizz.

For Christmas Day my family and I went out for dinner which was lovely, I had a beautiful pear and caramalised onion starter, followed by a tradition turkey dinner and Christmas pudding. 
I then spent my evening and my Boxing day with Dans family and in the evening did some serious festive partying with my friends in town.

I wore this Red Herring dress that was in the Debenhams sale, It is very figuire flattering and midi length, at first I was unsure as it appears to cling to everywhere but after popping it on, 
it was perfect.

I was very lucky to be treated to some lovely presents..
Here is a sneaky peek of a few of them...

I am very excited for what new year celebrations are in store as I shall be spending them in London.
The perfect start to a new year.
I hope you all had a very merry Christmas 
If you have also written a Christmassy post, leave your links in the comments section as I love reading them!
Love, Holl
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24 December 2012


The John Frieda   
Precision foam colour...

**Merry Christmas Eve everybody!!**

- If you have been reading Good Golly Miss Hollie for a good while, you will be no stranger to my ever changing hair colour that varies somewhere between…
red and well, red?
I have tried and tested almost every shade of red from almost every brand on the market, never quite finding that one shade and that one brand that was worth sticking with.

I like to vary my colour between a dark, black red and a vibrant ruby red, the former being my shade of choice for this autumn/winter season.
As a natural deep brunette I found the honey toned brunette dyes looked a little stark against my complexion, the red toned brunettes sitting much more comfortably against my pale skin and light eyes.

John Frieda is a brand that I am familiar with as their 'Radiant Red' range of haircare is one of my personal favourites for the care and colour replenishment of red hued hair.
This aside, previous to now, I have not tried their reletavley new range of hair dyes.

Last night I trailled the Precision Foam Colour 
I am 100% starting a serious relationship with this product!


The foam colours never really got me excited when they were first introduced, a bottle of liquid dye always did the job perfectly well, therefore I rather ignorantly ignored the new foam style dyes.
Having tried one now…
They are blooming brilliant!!!

I think that the contents of these dyes look and feel very professional.
The dying process very simple in three easy steps.

The foam application was super easy and the product went a long way, I was left with alot of the mixture in the bottle, I could have covered two peoples hair with the amount that was remaining.
I  absolutley loved the foam in the way it is applied similar to a shampoo, the method to really lather it on, massaging it into the scalp. 
It is very easy to apply everywhere, lessening the chance of missing any areas and gaining an even coverage.

I left the product on for around 20-25 minutes, the intensity of the colour changing minute by minute.
I knew that my hair wouldn't be as tomato red as my scalp was, hair dyes tend to wash off much darker and fade out to a lighter tone wash by wash.

My hair also has a lot of red in it so I knew that the red tones would take on my hair quite strongly.

Before application
- I had coloured my hair around 4-6 weeks ago using a black/red dye. 
My hair was a multi-tude of shades.

After application in artificial light

- My hair is much shinier, the inclusive conditioner was beautiful and really took away the dryness that hair dye can cause. 
My hair tone is also evened out considerably and although it won't stay as dark as this the colour photographed, it is a beautiful shade of midnight red, differing in tone in artifical and natural lights.

- Overall, I was extremley impressed with this brand and the dye in general, it ticked all of my boxes and I will certianly purchase it again, it has excelled my expectations
Have you ever tried the John Freida 'Precision Foam Dye'?
What did you think?
Have an absolutley amazing festive period
a very Merry Christmas to all of my amazing readers!
Love, Holl

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22 December 2012


style and protect..

- ghd hair straighteners remind of a time in my early teens whereby perfect, sleek, super 'flat-to-my-head'hair was what it was all about.
 I can remember begging my parents (or should I say Santa) for a pair of ghds for Christmas and being overjoyed when I heated up my first pair of matte black irons for the first time.

I was recently, very kindly sent to review the ghd 'Style and Protect' gift set.
The gift set which retails for £39.99 includes a wide paddle brush, two sectioning grips, the ghd 'Straight and Smooth' style spray and the 'Final Shine' spray.

- I wanted to see how well these products slotted into my everyday haircare routine to really show how worthwhile the Style and Protect gift sets are as well as independantly reviewing some of the included goodies.

- I naturally have poker straight hair that likes to sit rigid all day long without moving. 
It dries poker straight and it likes nothing more than to be hanging there without a kink in sight.
Some may well say this is a good thing…
As a girl who loves volume and loose curls, this is not so much of a good thing.

The Straight and Smooth spray
"Helps smooth and de frizz for a sleek look that lasts without flattening your style. Contains ghd heat protection."

- I applied the spray to towel dried hair and also to dry hair before styling.                                                                                       

- I then blow dried my hair and applied the 'Shine Spray' to my freshly dried hair, which I might add was super shiny and straight.
The paddle brush is super soft and works effectivley in brushing out knots in wet, tangled hair.
The pressure pad of the paddle brush is very acommadating and feels soft against the scalp.

- This is a perfect gift set for any ghd and hair style mogul, it feels luxurious and comes from a trusted haircare brand that has a built a reputation as a 'god of the hair'.
What do you think?
Love, Holl
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20 December 2012


My Bodyshop 

- This week I was extremley lucky to be invited along to a VIP retail experience as part of
The Body Shop's  'Give Joy' -  #TBSGiveJoy  for Christmas campaign.
I was treated to a wonderful makeover by the gorgeous make up artist Chloe.
It was lovely to be the one having a makeover as opposed to being the artist for the day.
I spent my morning chatting to Chloe about the various makeup products she was using to create the look and general beauty shanagins, it was lovely to have somebody to chat to who shares a mutual penchant for all things makeup. 

I opted for an on trend, winter make-up look which consisted of plum coloured lips, sparkly,  gold smokey eyes  - a look perfect for the festive, party season.

I absolutley love the Bodyshop make-up products and I have a number of their cult products in my make-up collection.
They always feel so light and natural on the skin.

1. The Skin Preperation..


2. The Makeup...


3. The Final Look….

- I had a wonderful morning with The Body Shop and I am very greatful for this amazing opportunity.
I was also blessed to recieve a goody bag of which included some of the products used in my makeover including the Smokey Moonshine pallette which is just beautiful, the cult that is 'The Sparkler' and a £15 gift voucher!

Christmas really did come early.
Are you a Body Shop fan?
Love, Holl
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18 December 2012


Night time Makeup #1

*****Cue crazy 'trout pout' picture****

- My first weekend back at home called for an excuse to get dressed up, sit for two hours infront my mirror  reaquainting myself with my makeup and dancing the night away with my friends.
Sadly I had to leave a lot of my makeup at home when I moved out to my flat in Liverpool due to space constraints.
*sad face*
 it is always an exciting feeling being able to root through my vast makeup draws and rediscovering old beauty favourites.
Whilst I haven't strayed too far away from my old everyday favourites in the following look, it is always nice to blow the dust of some neglected products (Namely Maybelline's 'Fit me' foundation)and put them back to good use.

As I was in a bit of a hurry, I spared any time wasters (sorry Murad primer) and dove straight into the nitty gritty.
 I used the Maybelline 'Fit Me' foundation in the shade 125 followed by Cliniques skin brightening pen to conceal any darkness or red patches on my face.
I then used the dark brown powder in my W7 'Brow Bar' pallette to fill in my brows, emphasing the tail ends using a Rimmel brow pencil in 'Dark Brown'.
I then contoured my cheekbones using  my Elizabeth Arden bronzer in 'Deep' to sculpt my face a little.
This was followed by a dashing of the 'Glossy Rosewood' blush that I recieved in my December Glossybox.
Straight on with my eyes I kept them simple with a pattering on the Urban Decay 'Primer Potion' followed by a hint of the Urban Decay 'Naked Pallette #1' shades 'Toasted' followed by 'Hustle' blended along my socketline.
I smudged a small amount of 'Creep' along my upper and lower lash line using a pencil brush.
I then used a lashing of the Bourjois 'Double Up' volumizing mascara 
and a dash of the Bodyshop's 'Super Volume' mascara on my top and bottom lashes to create legnth and volume.
Finally I wanted a pop of colour on my lips with nothing more suitable than Sleek's 'Coral Reef' lipstick  which really set off the night time look.
Love, Holl

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16 December 2012


Beat the blemishes...

- Since October of this year my skin has done a little U turn on me and for the first time since I was around 13 - has behaved.
This follows an entire summer of battles with the blemishes.
My skin was one unhappy bunny earlier this year!

- I have been trying to pinpoint what exactly may have caused this small miracle to occur
and I could only think of a few things that may have sorted out my skin..
*touch wood* 
it will stay clear over the festive, party season!

Only using two products to cleanse

- I went through a phase of using a million and one different skincare products every morning and every night religiously. 
Facial washes, toners, moisturisers, exfoliators - you name it, I used it and I do believe it sent my skin into overdrive.
These days I only use two facial cleansers, once a day -  in the evening after I have taken most of makeup using a cleansing wipe.
I have written two reviews on both of the products that I use.

Exfoliating your skin and using a face mask once a week

- I love using the Origins ' Clear Improvement' mask 
once a week usually whilst I am having a relaxing bubble bath to draw out impurities from my skin, the product also helps release toxins caught between your pores.
I exfoliate my skin once a week also to prevent it from looking dull, my favourite is the
Clean and Clear 'Exfoliating Daily Wash'

as it is oil free and leaves my skin feeling super soft.

Using intensive blemish treatments on the inflamed area alone
- When a spot rears its ugly head I go into a crazed, frantic mission to eradicate ASAP, in the past I have lathered my entire face in intensive treatments which ofcourse, was too harsh for my skin. Instead I now use an intensive treatment on the blemish alone and it is usually cleared up within two days.
I like to use:
SkinEtica 'Anti Blemish'
- I recieved this little gem in one of my monthly subscription beauty boxes and I absolutley love it.
The liquid formula of the product is very light on the skin and not drying in the slightest, I repeat this twice a day on the inflamed area and hey presto the spot is no loner.

Clean and Clear 'Advantage Spot Treatment Gel'

- Every month my face has a little tantrum and I need something to help me out, fast.

I love this fast action gel as it reduces spots within 4 hours without irritating or over drying the skin.

Avon 'Clear Emergency' Instant Spot Treatment

Having used this product on a problem area, I noticed that in the morning it was well on its way out and by the following morning had been completley eradicated.


Sleeping with a layer of antiseptic creams

- Having heard Cheryl Cole lathers her face in Sudacrem before she sleeps inspired me to try this little trick. I didn't have Sudacrem to hand so Savlon stood in and my, my has my skin cleared!
Although I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin as it is quite drying on the skin, I totally recommend it for people like myself with oily skin, it has really helped my skin out!

Eating and drinking healthily

- If you reaTHIS POST you will have seen how I have been trying to lead a new healthier life.
I really do feel like excersizing, drinking plenty of water and eating well has undoubedly helped sort out my skin.

What do you do to battle the blemishes?

Love, Holl
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