Monday, 30 January 2012

Valentines day special addition Glossybox

Once upon a time I loved Valentines day, not that I have ever spent it properly with anybody before but the whole romance of it made me feel all "awwh cute!" Anyway, as you all probably know already these says I absolutley HATE Valentines day. Yes, Getting dumped on the day of love has dramatically changed my opinion on it completley.
I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Maybe I am just jealous of all the couples, romantic meals, flowers, cards and chocolates etc but I vowed that from valentines day last year I shall never celebrate it again. Bahh Humbug

However, I arrived home this afternoon to something that did make me feel all 'awh' inside.

The Valentines day special edition Glossybox! The products housed in a beautiful hot pink box and sealed with soft cream tissue paper with little pink love heart - well, I simply could not stay a scrooge for too long.

Inside this months box I recieved….

. Eyeko Skinny eyeliner Retail price £9.50 

'Get a handle on your eyeliner for precise definition and intense colour with a long - lasting finish.'
My eyeliner came in the shade 'Emerald green' my favourite colour to wear on my eyes. I love wearing greens, turqoises and blues on my eyes the shades really illuminate my greeny blue eyes. My nana always told me to have 'the eyes' by wearing a green eyeliner and green eyeshadow. Her pulling trick always attracts the 'Your eyes are so pretty' compliment. ;) Winner.

. Clarins Extra firming night cream [Retail price of full sized product £48] and Extra firming day cream [Retail price of full sized product £46]

'Infusing skin with firming benefits that are immediate and long - lasting.'

. FAB (First aid beauty) Gentle body wash Retail price of full sized product £10

'This ultimate travel companion for all skin types that provide irritant free cleansing and hydration.
I am looking forward to using this in the shower I have had to cast my usual heavily perfumed body wash aside as my back and chest are so irritated at the moment due to the stress of my exams :(.

. Murad Hybrids skin perfecting primer - dewy finish Retail price of full sized product £29

'Oil free primer ignites a radiant glowm powered by light enchancing minerals.'
I simply cannot wait to use this. I love primers, some people deem them pointless but I love them and anything involving a 'dewy glow' and I am very, very interested.

The box also came with a cute little 'Glossybox' sweetie. Awh!

I love this months princess box and I shall be interested most of all to see how the Murad primer holds up!
I am happy that this box has injected a little love back into old Valentines Scrooge here!
Love, Holl

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A smile appeared on her face as though she'd taken it directly from her handbag and pinned it there.
- Aside from the cascade of curls and four books published another major difference between myself and my fictional heroine miss Carrie Bradshaw is the fact she dotes on shoes where as myself. I dote on handbags. I honestly have no idea where this came from or even when it started but I absolutley love wandering into TK Maxx and splurging or as the case usually is in there saving on a beautiful handbag to sit in the crook of my arm.
It's all materialistic ga ga but I always feel happier with a new superficial best friend.
I have never paid ridiculous amounts for a bag you know me, the budget queen here. But I would pay up to £50 for a new little beauty and that is why I like TK Maxx you can usually find one discounted from a stupid amount of money down to a price you can feel less guilty about.

After work I wandered into TK Maxx under the illusion I was not going to buy anything. My heart started racing as I passed the racks and racks of handbags and I suddenly 'realised' that I needed a bag big enough to hold all my college folders, files and papers as well as the essentials such as makeup bag, purse, phone etc.

Immediatley I found something I liked. Something I really, really, really liked.

- This Edina Ronay 'beach bag' style bag was reduced from £85 down to £24.99, seeing as though I had just been paid £25 exactly I thought why not! It is big enough to tote my wordly goods around, it is animal print and I feel that it just looks expensive and grown up.
There was one exactly the same but without the amazing tones of gold and green which I feel gave the edge on this bag imparticular. I own nothing like it.

I love kooky little books and I picked up this cute little book for £2.99 from the books and diary section also at TK Maxx, It's a little book all about bags!!!! perfect! I have a little collection of beauty and fashion books on my shelf and this fits in perfect. I love the blurb too! 

"Practical totes, bucket bags and roomy handbags work for the career girl, the active it girl. Precious jewel like envelopes, puches and ainty concoctions decorate the urban romantic status looks and designer logos appeal to the fashionista and label junkie. Luxary materials and expert craftsmanship are the domain of the uptown heiress. Utility chic and hands free practically are for sporty types with no nonsense style."

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.


Friday, 27 January 2012


all aboutthe hair

- I am officially back! After what has felt like years away from writing proper posts I am back and ready for action. I finished all my January exams today and you have no idea how much better and brighter I feel about that. As soon as I came home I cleared the paper and textbook refuse site that was my bedroom and made it feel all pretty and fit for a princess again! I then looked at my grey skin, tired baggy eyes and dry shampooed dull barnet with a little feeling of sadness the past two weeks have drained me. Alas I preened and beautyfied to my leisure and I can now say that my red hair is refreshed, my skin now glowing with a tan and my eyes have their twinkle back! Hooray!

And with a new start in mind - I decided to play with some new hair products! It has been ages since I wrote a proper review on my blog so after discovering some things I loved, it was time to review and rave baby!

Keeping up to and maintaining coloured hair is a pain to say the least. If you watched my most recent Youtube video you'll know keeping my red hair looking fresh is a chore partnered with an amalgamation of products!

I have recently switched up from my usual shampoo and conditioner (Boots Botanics for red hair) and felt like a lady of luxury using a shampoo and conditioner from the salon exclusive brand Clynol - I know, check queen Bodycare going up in the world ha ha!

I have been using the 'Colour and Care, enrich' shampoo and the 'Colour and Care, enhance' leave in conditioning treatment for about three to four weeks now, washing my hair every other day. I am always on the look out for good old colour protecting products and I am always so worried to purchase expensive brands and then they let me down and i've wasted a whole day slaving away in the cafe for nothing! (I am being serious one of these products would devour my whole Saturday wage!) *eek*.
I can safely say that the Clynol shampoo and leave in conditioning treatment have been an absolute dream to use! I know it's sad but I felt like a rich lady of lesuire using them on my hair and it's not often I feel like that I can tell you! 

The intention of the shampoo is to keep our hair colour vibrant for the longest time possible very excitingly it contains liquid jewel extract that boosts shine like nobody's business.
It also contains UV filters to protect the rich tones in our hair colour from fading. And the little gem also contains Keratin to pat the nutriense back into our dry colour infused strands.
The smell of this shampoo is just amazing it is so perfumed and luxurious I love swishing my hair around after i've used it, it is simply divine dahhhling!

In all honesty I haven't really used the leave in treatment conditioner as a leave in treatment I haven't really had to time to sit around for 30 mins letting the product work it's magic however, as a pat in- wash out conditioner it has done a sterling job. It too smells gorgeous and heavily perfumed. The deep nourishing treatment like the shampoo contains UV filters and also contains the dazzling liquid jewel extract. It also features the dynamic 'hair restoration' duo Keratin and apricot to help restore each strand back to a supple and strong lock. Wooo I just love it!

I have decided that for me both these products are definitely special occasion treatments. I feel their magical nature is wasted on a boring day at college.

Inkeeping with my mrs posh special occasion hair care routine I have also been using the Clynol
'Colour and Care, shimmer' Bi phase conditioner. I like how this product makes your hair last ages between washes whilst keeping good shine not greasy shine.

 I just spray this onto towel dried hair and sit in awe at my beautiful shimmery princess locks. N'awwwh! One thing about this though is it does not smell great at all, kind of off and weird. I wish it smelt as lovely as the others!

And finally, Somethingggggg AMAZING! No, seriously soooo amazing.
The Indola 'Colour style mousse'. It works with direct pigments of colour (in my case bright red) which deposit the colour directly onto the hair cuticles

 - you apply the product onto towel dry hair but defeintly use gloves! Whether you’re looking to refresh a permanent hair colour like I am or enchancing your natural colour this moussey idea is just fab! 

I have been scanning the Indola website and it does come in 12 different shades so I am sure there is one for you if you like this idea as much as I do! 

I am sooo in love with these hair care products at the moment! But like I say they are definintly my special occasion picks or if I simple want to be Mrs Posh ;). 

What are your Mrs Posh products?
Holl x


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Filling the gap..
[Just a little something that you should know. This post is not beauty or fashion related. I will be back to my makeup muses and more importantly 'my usual self' as of February, 1st. For now I am writing 'Hollie Bradbury's diary.'

This post contains some important life decisions. If you know me, you'll know I make the wrong decision usually. Help?

- I haven't abandoned ship, I have just been taking a little break from my blog and YouTube channel this month to concentrate on my January A2 exams. For anybody interested I am sitting my English literature, English language, psychology and general studies exams. I would love to say that my motivation and commitment has been sky high throughout the past weeks and that I will be walking into the exam hall everyday next week feeling super confident and ready for anything. Sadly, this is not the case and I am having another one of those 'I am so confused about my life' months. Not good.
I am so, so confused and well… blah it is unbelievable.

Although through the confusion, there is some clarity.

Things I am not confused about.

1) I definitly want to go to university.
2) I definitly want to open my brown scary looking enevelope in January and see B B B B written on the sheet.
3) I want to be a journalist.

Things that I am confused about, thus a confused Hollie.

1) I do not know which university I want to go to having recieved all my offers.
2) I know that right now, I will open the scary looking envelope and see U D D U written on the sheet.
3) Will I ever be a journalist? The horror stories I have heard alate have just made me want to run away and become a nurse or a teacher or something that our society needs not a pain in the arse, which in theory and many peoples opinion's journalists are. This is a ridiculous risk that I am taking and if it doesn't pay off it is bye-bye Dawn Porter/Cherry healey/ Carrie Bradshaw-esc woman and hello full time bus wanker and burn out. Ouch

It appears that I need to sort myself out. Again

I am looking forward to February 1st when I can start writing about lipstick and nail varnish again. I cannot believe that next month this blog is a year old. Wow, one whole year ago since I sat down on my bed crying my eyes out having been dumped on Valentines day writing the words. I N E E D A H U G.
No, it didn't really say that and if you can remember you will know it definitly didn't say that.

Alas, a time must come when I don't feel confused.

I have spoken to so many of my friends asking them
What shall I do?

Two more things that I am confused about.

1) Do I stay at home, have a car, a warm bed, new clothes, fund my beauty product addiction, a bath, FOOD and commute to a Leeds university everyday missing out on 'uni life' and the whole uni shebang as I would be living at home still although better off and still have chunk of my life savings to sort me out post univeristy when i'm scratting about looking for internships….

2) Do I move away to another county lose all my life savings as I am short for my halls of residance, live the 'uni life' and be really, really poor. The course isn't as good or only offers me half of what I want although I will be away from home which I really, really want to be in order to grow up and fend for myself which as an adult I will someday have to do!

Decisions, decisons? Can anybody actually help me?




Friday, 6 January 2012


- My latest YouTube offering! plenty of tips and tricks on attaining and maintaining red hair.

Holl xo

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

So, the first week in

- Happy new year everybody! I hope you all celebrated in style and have had a wonderful festive period. Despite the bitter, cold weather complete with lashing rain and gale force winds I am actually welcoming this mundane and and 'non descript' month with open arms. If I play it right, 2012 could hold many exciting prospects. For starters, it may well be the year I move out and start the next chapter of my life at university and it may also play host to the meeting of many new faces and places.


In order to achieve this, I actually need to get myself into gear and start revising. I am deifnitly one of these (may I add STUPID) people who go by the motto "it will be alright on the night" - which is dangerous very dangerous. I am struggling to get motivated with my work and I doubt I will repeat the glories of my AS year. With morale dwindling I turn to my blog and feel guilty that I am somewhat choosing this over that.


Nevertheless January is going to be a tricky month to juggle everything so here I am begging   you to stay with me  although I may be a little neither here nor there this month. I have a few exams to tackle which are due to begin as of next week. I have General Studies, English Literature, English Language and Psychology PSA4. In an ideal world I will nail both englishs' this time (looks rather unlikely *sadface*) and I can then concentrate on psychology in the summer! The people who know me best know how important getting myself into university is to me. So what the hell is wrong with my academic motivation?!? I will still be blogging and vlogging perhaps not as regulaly as usual that's all. I really need to try and at least prise myself away from Twitter and try to make some little revision booklets. I still never know how to revise so I like to make little booklets by condensing my notes to the most basic form a few weeks before the exam and wrote learning them off by heart. It is a risky way to do it but it hasn't completley failed me yet. Touch wood.

Moving forward….

What will be will be I suppose.

So, my new years resolutions. I am never one to really follow them up I either forget about them or get depressed when they subside! Last year I wrote in my filofax'
Pass driving test. DONE, first time!
Pass AS's BBB. DONE, I was overjoyed to achieve A B B B C
Go to the gym every Wednesday. FAILED, MISERABLY
ONLY eat junk food (I think my exact term was 'pig out') once a week. COMPLETE FAIL

You can see what was realistic here and what sadly was not, I will NEVER be able to stick to healthy ways. It is just not me. This year I have decided to list some resolutions I hope all can be ticked off!

1. Learn how to speak better and pronounce words properly.
(my Grandad will be overjoyed at this as he is always correcting me and getting on my case for saying 'finkin' haha!)
- Broadcast journalist? Thick yorkshire accent? Lazy habits of dropping T's, G's and D's? Not so great.
I want to start and speak nicely. I always cringe in my videos when I listen to how horrible and well….stupid I sound.

Read more.

Do more.

Just say yes.

[The last 3 are more about me sorting out my head and perhaps finally grow up a little bit]

Learn to make my own decisions and be strong and true with my word.
- I am terrible for letting other peoples emotions override what I really want to do. Despite how confusing and emotional the situational may be I don't want to just do things for the sake of somebody else' feelings. This year I will be doing what I want to do, not what somebody else wants me to do.

Stop crying and worrying over absolutely everything.
I need to toughen up and stop crying and worrying about what other people think. They are not my problem. I need to train myself to stand up for myself and speak out. I won't make a very good journalist if I don't start toughening up.

  Glass half full.
- I am ridiculous in the way I always have my glass half empty. My stupid OCD tendancies make it so I feel that if I don't feel worried or pessimistic about something nothing good will come of it. How stupid is that? I want to start feeling more positive about things and looking at things in a more optimistic mind frame. As my friend Sarah told me. "I am in control of my mind, it is not in control of me"

And finally although I tend to always make the wrong choice that comes to bite me on the bottom several months later I need to start making decisions for myself and not run to my dad or mum or grandparents everytime I don't know what to do.

I hope 2012 is the year where I grow up a little and stop feeling about 15 in my head!
Ha ha!

-I am so sorry if my posting is annoyingly sparse and irregular. I am still here I still love you I just have to get through exam toughies and I am back! woohoo!

Lots of love and happy new year
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