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- I am officially back! After what has felt like years away from writing proper posts I am back and ready for action. I finished all my January exams today and you have no idea how much better and brighter I feel about that. As soon as I came home I cleared the paper and textbook refuse site that was my bedroom and made it feel all pretty and fit for a princess again! I then looked at my grey skin, tired baggy eyes and dry shampooed dull barnet with a little feeling of sadness the past two weeks have drained me. Alas I preened and beautyfied to my leisure and I can now say that my red hair is refreshed, my skin now glowing with a tan and my eyes have their twinkle back! Hooray!

And with a new start in mind - I decided to play with some new hair products! It has been ages since I wrote a proper review on my blog so after discovering some things I loved, it was time to review and rave baby!

Keeping up to and maintaining coloured hair is a pain to say the least. If you watched my most recent Youtube video you'll know keeping my red hair looking fresh is a chore partnered with an amalgamation of products!

I have recently switched up from my usual shampoo and conditioner (Boots Botanics for red hair) and felt like a lady of luxury using a shampoo and conditioner from the salon exclusive brand Clynol - I know, check queen Bodycare going up in the world ha ha!

I have been using the 'Colour and Care, enrich' shampoo and the 'Colour and Care, enhance' leave in conditioning treatment for about three to four weeks now, washing my hair every other day. I am always on the look out for good old colour protecting products and I am always so worried to purchase expensive brands and then they let me down and i've wasted a whole day slaving away in the cafe for nothing! (I am being serious one of these products would devour my whole Saturday wage!) *eek*.
I can safely say that the Clynol shampoo and leave in conditioning treatment have been an absolute dream to use! I know it's sad but I felt like a rich lady of lesuire using them on my hair and it's not often I feel like that I can tell you! 

The intention of the shampoo is to keep our hair colour vibrant for the longest time possible very excitingly it contains liquid jewel extract that boosts shine like nobody's business.
It also contains UV filters to protect the rich tones in our hair colour from fading. And the little gem also contains Keratin to pat the nutriense back into our dry colour infused strands.
The smell of this shampoo is just amazing it is so perfumed and luxurious I love swishing my hair around after i've used it, it is simply divine dahhhling!

In all honesty I haven't really used the leave in treatment conditioner as a leave in treatment I haven't really had to time to sit around for 30 mins letting the product work it's magic however, as a pat in- wash out conditioner it has done a sterling job. It too smells gorgeous and heavily perfumed. The deep nourishing treatment like the shampoo contains UV filters and also contains the dazzling liquid jewel extract. It also features the dynamic 'hair restoration' duo Keratin and apricot to help restore each strand back to a supple and strong lock. Wooo I just love it!

I have decided that for me both these products are definitely special occasion treatments. I feel their magical nature is wasted on a boring day at college.

Inkeeping with my mrs posh special occasion hair care routine I have also been using the Clynol
'Colour and Care, shimmer' Bi phase conditioner. I like how this product makes your hair last ages between washes whilst keeping good shine not greasy shine.

 I just spray this onto towel dried hair and sit in awe at my beautiful shimmery princess locks. N'awwwh! One thing about this though is it does not smell great at all, kind of off and weird. I wish it smelt as lovely as the others!

And finally, Somethingggggg AMAZING! No, seriously soooo amazing.
The Indola 'Colour style mousse'. It works with direct pigments of colour (in my case bright red) which deposit the colour directly onto the hair cuticles

 - you apply the product onto towel dry hair but defeintly use gloves! Whether you’re looking to refresh a permanent hair colour like I am or enchancing your natural colour this moussey idea is just fab! 

I have been scanning the Indola website and it does come in 12 different shades so I am sure there is one for you if you like this idea as much as I do! 

I am sooo in love with these hair care products at the moment! But like I say they are definintly my special occasion picks or if I simple want to be Mrs Posh ;). 

What are your Mrs Posh products?
Holl x



  1. I did the exact same after my exams finished, I had really let myself go and looked awful so a pamper was needed! Love the idea of that mousse, might have to give that a go x

  2. I love the look of the mousse, will definitely have to hunt it down to try it out!

  3. love your post xx

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