Sunday, 29 January 2012

A smile appeared on her face as though she'd taken it directly from her handbag and pinned it there.
- Aside from the cascade of curls and four books published another major difference between myself and my fictional heroine miss Carrie Bradshaw is the fact she dotes on shoes where as myself. I dote on handbags. I honestly have no idea where this came from or even when it started but I absolutley love wandering into TK Maxx and splurging or as the case usually is in there saving on a beautiful handbag to sit in the crook of my arm.
It's all materialistic ga ga but I always feel happier with a new superficial best friend.
I have never paid ridiculous amounts for a bag you know me, the budget queen here. But I would pay up to £50 for a new little beauty and that is why I like TK Maxx you can usually find one discounted from a stupid amount of money down to a price you can feel less guilty about.

After work I wandered into TK Maxx under the illusion I was not going to buy anything. My heart started racing as I passed the racks and racks of handbags and I suddenly 'realised' that I needed a bag big enough to hold all my college folders, files and papers as well as the essentials such as makeup bag, purse, phone etc.

Immediatley I found something I liked. Something I really, really, really liked.

- This Edina Ronay 'beach bag' style bag was reduced from £85 down to £24.99, seeing as though I had just been paid £25 exactly I thought why not! It is big enough to tote my wordly goods around, it is animal print and I feel that it just looks expensive and grown up.
There was one exactly the same but without the amazing tones of gold and green which I feel gave the edge on this bag imparticular. I own nothing like it.

I love kooky little books and I picked up this cute little book for £2.99 from the books and diary section also at TK Maxx, It's a little book all about bags!!!! perfect! I have a little collection of beauty and fashion books on my shelf and this fits in perfect. I love the blurb too! 

"Practical totes, bucket bags and roomy handbags work for the career girl, the active it girl. Precious jewel like envelopes, puches and ainty concoctions decorate the urban romantic status looks and designer logos appeal to the fashionista and label junkie. Luxary materials and expert craftsmanship are the domain of the uptown heiress. Utility chic and hands free practically are for sporty types with no nonsense style."

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.



  1. i want that book! and ah! snakeskin! hehe :D

  2. This bag is gorgeous!

    Sarah xx

  3. cute bag x

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