Monday, 30 January 2012

Valentines day special addition Glossybox

Once upon a time I loved Valentines day, not that I have ever spent it properly with anybody before but the whole romance of it made me feel all "awwh cute!" Anyway, as you all probably know already these says I absolutley HATE Valentines day. Yes, Getting dumped on the day of love has dramatically changed my opinion on it completley.
I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Maybe I am just jealous of all the couples, romantic meals, flowers, cards and chocolates etc but I vowed that from valentines day last year I shall never celebrate it again. Bahh Humbug

However, I arrived home this afternoon to something that did make me feel all 'awh' inside.

The Valentines day special edition Glossybox! The products housed in a beautiful hot pink box and sealed with soft cream tissue paper with little pink love heart - well, I simply could not stay a scrooge for too long.

Inside this months box I recieved….

. Eyeko Skinny eyeliner Retail price £9.50 

'Get a handle on your eyeliner for precise definition and intense colour with a long - lasting finish.'
My eyeliner came in the shade 'Emerald green' my favourite colour to wear on my eyes. I love wearing greens, turqoises and blues on my eyes the shades really illuminate my greeny blue eyes. My nana always told me to have 'the eyes' by wearing a green eyeliner and green eyeshadow. Her pulling trick always attracts the 'Your eyes are so pretty' compliment. ;) Winner.

. Clarins Extra firming night cream [Retail price of full sized product £48] and Extra firming day cream [Retail price of full sized product £46]

'Infusing skin with firming benefits that are immediate and long - lasting.'

. FAB (First aid beauty) Gentle body wash Retail price of full sized product £10

'This ultimate travel companion for all skin types that provide irritant free cleansing and hydration.
I am looking forward to using this in the shower I have had to cast my usual heavily perfumed body wash aside as my back and chest are so irritated at the moment due to the stress of my exams :(.

. Murad Hybrids skin perfecting primer - dewy finish Retail price of full sized product £29

'Oil free primer ignites a radiant glowm powered by light enchancing minerals.'
I simply cannot wait to use this. I love primers, some people deem them pointless but I love them and anything involving a 'dewy glow' and I am very, very interested.

The box also came with a cute little 'Glossybox' sweetie. Awh!

I love this months princess box and I shall be interested most of all to see how the Murad primer holds up!
I am happy that this box has injected a little love back into old Valentines Scrooge here!
Love, Holl


  1. I'm a valentine's scrooge too!

  2. This is such a cute box! Seeing all these Glossybox posts is making me wish I had signed up to Glossybox - I love the themed boxes, it's a shame Feel Unique doesn't do this with their boxes! xx

  3. love this months box xx

    Anyone follow me and i will follow you back xxxx
    Follow me xx


    Follow me x

  4. So cute! Wish I subscribed to Glossy Box now :')

  5. Love this!! and loved my glossybox aswell.. check out my blog please ..Also a valentines day scrooge lolll xoxo

  6. Hiya hollie :) love your blog, i have awarded you with ' the versatile blogger award' check my blog for details :D hope your well x

  7. Thank you for the great post! Looks like a good box this month :)


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