Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Chronicle
the past few days have been spent…

- It's February half term *Hooray* and I have decided to make the most of the oh so precious days away from the hell hole that is college. I have literally reached the point of desperation to just leave and kiss goodbye to A level examinations. Only the words whizzing around inside my head 10 weeks to go, 10 weeks to go are keeping me sane.

This aside I have had been a very busy bee. :-)

(This post is currently written here) Liverpool Lime Street station haha :)

Saturday night I spent with a friend, we went out for a curry at a niceee place called the Cinnamon Lounge which was yummmmmy. Slightly embarrasing moment when I couldn't actually get into his car :S 5 foot 2 Holl, bad ass landrover …not so good, classy. But I had a lovely evening and this time I did not get drunk in his company… Although that says more about him not me. ;)

It is a really shoddy photograph I know but I wore this Kimono style dress from the HandM sale, I bought it for £8 and teamed it with this cute oriental-esc scarf from Primark and some shoe boots. I also bought the most fabulous cheapy coat too to go with it. (It features in a photograph a little further down.)

Sunday night I spent with my best friend Charlotte.

We have been close friends since we were around six years old and I miss her so much when she is away at university in Wolverhampton. We found an old voice recorder that we used to mess around on when we were about 12 years old. We used to record stupid message and then prank call the boys we fancied. Cringe I know!!!! Listening to them back I almost died of laughter, six years on and we are still complete nutters. I love Charlotte she's a gem! :-)

Monday. TRAUMA. I was walking to work and realised when I got to the bus stop that I had lost my bus pass. Now, when you lose this you do not realise how much it is like gold dust!!!! Eeek the bloody bus cost me like nearly 5 pounds to travel 2 miles!!!! Yes I started panicking and getting upset that I had lost it forever and I would be poor. I got to work and decided to turn back around run all the way back to the bus station to catch a bus to run a mile to find my bus pass to come back to start work an hour late! It was a very windy day and there was rubbish blowing all over the road, as you can imagine I was practically defeated. THEN!!!! ON THE FLOOR TWO MINUTES AWAY FROM MY HOUSE
a metro photocard!!!! I screamed, I shouted I cried, I laughed wow!!! You have no idea the relief.

Monday night I went out with my friends as you can see from these photographs I was celebrating Valentines with a green sticker on for single hahaha and plenty of sambuca,

let's just say the night was peeeeerfeccccct :) I won't bore you with details but it was perfect…well as a perfectionist it was semi perfect! :)

Tuesday, V DAY, one year on since my dumping I had such a wondeful night with my Stanford Blach, we ate at a chinese buffet yum yum complete with candlelit ambiance and a ballsy singer singing love songs. Soppy and blah and euw but spent with my best friend Ben I cast aside my 'I hate valentines' grudges.

Wednesday HELLO LIVERPOOL! I went for my journalism audition at Liverpool John Moore's university and I loooooved it. :-)

The coat! Pleas excuse this picture, it was soooo early in the morning eek!!!

I hope they offer me a place *pleaaaase*

Love, Holl



  1. What a busy week so far! I hope you get a chance to relax! Good luck with the place :)

  2. I hope your interview went well, I got my conditional for Fashion Journalism at Sunderland and I can't wait to go round Newcastle on a night out! Good luck with your A Level results, forever loving your blog! From one Yorkshirian to another! <3


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