Friday, 24 February 2012


With your feet in the air and your head on the ground.

- ….Just a few bits & pieces I have picked up over the past fortnight.
I know this sounds crazy because I have the option to not strictly speaking have to do uni this way if I stay at home and commute and it's my own self inflicted silly fault.
I am absolutely petrified of being penniless and living hand to mouth at university, I really am.
Not because I like to spend ALL my money on handbags and clothes all the time but i'm really afraid of having nothing Down to the little things like being able to afford birthday presents. :S
. I know you're all sat there saying gosh woman suck it up and deal with it, that is part of the university experience !
I know, I know.
I am just a little apprehensive about it. My parents can't afford to send me shit loads of money weekly like some of my friends parents can and i'm not entirly sure how much i'll have given from my grant to live on and it's scaring me, profoundly.

See how much trouble bloody university is causing me ha ha!
I'll be glad when i'm just there and I know where I am and I know how much money I have and what i'm doing.

Incase you haven't noticed….. I have a terrible fear of the unknown.

I always have to know where i'm going, what i'm doing, when i'm doing it.

Anyway… onto the reason you clicked on this post.
[I'm getting fed up of boring everyone to tears with it also.]

[Earrings, Primark]

[Dress, H&M Sale]

[Leather jacket, £10 Primark reduced rail]

[Leopard print ear muff thingy ma-jig - International]

[Scarf - Primark]

…Also this week I dyed my hair…again. This time using Loreal 'Casting creme gloss' in - Black Cherry.
I absolutley love it, it is quite dark and i've realised how much I have missed dark, luscious locks.
Don't worry though - Still crazy red in the sunlight just a little bit more sophisticated and doesn't show my roots as much as the pinky toned red did. ;)

I have an exciting event on the horizen, Safe to say I am super excited for next Tuesday. 
I will keep you posted.
Thankyou for reading my blog and as always thankyou to my supportive continuous readers :-)
Love, Holl


  1. I love my hair red, its my fave!

  2. I'm at cardiff uni at the moment studying journalism, and my loan only just covers my rent which leaves me with £70 to last 3 months! So as you can guess my parents have to help me out pennies wise but it's nothing compared to the amount some people are getting grants/loans wise (which is bloody annoying). Birthday presents and such are a struggle and its so annoying but I would say its worth it for the experience! I've met some amazing people and independence is great. Going back home feels so special and lovely! Sorry to ramble but I'm in that position so thought I'd offer a few words of advice!

    ps. love your hair that colour!

  3. Ah i love L'Oreal casting in black cherry! I always use that hair dye!

  4. I picked the same black dress up from H&M, it looks lovely on!

  5. Love the scarf! :)
    & love your hairrr :) xx

  6. Hiya Hollie!
    Please don't let money limit your uni experience. I am just finishing my degree in York,which is really not a cheap place to live and my loan literally covers my rent with nothing left over, but I would not change my uni experience for the world. I work 23 hours a week as well as being in uni every day, and it is hard work but you learn how to manage your time well and I dont feel I miss out as I work on sundays and then 2 evenings so I have the rest of the time to see my friends. I am studying to be a teacher which is an intense degree so it isnt as though I have loads of free time, so I am sure you could do the same. Don't get me wrong, I'm not rolling in money but I manage and I enjoy life with however much money I have,including buying presents,although as a lot of people are in the same position, me and my friends all decided to only spend a small amount on birthday and xmas presents,leaving only my family to buy properly for.
    I honestly think if that was the only reson to stay at home you would regret your decision,but we are all different and so you should do what suits you best and if that is staying at home then that is what you should do!
    Best of luck with your degree and I'm sure you will make the right decision.

  7. I moved out to Northampton a year and half ago to study Journalism - loved the course...hated living out. To be honest with you babe I think it is very overated moving out, like don't get me wrong it's lovely to be independant and stuff but it was so depressing being skint all the time. I worked when I was back at home so to not have that income coming in was such a shocker, my parents tried to help me out as much as poss but my parents are by no means rich compared to the hand outs some of my friends were getting! I ended up dropping out and coming home... I now commute to notts and its sooo much better! You appreciate your home comforts so much more when you move back home, and until I get my own home I'll never be moving out ha. You can still have a student life if you commute, and you will still meet new people. Most of my friends at uni all regret moving out because they're all skint, and the ones that love it are the one's with rich parents paying for all the accommodation :o then they get their loan to spend for living expenses.
    Sorry for the essay babs! :-)


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