Tuesday, 28 February 2012

If you are going to work for a magazine ..work forGrazia

This week I was lucky enough to be invited back to the Leeds Trinity University 'Journalism week'. Having attended a few of the days last year through college, it was an honour to be asked by the lovely Katie if I would like to pop along to one of the days, of course I jumped at the opptunity.
Journalism week is an established event at the university whereby industry professionals and insiders from broadcast and print journalists to social media moguls are invited to give workshops and lectures about the real journalism world.

I was invited to attend a workshop run by Deputy editor at Grazia magazine, Marianne Jones.
Marianne has worked on Grazia for eight years and alongside many other positions in the industry she has experience at some huge titles as she was previously the editor of More magazine and the features editor for Marie Claire. 

So, as you can imagine I was more than eager to meet and listen to somebody who has the job

"A million girls would kill for."

Marianne shared with us lots of useful information regarding the magazine industry and specifically life as Grazia team player. 

I will be honest….

On the train I was picturing what Marianne might look like, I had specifically not googled her as I wanted to create a mental picture and then compare the real Marianne to how I had first imagined her.

And let me tell you, she was not at all how I thought she would be.
I was expecting a super stern, suit wearing, ' tortoise shell glasses on the end of the nose' kind of lady.

Too much Devil wears Prada, I know

Instead I opened the door to find a lovely, smiling Marianne wearing a gorgeous jumper with a sequined planet on it and a turquoise skirt. Oh, and a fabulous rose gold watch.
Unlike some professionals I have met from the industry Marianne was warm and very helpful when I asked her a few questions after the workshop.

Although I am already an avid reader, Marianne really sold Grazia magazine as a publication to me and made me really want to work there! She described it as an eccelectic mix of people and not for one minute did she shun the vital work experience and internships, in fact, she really pushed it and made it appear that Grazia magazine felt the same way.

She added air to my already momentous desire to become a features editor for a magazine and it was really refreshing to speak to someone who was happy to speak to the potential next batch of 
glossy magazine girls.

And as for my outfit of the day?
…Just the usual ha ha! 

I know that if I want to get my foot in the door, I have to go to London - there is no if, but's or maybes and Marianne concreted this to me personally.


On my way home I popped into Primark and picked myself up a lovely new T-Shirt from Primark.

Love, Holl



  1. a red lip suits you so well xx


  2. I would of loved to of gone to this! What an amazing opportunity!


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