Monday, 6 February 2012

a quick catch up and 
a primark haul

Last week I had a few extra pennies to play with on payday *Yipeee!* Although I had vowed to myself that I do not need any more clothing garments or makeup products or the usual purse burner…. handbags however, all of that went of the window when I had a pretty little outfit pictured in my head, and as a lot of girlies know - once you have an outfit in your head, you have to go out and buy it!
Although, last week I had a perfectly good reason to buy a new outfit so I think I only deserve half a slap on the back of the hand.

I was meeting somebody I have wanted to meet up with for absolutley ages.
 - Rachael is honestly the funniest, nicest person ever and although we had never met in person before, it felt like she was a lifelong friend through chatting on Facebook
and Twitter Rachael is a freelance beauty, fashion and lifetyle journalist so OBVIOUSLY she is the perfect person to help me figuire things out, she also studied her journalism degree at Leeds Trinity so again a great person for me to talk to in regards to the 
"do I stay at home or do I live in halls?" 
"should I stay in Leeds or go further away?" dilemmas!

We had a lovely night in Leeds having a good old gossip and a hefty glass of white wine at Toast followed by a scrumptious dinner at Piccolino. I had such a fabulous night and I hope Rachael and I meet up again soon! 

Leopard print ladies [Rachael has a twitter page too if you would like to follow her @RachaelDivers]

- Soooo as you can see my pretty little outfit that I had in my head consisted of a leopard print shift dress I had seen in Primark.

…The first thing to fall into my Primarni basket.

[Leopard print shift dress with skinny patent black belt £10]

[The look I wore to meet Rachael in Leeds]

- I always find that shift dresses the most complimentary to my body shape. As I am not very top heavy and larger on the hips this style of dress singes me in at the waist to make me look as though I have a smaller waist and flows away from my large hips, making them look less prominant. I went for my usual red lip and bronze smokey eye combo. :-)

I knew that it was going to be a chilly night so I also picked up this little blazer.

[Soft fabric blazer £19]

- Rather than a below the waist, more tailored blazer I wanted one that appeared a little more cropped and smaller in size. I picked up the last of these blazers in a size 6. At first I thought there was no way it was going to fit me as I am usually a dress size 10. Alas, the fit of the blazer was really nice and gave me the cropped look that I wanted. I wore this over my shift dress and I think it looked lovely. I don't agree with the £19 price tag though, absolutley ridiculous for what it is. Hey ho, it is a staple piece that I know I will wear time and time again.

[Orange silk top with gold embellishment also comes in royal purple £5]

-I think that this top will look beautiful in the summer time with lovely sunkissed skin. I was tempted to buy the purple one also I may go back and purchase it if it is still in store on Saturday :). Both tops were reduced from £12 to £5

[Navy blue 'college apparel' zipper hoody £10]

- I really wanted an Abercrombie and Fitch hoody in this style but you know me, Miss budget queen I couldn't really justifying so much on a brand name. This little hoody is just as good for a fraction of the price and it has kept me nice and snug in this chilly weather.

[Red Gilet (yes ladies we all know it's a body warmer! ;) £10]

-Yes, I fell victim of the 'Jack Wills' gilet and hoody thing that everyone seems to be sporting. After putting it off for around two years I finally decided to try out the look - it is not really my personal style at all but due to the snow I decided to go 'rah' for a weekend. The gilet is really snug too and obviously a winner being bright red. ;) 

I finally picked up a pair of grey joggers for simple lounging around in I was quite impressed that I managed to get my fat bum into a pair of size 8's although I must admit there isn't much room to breath out haha!

I hope you are all well and enjoying having a little breather post exams, I know I am!
Lots of love

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  1. Love the dress, it really suits you Hol! Might go and pick it up if its in my local primark.
    chloe xx

    1. awwwh definitly do it's really comfy and pretty x

  2. love all your hauls! it's so much nicer to see things i can go out and buy :D that orange top is gorgeous, so tempted to hunt one down!X love the fringe btw!
    (^ it's not as odd as the name sounds:L)


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