Friday, 10 February 2012


- There would be a few raised eyebrows but no surprises if I were to stand on a rooftop and shout "I love the colour red" at the top of my voice. Not that I would, but figurativly speaking. 
Double dare?
Although not my favourite colour (that's purple) I absolutley love all things red. 

I have a soft spot for red hair as you know and aside from black, red is the only nail colour I feel truly glamourous wearing. My favourite red nail varnish is;

- OPI 'Big Apple Red' 


I added a some OPI 'Sparke D' Trimomphe' tips :-)

In regards to lip colour, in my own opinion no other lip colour that advocates glamour and screams drama, passion and attention as much as a true, red lipstick does. A perfectly pouty red lip oozes Elizabeth Taylor / Dita von Tees'esc glamour and keeps the 1950's  'pin up girl' sophistication alive.

Minus the tooth blotches and pink chin patches where the red has bled and you have frantically tried to dab it off with a tissue only to end up with a big pink smudge, a red lip compliments all skin tones and hair colours. Although I am slightly bias towards the dark brunette hair, pale skin and red lip combo! It was my ban of the fake tan that really made me apreciate how beautiful a red lip is!

I always line my lips with a red lipliner to prevent the colour bleeding and to also outline a pouty cupids bow with precision. Instead of applying the lip colour from the bullet directly, I like to use this little 

MAC brush to apply the colour evenly.

My favourite red lipstick. :)

- Rimmel 'Moisture Renew' in the shade 880 Rose Passion

What is your favourite colour to wear? 
love, Holl



  1. you look gorgeous! that nail polish looks lovely!! xxx

  2. everytime i look at your hair and how red it is i love it more and more xx


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