Monday, 19 March 2012

Bodycare must haves!

As we speed along this endless road to the destination called who we hope to be, I can't help but whine, 'Are we there yet?'

- This weekend my friend Charlotte was home from uni which made me sooo happy. We did out typical Saturday night 'thing'. She popped over to my house we drunk wine (lots of it), sung to Nicki Minaj AND Steps, got ready for a night out and I did her makeup….oh and we did the usual thing we do when we get a little bit silly. 

prank called people we hate.

Now, here is an embarrasing fact. When we were younger Charlotte bought a voice recorder and we used to record stupid messages and then ring people and play them down the phone and believe me when I say it, they were bloody ridiculous! Listening back to them six years later, is sooo cringey but so, so, so hilarious! So, just for fun we decided to do it again.

Are we really 18?

Here we are. Me and my old chum of twelve years. Reinacting a pose we used to do when we were like 12 for our MSN display pictures.
Chaz and Hollz

-Anyway this weekend was guuurd. I'm just going to say  ♥  ♥  ♥  <---- I think that sums it up beautifully.
It has been a pretty crazy one to say the least so I am pleased to be sat down on my bed sipping yorkshire tea out of here….

If you know me or if you read my blog or watch my Youtube videos, you will be well aware that I am absolutley obsessed with the budget toiletary store 
Every town seems to have one and I have been informed that Liverpool does also which was top of my priorty list! 
I basically love Bodycare for it's range of products sold at amazing prices.
I think it will be even more of a god send to me when I go to uni!

So here is my monthly pick of Bodycare favourites


[Prime it, illuminating face primer £3]

- I wrote a huge comparson post right here comparing this primer against the MAC 'Prep and prime' primer. I won't go into too much detail here but if you would like to know more about this particular primer and the MAC one click the link. :)

[Derma V10 Q10 innovations day cream (also comes in a night cream) £1]

- I am pretty sure that I will have raved about this particular facial moisturiser in one of my monthly favourites videos on my YouTube channel. It is very light on the face but extremley moisturising. I recently re purchased this and I know at the price I will continue to buy it in the foreseeable future. If you want a great moisturiser for underneath your foundation or simply to conclude your skincare routine, i definitly recommend this one.

[Technic 'Hot pink' and Bodycare 'Coral' lipsticks £2]

- Simple barginous! These are my two favourite lipsticks from Bodycare although the range is vast! You really cannot go wrong with these lipsticks as they are moisturising and easy to wear. They are highly pigmented and both can be worn in the day or on a night for a beautiful splash of colour.

I would much rather buy lots of these for the price it would cost to buy one MAC lippy…or even Topshop for that matter.

[Sunkissed pallette £4]

- I bought this to take on holiday a few years ago and re purchased a few since then. I love the 'Sunkissed' range, as a firm tan lover and a worshipper of the 'golden glow' I was really happy to see this. It contains the best shades of eyeshadow, bronzer and lip gloss to compliment a lovely tan and great for popping in your suitcase for going away. It also came with two eyeliners one black and the other brown but I used them up.

[Tiami 'celeb' body spray 99p]

- Okay, so a bit of a random one thrown in here. When I was younger and at high school I always had Charlie 'red' or Charlie 'pink' in my PE bag for after we had finished an hour of games. Since then I never really bought bodysprays and always hated the fact I couldn't test them in store. I picked up this one on a whim and it really is quite gorgeous it is very distinct and quite a heavy fragrance but lovely to use as a little refresher throughout the day then chuck back into your handbag!

What are your Bodycare staples?
What else do you recommend?
Love, Holl



  1. I love bodycare! I own the primer and the sunkissed palette, but i'm definitely going to give the lipsticks a go next time im in :)

    Btw i'm having a small giveaway over on my blog including some elf goodies and eldora eyelashes!


  2. OMG I have never heard of this store!!! I need to visit it!! Lol xxx


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