Friday, 23 March 2012

Easy Everyday Eyes!

Everyday eyemakeup feat:
the naked palette.

- It is safe to say that I have come a long way from the days where I would line my entire eye in thick, black, uneven and crusty cheap liquid eyeliner and bright turqouise eyeshadow. 
From a look as severe as that at fourteen to the days when I simply rocked the olive green and black eyeshadow combo in year 11.
I have to say that looking back it was never a good look, although in my defence I must have had an eye for colour as the shades really complimented my bluey-green eyes.
With the turqouise days behind me, two years ago I ventured to the 'neutral side' and started to become a big fan of the 'golden eye'.

I never thought that neutral eyes would make a statement, but I really think a neutral eye colour popped on your lids really gives a beautiful, soft and pretty look.

I got to thinking about my eyeshadow routine yesterday when my friend Jade asked what I was wearing on my eyes.  I also applied the same colour -combo to my friend Charlotte when we went out on Saturday night!
After logging onto YouTube I found several other comments asking me questions regarding my eye makeup routine. 

I figuired there was only one thing for it…

"Any excuse to write a beauty post!"

My everyday eye makeup routine.
- With me having to wake up nice and early at 6:15 on a college day, I need to have a quick and effective routine that I know I can get straight into applying without worrying about powder fall out and careless blending.

I use only one palette of eyeshadow at the moment and that is the original Naked Palette. I am sure you are all familiar with, is my 'go to' product at the moment for a neutral eye. It contains all the perfect shades for a daytime to night time look. 


2. Prep.
To start with I applied a little bit of my Urban Decay primer potion that came with the Naked Palette.
It is always good to apply a primer as a base for your eyeshadow to prevent creasing and to generally give your eye shadow a tacky surface to hold on to.

3. The shadow application.
- For this I used a few different brushes, it really doesn't matter what kind of brush you use, the ones I chose are an array from MAC, No.7 and Urban Decay

I started by applying the colour 'Sin' a shimmery champagne colour all over my eyelid as a base colour with the brush on the far right. This brush is from No.7. 

I then took the colour 'Smog' a deeper, golden brown shade into the outer corner of my eyelid using the same brush. Any excess I had on my brush I sweeped through the crease.

- Next I used my Eco Tools pencil brush to apply everybody's favourite 'Half baked' a gorgeous shimmery, light gold colour underneath my lower lash line, I then used the matte brown 'Buck' to just sweep around the rest of my eyelid to deepen up the colour.

- I always like to wear a matte, black eyeliner in my tightline and waterline to give my eye some definition. I applied this one from Beautyuk (available at Superdrug) Following this, I curled my lashes using my 99p eye-lash curlers from Bodycare.

Now time for my favourite part…Mascara!! I love how mascara really finishes off any eye makeup. For my 'everyday look' I used two mascaras. The first 'Lash Architect 4D' which is a great mascara for first legnthening your lashes. I am quite lucky in the respect that I have fairly naturally long eyelashes so this is a great mascara for enhancing that!

 The second is from Loreal 'Volume Million Lashes' with a little hint of dark blue flex to really make blue eyes pop! I use this one to give my lashes maximmum volume and to give my lashes a more dramatic look.

The legnthening brush is the Architect 4D and the fatter brush is the volumiser from Loreal.

And Volla!!!

Love, Holl



  1. Your lashes are so long! JEALOUS! x

  2. ohh myy god, look at your lashes xx


  3. OMG Hollie we have essentially the same eye routine lol, down to the brush and everything! Woo! Looks lovely girl :-) xxx


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