Friday, 16 March 2012

I couldn't help but wonder…. Inside every confident , driven, single woman is there a delicate, fragile princess just waiting to be saved?

…...and I couldn't help but wonder, if that is true then
where are our heroes?

- This Friday I made the pledge that every blog post would be titled with a Sex and the city quote. Relevant or irelevant. 
I keep willing myself not to scratch my ever dominant Sex and the city itch by indulging in a whole night of back to back season drama.

  I must start doing  some work..I must start doing some work..

I cannot tell you how much I love it although I can say with certaincy that I HATE it when other girls tell me they think they are Carrie. … because I think I am Carrie - minus the hair, the New York apartment and everything else that makes me not Carrie Bradshaw.


Back down to earth and I thought I would share my weekly loves.
It has been a busy week and an interesting one at that, one of those where you think something really good is going to happen and then as quick as it came it is gone. sigh

Here are three rings and a pair of earrings that I have been wearing continuously this week.
If it's gold and black and oversized and trashy - i'll have it.
Raised brows aside, I have worn all three rings together and the earrings daily. Although it is kind of challenging to hold a pen whilst housing two of these monsters on your fingers. So I ended up taking one off and leaving it on the library table. 
One hour and eleven minutes later I recieve a text from my friend
"Have you lost a ring? I have found a black and gold ring on the table and I knew straight away it was yours"

What she actually wanted to say was "ive found a hideously trashy and tacky ring, i knew it was yours."

- I have also been a fan this week of the 'original Youtuber' look, by that I mean woodwinked on the lids for a brown smokey eye, bronzed cheeks and Hue on the lip…although I haven't sported Hue..
I dared to be different and became an Angel. :)

Today is Fridye, :-) Every Friday I seem to dye my hair a different colour.
Today I slapped this one, it looks nice - especially with my dark chocolate lowlights and highlight.
I like this red best it's a deep red but still bright and noticable.

and finally after spending part of my break at work last weekend lusting after Stella Mccartney perfume I decided to wear a different one of my favourite perfumes everyday to try and make me fall back in love with them. I would say Naughty Alice is my favourite, although I feel obliged to say YSL - Cinema which is my 'signature' fragrance, I have worn this number for years and years and it was always something my nana bought me at Christmas time. It meant more than a lot to me that amidst her parkinsons disease and stroke haze she still remembered to remind someone to buy me some Cinema for Christmas and that really does make it a nostalgic one for me.

Love, Holl


  1. Great post. the rings are gorge. x

  2. Loved this post!! I love your rings. Definitely my kind of style!! :) x

  3. Great post, love your rings x

  4. aww they are so pretty xx



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