Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I've seen down the end of the road Now I deal in a different story…
[I couldn't help but title my new favourite song, 'Bones' by the Young Guns]

- First and foremost I would just like to sincerely apologise for not posting as frequently over the past week or so, as you know I always feel really guilty when I haven't been tapping out a new post daily and for that I am sorry.

With no specific aim to this post I will just render it has a 'chit chatty' post filling you all in with what's made me become a little absent from Good Golly Miss Hollie this week.

And as I always keep my promises… 

Expect normal service to resume as of now. :-)

- Last week many of you will have opened that dreaded brown envelope containing your January exam results whether they be results in AS's A2's, GCSE's etc. 
As you guys know, I was opening my A2 results.

In January I sat my General Studies, English language, English literature and Psychology exams.
This meant that last Thursday I would know how close or how faw away I was from my chosen university and in some cases if I could sign off the course for good.


As i'm sure you are all aware I felt as though I had severly messed up my January exams when I sat them. Not by any means did I not put in the work - I can say with certaincy that I did.
However, my mind felt as though it was not playing the game. And sadly, I did not achieve the results I wanted. Which the only term I can think of to describe this is;

(and not said in the sarcastic sense)
I truley was/am gutted.

Without blabbering on about the final outcome too much (If you follow me on twitter @holliebradbury you will already know lots about this) on Thursday I was unsure as to whether my place at univeristy was secure and I passed through the day in an emotional daze wondering what on earth I was going to do.

You see, I never trust re-sits. 

However with the amazing support so many of you gave me on twitter, honestly some of you were so, so, so amazingly kind to me that day and I thank you all for taking out the time to reassure me I got through the day and started to plan how I could turn it around.

Pushing the dream of signing off my subjects in two weeks time I have now gained a level head and am aware that within the next 10 weeks I have to make sure I pull my grades right back up to the top. Having had the glories of last year and the life saver that is coursework, 
I will be okay.

So until June I am firmly staying at college battling on.*sigh*
In the words of Lady Jocelyn Dashwood in one of my favourite movies 'What a girl wants'

"Hang in there ducky and ya'll rock."

See, it isn't all bad news

Remember that choice I had to make?

Well I made it.

I have firmed my top university and even applied for my accommodation.
And do you know what?
I feel bloody good for doing it.
All those sleepless nights worrying 'Shall I go here, shall i go there?' have been put to bed and I now know exactly where I am going and if I have my first choice, exactly where I will be living.
I am super duper excited! I even keep having dreams about my moving day ha ha!
I keep seeing leopard print bedding and cushions and throws and thinking that would look awesome in my new room SAD!

Which leads me to a question for you.

Has anybody who reads my blog been to university and shared bathroom faciilites?

To cut a long story short my student finance makes it only possible for me to get by if I share so I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly and what to expect. See, out of all my friends who have applied for deluxe en suite rooms blah blah blah I am the only one sharing.
And to be fair, I am not too concerned about it as I know we will all be in the same boat
but if any of you have shared what have your experiences been like??

And that is pretty much why I have been MIA.
I have been eating chocolate, crying and complaining
but whatever, i have made THE choice and I am very excited to see what will happen in September.
Love Holl



  1. Just to make you not lose hope- I was very disapointed by my January A2 results but it was the kick up the butt that I need it and I proved that if you work hard, it's still possible! I believe in you :-)

  2. Hi lovely, I have been at uni since september now, and although I live in a room with an en suite, a lot of the girls i am close to live in shared bathroom accomodation and they honestly think it's fine. They advise keeping your own toilet roll to yourself, but apart from that they're had no worries, everything works out a lot better than you expect! Best of luck with the rest of your time at college xx

  3. Hi,

    Although I chose not to go to university in the end, when I was applying I was told that shared bathrooms aren't as bad as everyone expects. It is actually a way of getting to know the people in your flat better as you HAVE to come out of your room to use the bathroom rather than having everything all in one place :)
    I know what it's like to be disappointed with your January A2 exam results but you've still got time to make a change and I am sure with the hard work put in over the next few weeks it's possible to turn that all round!
    Good luck with the remainder of your time in college xxx

  4. im so sorry you didnt get the results you were hoping for xx



  5. Hiya,

    I stayed in shared halls for my first year of uni, we had two bathrooms between the 6 of us and quickly earmarked one for boys and one for girls ( a good idea! but by the end i'm not sure with the fake tan and hair dye whether ours was actually worse than there's!)

    I agree with the loo roll comment, make sure you have your own stash hidden where no1 knows or you may find yourself caught short! Also if you have any products you love and aren't happy sharing with everyone else, keep them in your room, there will be a time when someone comes to the end of a bottle and thinks, ahh ill just lend it wont matter, and then before they know it the bottles empty!

    Apart from that enjoy it! I'm coming to the end of my degree now and its terrifying It all flies over so fast :(

    As for getting the grades you wanted, don't worry, hard work pays of in the end!

    Best of luck!

    - Lizzie


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