Thursday, 1 March 2012

Just two  - items

- Every Friday I finish college super, super early so I always have a couple of hours to spend in town wandering aimlesly around the shops and thinking of things i'd like to buy (oh this is a life I will miss when I go to uni!) One of those 'things' being the Collection 2000 'Lasting Perfection' concealer that I have put off buying for well over a year now.
Why? I have no idea it is hardly a bank breaker at £4! But I must try it given all the fabulous reviews and comments I have read about this product.

Anyway, the small city where I live doesn't house many big brands and instead you get your usual run of the mill super cheapy brandless shops. As you all know I am never one to be fussy a brand  girly I decided to have a mooch in a store called Opus

There are awlways £5 sales in there and they sell nice jumpers and bodycon dresses perfect for nights out.
I picked up two items that really caught my eye.

The first….

[Fleece love heart jumper £5]

- I love this it's really cartoony and cute, this sounds stupid but it reminds me of something you'd wear when you go and see your boyfriend or something. As you know, I am unlucky in love so I wear it to try and attract some love haha! Anyone?

[Black fur and sequined shift dress £5]

-I wasn't sure about this at first as I reckon in some angles it makes me look like a chubby chubster and the horizontal lines don't help but never the less paired with some opaque black tights, a long gold chain and a black cropped blazer it looks rather jazzy. 

- I am in disbelief that it is March already that is really good because it's a step closer to finishing sixth form college but also quite scary as i'll be leaving home in 5 months! Eek! I like March as it is not a wintery month but the start of spring time and excuse the Sex and the City quote but
we can leave our foolish mistakes from the winter behind.
Very true.

Love Holl


  1. i am in love with that jumper, i want one xx

  2. Love the jumper looks great with your gawjuss red hair to , love how you blog every couple of days really enjoy having a cuppa and reading it :) xxx

  3. Loving the dress, really cute for a night out! xx

  4. Great post, love the heart jumper! I awarded you the versatile blogger award, check it out :)

  5. I cannot believe its march already :O I love the heart jumper! It's so sweet :) xxx

  6. love both pieces! the dress is lovely :) xx

  7. The jumper is so cute! :) x


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